OPTS-Chapter 451

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Red Line.

This is the central point where the Grand Line and Red Line intersect. It is also the original G1 branch base of Holy Land Mariejois and Marines and it is now the location of the new Marine Headquarters.

Unlike Marine Ford, the new Marine Headquarters is closer to Holy Land, almost directly under the Red Line, and both of them can be said to be connected together, only separated by the height of the Red Line.


On the Red Line, the World Government is currently gathering its strength.

Standing on the fort is World Government Commander-in-Chief “Steel Bone” Kong. He will take over the command of the battle against Totto Land’s upcoming decisive battle.

There is no other way.

Marines alone can’t fight against the current Totto Land, so Aokiji, as Marine Fleet Admiral is obviously not qualified to be the Commander-In-Chief of the war.

And in this battle, Garp chose to retire as he had no intention to participate in this war, he only protects justice, not Tenryubito.

Without Garp, Marine can be said to have one less Battle force.

“The Elites of the South Blue branch has not yet arrived?”

“Steel Bone” Kong stood on the fort and watched the coming and going of Marines and World Government subordinates’ troops.

“Reporting to Commander, they are almost here, and they will arrive in half an hour at most.” A Marine Rear Admiral next to him reports.

“Steel Bone” Kong nodded asked again: “What about Vegapunk’s side, has the Battle force he studied come?”

“It has arrived.”

The Marine Vice-Admiral, who was in charge of contacting Scientific Force Base, responded.

“Steel Bone” Kong nodded, said: “That’s a powerful fighting force comparable to Shichibukai. Even if Shichibukai has been torn apart, it can replace Shichibukai’s existence as the main fighting force.”

In the last two years.

The Shichibukai plan was scrapped.

Most of the Shichibukai were either dead or seriously injured and some of them withdrew, there are two people who were still sitting in Shichibukai’s post but they did not come to this emergency call.

There is no doubt that these Shichibukai did not want to conflict with Totto Land at all.

In a war where Totto Land and the World Government will collide head-on, even Shichibukai is very likely to become cannon fodder.

With the order issued one by one, the elite of Marine and the government forces finally completed the assembly on the Red Line!

300,000 Elite Soldiers!

They are not 300,000 ordinary soldiers as most of them are Elites, of which Marines occupies 200,000, and the government army has 100,000.

Marine’s troops, in order of rank, have different standing positions in the front and rear. The lowest-ranking Marines and non-commissioned officers stand at the bottom of the ranks, and the officers in the cloak of justice went forward, and the generals go further.

In front of the generals, there are a total of 20 Marine Headquarters Vice-Admiral, of which the most central one is Tokikake, one of the Admiral candidates and his ranking in Vice-Admiral is naturally the first.

Standing in front of Tokikake, there are three Marine Admirals of Marine Headquarters, the highest battle power of the World Government.

Momousagi! Kizaru! And Green Ox!

“Vice-Admirals are all here …”

“And Admirals.”

These Elites members came from all over the world from all branch bases, they looked at the twenty Headquarters Vice-Admirals standing in front of them and Marine Admirals who are known as the highest Battle force, and they couldn’t help but feel a bit excited.

It is worth mentioning that one of the twenty Headquarters Vice-Admiral has also become another Alternate Admiral candidate.

As a disciple of Garp, during the two years of confrontation with Totto Land, he went through numerous battles and made many breakthroughs in the Battle. Now he has mastered the top Observation Haki of Future Prediction.

Although his strength is much worse than Luffy, who is now the King of Pirates, he still stands in the position of an Alternate Admiral and he is also known as the person most likely to succeed Kizaru.

“Reporting Commander Kong, Marine Headquarters Battle forces have been assembled.”

Aokiji stood at the forefront of the Marine camp, wearing a large justice clock of Marine embroidered with golden badges representing Marine Fleet Admiral’s position, and reported to “Steel Bone” Kong.

“Steel Bone” Kong used to be Marine Fleet Admiral and when “Steel Bone” Kong served as Marine Fleet Admiral, he had just gotten promoted from Rear Admiral to Vice Admiral.

Now two decades have passed.

“Steel Bone” Kong is already the World Government Commander In Chief and he has also become Marine Headquarters Fleet Admiral.


“Steel Bone” Kong nodded and turned to look at the other side.

“Report Commander Kong, the government’s Battle Forces has been assembled!”

The person who reported this was a dark-skinned man who was the supreme commander of the government army.

In a world where the sea occupies most of the area, government forces are much worse than Marines. Their usual mission is to protect the Red Line and Tenryubito.

It can be said that Government forces often exist because of Tenryubito.

But because of this, even though the Government army is much weaker than the Marines, it is still strong enough to fight.

The Chief Leader of the Government Army has battle force equivalent to Aokiji and other Admirals while Vice Chief’s Battle power is not much different.

“Everyone, according to the order, arranged in strict order and wait until the enemy appeared, there must be no moment of relaxation!”

“Steel Bone” Kong spoke to the assembled Marines and government forces, and the slightly old voice exploded like a thunder in the square.


Marine and the Government army echoed in unison.

After giving his orders to the Marines and the Government forces, “Steel Bone” Kong looked back.

There are ten teams there.

They are World Government’s spy agencies, referred to as CPTtroops, they have completed the assembly from CP0 to CP9!

“You are all here.”

“Steel Bone” Kong glanced at the crowd and his eyes stopped on the person at the center of the team and at the front.

The person he is looking at is the CP0’s New Chief. Although his status is one level lower than that of his Commander In Chief position, he is directly under Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) and he can not command him at will without Gorosei’s orders.

“The Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) has ordered that all my staff and I will be dispatched under the command of Commander.”

CP0’s Chief murmured at “Steel Bone” Kong.

“Steel Bone” Kong was not surprised by this. Since Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) has given him all the missions of formation and command, he will definitely not have a force that can do whatever they want under his command.

During this extraordinary period, the CP forces must also obey his orders.

“Then Red Line’s security work will be handed over to you. Once you find any trace of the enemy, you will immediately report to me. If you are too late and cannot come here then you will directly release the signal bomb.

“Steel Bone” Kong ordered to CP0 and others.

The members of CP0 and other spy agencies all responded with coldness, and then quickly assigned their own missions.

So far.

World Government Battle force has also completely assembled!

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