OPTS-Chapter 460 New Era

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“No wonder, no wonder.”

Ross said while his hands reached into Void and gently torn it to two sides.

The power of distortion and the time-lapse power that enveloped his body shattered by the rigid Distortion.


Ross overlooked Im and shook his head slightly.

If it was before he had mastered the power of Time Distortion, this power would have had a huge impact on him. Although it would not kill him, he would have to use his full-powered Armament Haki to the limit in order to fight against the power of this Devil Fruit.

In that case, his body would have been under enormous burden and pressure.

Coupled with Im’s Haoshoku Haki, and thinking with his toes, Ross knows that he must have top-level Kenbonshoku (Observation) and Armament Haki so Ross wouldn’t have many advantages over him.

But now.

After possessing the power of Time Distortion, the power of Time-Time Fruit can be weakened by him to the maximum, or even become invalid on him.


Im is still silent.

After surviving for 800 years, he seems to have lost his self-consciousness and has become a numbness being without feelings.


Ross dived, charging directly into Im.

As expected by Ross, Im’s Armament Haki, and Kenbonshoku (Observation) Haki are indeed unprecedentedly powerful and he has survived for 800 years. The Armament Haki and Kenbonshoku (Observation) Haki were both like Haoshoku, standing on a very high level and unassailable.

However, Ross’s Armament Haki and Kenbonshoku (Observation) Haki are not too far behind Im, and his Haoshoku can also fight against Im’s Haoshiku Haki after being upgraded.

Ross’s Time Distortion can offset the power of Im’s Time-Time Fruit, and his Distortion Fruit is more flexible compared to it.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Battle of the two instantly smashed the Pangaea Castle.

From the battle of the sky to the ground, the Red Line was getting smashed, again and again, hitting the Marine Headquarters and breaking it.

The war has stopped.

It’s not about giving up on offense or giving up on resistance. Everyone is looking at Ross and Im’s Battle. Although both sides still retain enough stamina and Battle power, it doesn’t make much sense to fight now.

Ross can easily destroy the Government’s army, and Im can also easily kill the Elites of Totto Land.

The victory lies only in these two people.

The fierce battle continued, and both Ross and Im have been injured, but Ross’s body has reached a level beyond Kaido and he also has the ability to heal himself, and it is also an undead body.

In comparison, although Im has an immortal life span and a strong and unmatched body, after all, he has no immortality.


More and more wounds appeared on Im’s body. Eventually, under Ross’s attacks, he smashed Im on the entire Red Line and hit the sea below it and set off a monstrous tsunami.

“This is the end.”

Ross stood in the sky while breathing heavily.

Looking at the sea where the waves were gradually calming down, he slowly raised his head and looked to the sky.

The dark clouds in the sky were gone.

And a clear blue sky was exposed.

“Has it ended?”

On the fragmented Holy Land, countless people looked at the scene and muttered.

“Steel Bone” Kong and others felt the power in their bodies fading gradually, it was as if he had aged ten years in a flash as he began to shake his head and smiled bitterly.


The World Government has lost after ruling this world for 800 Years.

The year 1520, the first year of the Totto Land Era.

The World Government, which had ruled the world for 800 years, was finally destroyed under the total attack of Totto Land, and both Holy Land and Marine Headquarters fell.

Tenryubito, the former rulers, completely disappeared from this world.

During all the subversion, there was a little confusion in all over the world, but Totto Land was resolute and quickly reorganized the new Marine Headquarters.

Before the chaos on the sea appeared, it was suppressed.

The Revolutionary Army, which has always rebelled against the rule of the World Government, finally chose to disband under the decision of their Leader Monarch Dragon, and Totto Land did not destroy the disbanded Revolutionary Army, leaving them alone to return to their home.

As one of his hand propped Totto Land and his other hand conquered the world, Ross, at this time, has become a legend.

Ross’s past deeds have also been written, it has been written how he was forced to become a pirate. With the purpose of destroying pirate, he conquered the Grand Line, ruled Totto Land, and destroyed the World Government…

Everything is intertwined, like a brand new historical biography.

Someone once asked Ross.

He was framed as a pirate by the former World Government, what did he think at that time.

Ross’s answer was that he didn’t want to be a pirate, but if he has no other choice but to become a pirate, then he can only… turn the world upside down.

Sky Island Birka.

“So Dragon is not going to manage Totto Land.” Ross sat on the island cloud sofa, peeled an orange and put it in his mouth, and ate it.

“Let him be, then.”

Ross does not care much about the fate of Revolutionary Army Leader Dragon. It is too easy for him to destroy Dragon with his current strength.

When he had the power to destroy everything, there was nothing in the world that he could not grasp.

Strength can rule everything.

If he can’t beat someone then he would get even stronger.

“There is no problem with Marines, Fleet Admiral Isshou is doing very well.” Robin flipped through the documents in her hand and reported to Ross at random.

The newly formed Marine Headquarters, with Fujitora as Marine Fleet Admiral, the former Marine Fleet Admiral Aokiji was not killed by Ross but Aokiji does not intend to become a Marine again, and like Dragon, he retired.

“There is still a shortage of officials on the government side, but according to what you said, like the previous World Government, giving all countries the power of autonomy does not require too much trouble to manage them.”

Robin flipped through the documents and continued to speak.

If each island was a City town then it would have been very troublesome to govern the world, but many islands are self-contained countries, so for all countries, they just had the people in World Government replaced.

Not to mention.

Because the New Totto Land does not have any Tenryubito and World Noble, there is no need to pay Heavenly Tribute for each country.

Without the heavy Heavenly Tribute, there would have been a lot of poverty and famine but that wasn’t the case in the peace. In addition, the big secret of ONEPIECE has long become a matter of the last era. The strength of Totto Land is unprecedentedly strong, and the world has gradually become stable.


Ross casually responded and said: “The world has settled down, basically nothing has happened, and it’s time to consider my wife.”

Robin stopped browsing the files.

Ross snapped his fingers and said to himself: “Hancock is a bit capricious, but after the demise of the World Government, she has gotten a lot better, Nami is also very good, there is no doubt about Reiju, Shirahoshi is also good, although her size is a little bigger, but that won’t be a problem … “

Ross’s voice stopped at this point.

Robin turned her head and looked at Ross with a smile. The petals emerged and Seven or Eight arms grew out of Ross’s shoulders and neck and hooked Ross’ neck and back waist, and twisted Ross’s body.

Ross: “Oh, don’t mess around.”



(End of the book)