PC Chapter 106 Mysterious fireworks

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“Get ready to use ‘Raikou,'” Grey Feather felt as uncomfortable as if a stone was stuck in his heart.

After a period of devastating battle, the poachers were gradually retreating under the relentless attacks of the police.

Both the police and Pokémon had been tense, but they began to relax slightly as the poachers showed signs of great disadvantage.

At this point, if they didn’t forcefully break through the police blockade in front of them and waited for the arrival of the enemy’s “reinforcements,” then they would have no chance of escaping.

Holding onto the communicator tightly, Grey Feather felt uneasy about the commotion coming from behind.

Although he was really confident in the power of “Raikou,” due to the previous conversation, he was feeling an inexplicable shadow looming over him, making him stifled.

However, the outcome is already decided. With the current police deployment, it is inevitable that they will be unable to turn the tides.

“Raikou” was their secret weapon, developed through technology that had never been revealed to the public. Grey Feather commanded the poachers to stay out of the attack range while instructing the research team to slowly adjust the attack area.

Meanwhile, the police continued to press forward, seizing the opportunity for victory.

One minute later, the first surge of electricity flowed out of the machine, aided by a complex path, its power gradually expanding.

With a buzz, a swarm of electric snakes wreaked havoc. Arcanine, a police Pokémon leading the charge, looked up in alarm as lightning struck from the sky like a bolt of lightning, instantly sending it flying.

The police had formed a tight-knit assault formation to pursue the poachers, but this gave the poachers an opportunity. Suddenly, several lightning bolts, carrying an extremely high voltage, struck down on the Pokemon at the forefront.

As cries of agony echoed, the eyes of officers in the rear widened.

“Officer Jenny, they… they’ve brought out a new lightning weapon we’ve never seen before!”

In the rear, an officer looked on in shock at the “Lightning Raikou,” his scalp tingling. Many Pokémon had already suffered indiscriminate lightning attacks, and the situation was dire.

“Our formation is too dense. If we continue to chase like this, their weapons will gradually rout our forces!”

“Don’t panic,” Officer Jenny said, her face darkening upon seeing the enemy’s lightning weapon.

“What are we waiting for?”

The officer was anxious, “Many Pokémon are already injured; this is just wasting our strength.”

“Just a moment ago… just a moment ago, Mr. Looker sent another message!”

“Mr. Looker?” The officer was perplexed.

Mr. Looker was an elite of the International Police who had been brought in to assist in the arrest of the poacher gang. His parents served in the military, and even though he joined the police system when he was somewhat old, he has made significant achievements in a very short time.

Particularly, his exceptional fighting skills had earned him a great reputation. During the assessment period, he had made a name for himself by easily taking down over a dozen opponents.

On the poacher’s side, Grey Feather suddenly laughed out loud as he watched the police forces, which were initially tightly packed together, gradually disperse by the lightning strikes.

“They’re still advancing? Are these officers out of their minds? No matter, as long as we have ‘Raikou,’ we can easily crush their forces in one fell swoop. When they lose the support of their Pokémon, let’s see how these police officers can stop us!”

“Send the ‘Raikou’ on both sides, capitalize on our advantage, and crush them!!”

As the Police Pokemon rushed forward, they were helplessly struck down by lightning. Faced with the relentless technology that could unleash powerful attacks as long as it had energy, these Pokemon encountered strong resistance as they advanced.

The police’s advance was slowing down, but just a moment later, Grey Feather heard his subordinates’ exclamations: “This is not good! There’s a vehicle coming from behind… heading straight for us!”

A typical large truck started to move, swaying back and forth, and in less than ten seconds, Grey Feather spotted the truck, particularly the direction it was coming from, which made his eyes flash with coldness.

“They’ve finally shown themselves! Intruders.”

Grey Feather snorted coldly. He had not expected the invaders to not be able to hold back after learning of their plans to counterattack. It was too easy to find them, almost too simple.

“Do they want to perish together with ‘Raikou’?”

“Then let me see, would I take you down first, or would the truck collide with ‘Raikou’ first?”

“Aim at them.”

Seeing the other’s intentions, Grey Feather snorted quietly. As the large truck approached the vehicle with the “Raikou Device” at the front, several Pokémon condensed “Hyper Beam” in their mouths and aimed it at the truck’s front.

Grey Feather was acutely aware that if the leading vehicle with the “Raikou” was to be destroyed, the resulting chain reaction would be too much for them to handle.

Although there were three “Raikou,” the one with the widest attack range positioned in the front is the most crucial one.

“Wait-Wait a moment.”

Grey Feather’s eyes widened as he suddenly noticed a strange blue head at the driver’s position of the approaching truck, with a pair of yellow eyes surrounded by black circles… staring right at him.

All of Grey Feather’s hair stood on end.

His worldview seemed to crumble before him; it was a Croagunk, and the Croagunk was driving.

“This is ridiculous… Attack it now!”

Watching the Croagunk bare its white teeth, Grey Feather was filled with anger.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Several Hyper Beams directly struck the approaching truck, blocking it halfway. However, everyone’s attention was drawn to a red light.

At the very last moment before the Hyper Beams struck, Croagunk was recalled into a Poké Ball!

The person holding the red and white Poké Ball was dressed similarly to the poachers, with a hat shading his face. It was clear that this person was not their member.

Grey Feather was dazed as he watched this individual brazenly appear in front of them, before veins popped out on his forehead.

What a joke, is he treating them as decorations, or as ordinary people!

To enter the enemy’s ranks to this extent was akin to suicide!

Swish! Swish! Swish!

In a matter of moments, the person who had recalled Croagunk was surrounded by several Pokémon. Then, in a move that left everyone astounded, the person raised their hands and made a surrender gesture.

Then, he removed his hat, and with a serious expression, explained, “I’m just a passing traveler; I’m not the real infiltrator.”

“Don’t listen to his nonsense… Take him down!”

“Nonsense? What kind of talk is that, don’t you believe it?!”

The sky was clear as a blue sheet of paper, a few thin white clouds drifting lazily as if melting in the sunlight.

Suddenly, an energy ball exploded in the silent sky, followed by a deafening roar, and small “missiles” were launched into the air.

“What is this?”

The police, Grey Feather, and many poachers were caught off guard by the unexpected turn of events in the sky, and they cried out in disbelief.

Following the explosion of the energy ball, another one slowly rose, illuminating the entire sky, and meteor-like sparks descended from the sky.

Grey Feather had considered the possibility of an aerial attack by the police, and there should have been personnel dedicated to defend against it. Moreover, attacking from the sky was extremely dangerous, and the police rarely had such tactical training.

The fiery, burning orb that appeared in the sky, the tremendous sound it made when it erupted, and the spectacular display before its destruction upon impact left everyone wide-eyed.

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