OPTS-Chapter 456 *Hidden* Part 1

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It is needless to say that Kizaru and Green Ox are two major combat powers of the Marines and Kirby is a Marine Admiral candidate, their combined might is enough to set off some storms on this battlefield.

The three major Battle forces rushed into the battlefield, immediately leaving the originally dominant Totto Land Side into a disadvantage, Totto Land was not directly defeated but the balance of combat power was obviously broken.

“Can’t you stand it any longer?”

Trafalgar Law looked at Kizaru and Green Ox who had entered the battlefield and his eyes flashed slightly, and he said, “Then they should also be coming out soon.”

Almost as soon as Trafalgar Law’s words fell, the Void suddenly distorted and four people dressed in white feathers clocks like Division Captains came out.

Although they wore the same big white cloak, the numbers behind it are not One, Two, Three, Four, nor Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, but … Zero!

Totto Land.

Zero Division Team!

“Steel Bone” Kong saw these four new players, and the expressions on his face suddenly changed slightly. In World Government’s intelligence report, Totto Land had only Nine Division teams and he didn’t expect there to be a Zero Division team!

And they did not have anything on this Zero Division team, they have no information and they don’t know about their abilities!

“Don’t panic, so what if there is an extra team? We just have to deal with them”

“Steel Bone” Kong watched the turmoil of the battlefield and said, there was an extra team, and if they only had the power equal to Division Captains and Vice Captains then Kizaru and others could still suppress them.


“Don’t compare our Zero Division team with other teams.”

The leading man of the Zero Division team looked at “Steel Bone” Kong and others with a slight smile on his face and said: “The Zero Division team does not have a Division Captain, because the Battle power of the four of us is same, which means that we are all Division Captain!”

The moment these words fell, his entire body suddenly expanded, and the golden light flashed in the area.

Mythical Zoan-Type Devil Fruit.

Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Daibutsu(Giant Gold Buddha)!

“Oh, this ability is not …”

Kizaru’s eyes narrowed as he saw an unexpected scene where his enemy and the member of the Zero Division turned into the form of the Giant Gold Buddha. He said: “So after Fleet Admiral Sengoku was killed in battle, his Devil Fruit was found by you.”

Although he spoke with a frivolous tone, his eyes clearly showed his worries and alertness. As a person who has followed Sengoku for many years, he is naturally clear about the battle powers of the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Daibutsu(Giant Gold Buddha) and this is a Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit.

Even if this Zero Division Member’s Haki is no match for Sengoku, but with this Devil fruit, as long as his physical strength is good enough, it would be enough for him to approach the combat level of an Admiral!

“Which side are you looking at, Kizaru?”

Just when Kizaru was thinking all this, a figure suddenly appeared on the left side of him and spoke with a flat tone, and then this figure proceeded to punch towards Kizaru.


The punch fell and the air seemed to have burst out like a mirror and the power of terrifying shock swept away toward Kizaru.

“Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi)!”

Kizaru screamed internally and his entire figure immediately turned into golden light as he tried to dodge backward, evading this punch, but the group of government troops behind him fell under this punch.

Seeing the shape of the Giant Golden Buddha and the ability of Whitebeard appeared in the hands of the Totto Land’s subordinates, the expressions on “Steel Bone” Kong’s face finally changed.

There are four people in this Zero Division team.

Two of them have the ability of the Giant Golden Buddha and Paramecia Devil Fruit Gura Gura No Mi(Tremor-Tremor Fruit), what are the abilities of the remaining two people?

“Are you in a daze? Green Ox.”

The third person of the Zero Division team spoke coldly and half of his body suddenly turned into a magma that began to surge outwards, he punched towards the Green Ox and the magma flowed frantically and gathered into a huge magma fist, wrapped in amazing heat and power of destruction and rushed towards the Green Ox.

Green Ox’s complexion changed as he also pushed back against the attack with a punch.

Logia Magu Magu no Mi(Magma-Magma Fruit)!

Akainu’s ability!

“This is not good.”

CP0’s Chief saw this scene and his heart suddenly sank, he screamed loudly and was planning to rush forward towards the fourth person of the Zero Division Team and he began to rush down decisively.

From this trend, it seems that all four members of this Zero Division team are top-level Battle forces. The advantage brought in by the presence of Kizaru and Green Bull and Kirby is instantly resolved. If the fourth person of this Zero Division team also moves out, the situation will be reversed and the Totto Land will once again gain advantage!

“Oh, are you coming here to stop me?”

The fourth person of the Zero Division team is a female. She looked at the CP0 Chief rushing towards her and smiled gently. Her smile showed a charm like Hancock and at the same time as she smiled, nine white tails appeared behind her like a peacock and waved around like a whip and these tails rushed towards the CP0 Chief.

Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit, Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Kyubi no Kitsune(Nine-Tailed Fox)!

For the first time, the four members of the Zero Division team showed their strength in front of the world, and only this time, the entire battlefield has been shaken!

“Damn it to hell!”

Seeing that this newly emerged Zero Division Team of the Totto Land had really had four top Battle Forces, the expressions on the face of “Steel Bone” Kong was completely ugly.

Even if these people are only a little bit worse than Kizaru and Green Ox in terms of strength but they can still keep them occupied and it would be near impossible for any single Admiral to defeat them in a short amount of time.

“We can’t wait any longer.”

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