OPTS-Chapter 419 Can You Help Out

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“Bounty 300 million Berries, Pirate Captain, Strawhat Luffy.”

The Pacifista locked Luffy and his eyes flickered a few times like a light bulb and as he rushed towards Luffy, his palms continued to emit lasers.

Luffy evaded and fled with the crowd.

“… Smoke bomb!”

Usopp gritted his teeth and picked up his slingshot and a smoke bomb hit the foot of the Pacifista, creating smoke everywhere.

“Good job Usopp!”

Sanji and others immediately ran away.

But the smoke didn’t have much effect on the Pacifista. It directly jumped out of the smoke range and continued to pursue Luffy and a laser shot down again. Even if Luffy avoided the frontal attack, he was still enveloped by the aftermath and flew out.


Zoro saw this scene from afar and could not help but grit his teeth, he wanted to help but he doesn’t have any more fighting power.


Before he could make a choice, a voice came from in front of him.

“You still care about others, Roronoa Zoro.”

Zoro’s pupils narrowed sharply and before he could respond, he was kicked out.


The ground exploded and Zoro coughed up blood and was bruised all over his body.


Seeing this from a distance, Luffy and others couldn’t help but look at the figure who attacked Zoro, and they also showed gritted their teeth.

Kizaru’s figure was revealed in the smoke.

“He won’t be getting up.”

Kizaru stood there and he put his hands in his pants pockets and glanced at Zoro, who was down on the ground and said, “Pirate Hunter Zoro, Bounty of 120 Million Berries… Why is a Pirate Hunter becoming a Pirate again, It really brings up a lot of bad memories.”

Kizaru’s eyes narrowed and a hint of cold light appeared in his eyes and he slowly said, “Just one attack and you fell down. Have a good rest in your afterlife then.”

When his voice fell. He directly lifted his foot and the bright light gathered.

Kizaru feels disgusted seeing any pirate becoming a pirate hunter and God knows if they will also become an existence that can’t be cleaned up.

If he can get rid of them, it is naturally best to get rid of them as soon as possible.


When Usopp and Brook saw this scene beside them, they couldn’t help screaming in horror, and they saw that Zoro had no ability to evade, and could not help but be shocked.

Sanji’s face in the distance also changed and he bit his teeth and said, “Not good, that idiot’s body is at its limit…”


Usopp shot a projectile at Kizaru but that projectile directly penetrated Kizaru’s body without harming him.

At the same time, Brooke rushed forward and stabbed Kizaru with his sword. The sword also penetrated Kizaru’s body but failed to penetrate any real substance.

“We can’t even stab him at all, what the hell is going on here!” Both of them panicked when they saw that their attacks were useless.

Kizaru’s eyes narrowed and he said slowly and indifferently: “It’s no use, I am a flash man who ate the Glint-Glint Fruit, it is Logia …”

“I’ll take you out first.”

Kizaru squinted, he raised his foot and slammed down.

But just in time, a flash of light suddenly broke through the air and swept across the battlefield in an instant, and cut into Kizaru’s body.

Kizaru’s complexion changed slightly as he could not kill Zoro now. He immediately scrambled and turned his hand into a sword with a radiant golden light, blocking the incoming sword light.


Kizaru blocked the attack, but Zoro was saved.

“So you are also here… Dark King Rayleigh …”

Kizaru narrowed his eyes and looked at Rayleigh, who came towards him with a sword in his hand.

Now that the Marine Headquarters has to deal with the Whitebeard Pirates. They don’t plan to deal with Rayleigh. It is impossible for Marine to deal with two legends at the same time. If they catch Rayleigh, it will cause a war against Red Hair Shanks and Ghost Hand Ross may also join up against them.

If that happened, the Marine Headquarters will be gone.

Three Emperors battling Marines?

I’m afraid Marine really would become history!

“I heard many times that you are on this island. It turned out to be true …”

Kizaru watched Rayleigh and spoke slowly.

Rayleigh stepped in front of Kizaru and said, “If you get rid of the wanted notice, I’ll be able to live here for the rest of my life.”

Kizaru’s eyes narrowed as he said, “How can the crimes of pirate be forgiven much less the crimes of the Vice-Captain of the Roger Pirates…”


When Rayleigh heard Kizaru’s words, Rayleigh gave a thoughtful look and said, “If you don’t mention it, I would have forgotten about it. It looks like someone just didn’t want to get rid of the wanted posters, and it just kept turning into this situation.”

Kizaru: “…”

“It seems that you have not changed your habit as a pirate, but even we have to be fully prepared to deal with you.”

Kizaru didn’t want to talk about this subject and looked directly at Rayleigh.

Rayleigh held the sword and said, “Well … can you give me some face and let them go, Kizaru.”

“You have to forgive me.”

Kizaru raised his head slightly and said: “This Pirate group attacked a tenryubito. If we don’t catch them, the Marine Headquarters will not be able to raise their heads in front of tenryubito in Holy Land Mariejoi.”

The scene was at a standstill for a while.

But just a few seconds later, two more Pacifistas appeared and they came over from the other side. The three Pacifistas sandwiched Luffy in the middle. This scene made Rayleigh’s eyes flicker, and his heart gradually sank.

Although the Pacifista was nothing for him, but in this situation where he already has his hands full with Kizaru, it was impossible for him to support Luffy and others.

Kizaru is well aware of this and is in no hurry to confront Rayleigh.

At this time, Luffy and others who was surrounded by three Pacifistas in the center were all sweating. One of them was already so difficult. How can they fight three of them?


Just as the situation was almost rigid and frozen, a voice came suddenly.

“These guys saved a Mermaid. If I didn’t save them, I would lose all authority and respect over the merfolk on Fishman Island.

The voice sounded a little ridiculous, without the slightest sense of fear in it, but when it came, the faces of Kizaru and Rayleigh changed.

Kizaru was shocked and Rayleigh was also shocked, but compared to Kizaru, Rayleigh was shocked but he was also happy in his heart.

He didn’t expect him to come here.

Since he is here, it should be all right now.

Rayleigh knows that Fishman Island is Ross’s territory and he also knows that Luffy and others saved the Mermaid Keimi, and the reason that Luffy hit the tenryubito was also caused by Mermaid Keimi’s arrest.

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