OPTS-Chapter 444 *Hidden* Part 1

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Totto Land has become the only huge force that can face off against the World Government. In front of the two huge forces namely Totto Land and the World Government, all other forces can only watch but do nothing, especially the Yonkō (Four Emperors). The only Yonko that still remained is Red Hair Shanks.

Red Hair Shanks did not appear on the battlefield of the War Of The Best from beginning to end. After the war, there has been no movement from his side. It seems that he has no intention of making any more moves in this situation.

“With what you did in the Marine Headquarters, we can completely reorganize the Beast Pirates territory in less than half a month.”

Robin than whispered to Ross: “What should we do with Akagami (Red Hair) and Whitebeard’s site.”

“Whitebeard is history.”

Ross came to the sofa and sat down, he took a cup of tea and took a sip, saying: “Marco is a smart person, I don’t think they will have any plans to compete with us.”

“As for Akagami (Red Hair)… we will wait until we receive Whitebeard’s site and see what they plan to do.”

In fact.

Indeed, as Ross and Robin had foreseen, after Ross declared war on the World Government with the power of Totto Land, many forces had cast their requests for an alliance with them.

Conquering New World seems to be a matter of time now and the resistance they would have faced is greatly reduced.

For the forces trying to invest in Totto Land and become its subordinates, Ross’s characterization is also very simple. As before, pirates who burn, kill, and loot will not be accepted and he will accept any normal forces.

Totto Land has now become a “World Government” composed of a large number of countries. What use they have of the pirates who only knew how to burn, kill, and loot?

For the follow-up governance of Totto Land, Ross did not worry about it.

There is no need to think and talk about these things. You just need to build the world and have the power. Naturally, someone will rely on you and your power to govern the world for you.

The real ruler of the World Government is Tenryubito, and Tenryubito’s power is now unstable, and many countries have begun to implicitly evade the rules of the World Government, such as giving out the Heavenly Tribute to them.

This is only one aspect of things that are not going to the World Government’s way.

After briefly discussing the subsequent development and expansion direction of Totto Land with Robin, Ross left the palace and flew upwards until he came to the sky, overlooking the clouds below him.

Because he often comes to this height to train himself and with the strength of his body, even at this height, Ross basically feels no pressure upon himself.

“Let’s start.”

“The Max 1000 points.”

Ross took a deep breath and summoned the Talent System Interface. Looking at the Interface of the Talents Tree, his thoughts moved and 50 Talent Proficiency Points were put into the power of distortion.

The Proficiency value of the power of distortion also jumped from 950 points to 1000 points.


With the addition of these 50 Talent Proficiency Points, the golden-red light appeared on Ross’s body and gradually turned into a deep red. After surrounding Ross’s body for some time, it was injected into Ross’s body and merged with the power of distortion.

At this moment, Ross only felt an explosive feeling in his body. It seems like the beginning of chaos, the birth of the world, and the power of distortion is expanding.

The sheer expansion of the power of distortion made Ross feel the strain on his body, Ross also felt that his body is under heavy pressure and with his current physique, he he wouldn’t be able to smoothly use this vast amount of power.

“It has improved so much …”

Ross opened his eyes and felt the expanding strength of his body and there was a hint of surprise in his eyes. He had never thought that the last 50 Talent Proficiency Points would bring in so much improvement.

At first, he had thought that it would be a huge improvement if his powers increase by one percent, but in fact, it has increased by more than 30 percent, it is almost a gap in the realm!

One must know that even 30% power of distortion inside Ross’s body is equal to the power of the Three Disasters and Four Sweet Commanders. It was getting very difficult and borderline impossible to increase his power even by 1% and at this time, his powers has skyrocketed to such a level. 

With his current strength, he has completely surpassed any Marine Admiral and he can even fight all of them at the same time without falling in any disadvantage.

“It’s a bit difficult to control freely.”

Ross clenched his fists and murmured to himself, it has been a long time since he experienced this kind of jerky feeling because of the explosion of power of distortion inside his body and because his physical strength couldn’t keep up with the power.

He can feel that if his physical strength can fully keep up with the power of distortion, with his current strength, it is enough to sweep and crush Akainu Aokiji and others at the same time!

After experiencing the jerky power of distortion, Ross’s mind slowly calmed down and he once again evoking the translucent Interface of the Talent System, looking at the last branch of the power of distortion.

Time Distortion.

At the same time that the power of distortion reached the Maximum Value of 1000 points, the activation conditions of this branch have also been presented, and 7 Free Talent Points are needed.

This is basically consistent with Ross’s previous judgment.

The words “Time Distortion” on the branch show green luster, which means they can be activated.

Ross took a deep breath and calmed down his emotions. He decided to activate the Time Distortion ability without showing any hesitation.


7 Free Talent Points instantly return to 0.

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