OPTS-Chapter 395 Escape

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“How is this possible……”

Golden Lion, who flew back by hundreds of meters, was finally able to stabilize his body, but at this moment he was shocked and was staring at Ross.

Although he lost his legs in Impel Down, he still has absolute confidence in his strength. Even if he is not as good as Whitebeard, he shouldn’t be much worse.

But now.

Ross just punched him and he felt as if a mountain has collapsed on him!

Golden Lion was stunned, he felt as if he was dreaming. He swung his legs and fully exerted his sword arts. He also used Armament Haki to the limit.

“Lion: Thousand Slice Valley!”

Countless golden sword energies were woven into a dense sword net, which rushed towards Ross. This attack would have seriously injured Ross previously.

However, the current Ross has a calm face as he faced the overwhelming golden sword energy, he clenched his left hand and punched it out.


The violent power of distortion exploded in Void.

The Golden Sword energy in the sky is like a gust of wind as it was destroyed and shattered, one after the other by Ross.

“Too weak.”

Watching Golden Lion’s sword energy getting destroyed by his punch, Ross didn’t felt any pleasure in his heart and muttered with a sigh.

Since defeating Whitebeard, Ross has no measure of his strength.

On must know that after defeating Whitebeard, Ross did not stop training himself. Although at his current level, any type of improvement has become very also but he has always maintained a process of improvement.

He didn’t even know how strong he is today.

“Impossible! This is impossible!”

Golden Lion saw his all-out attack getting smashed by Ross and he couldn’t accept it and kept muttering to himself.

Even when he faced Whitebeard, this didn’t happen!

“Nothing is impossible. You just don’t know who you are facing.”

Ross looked at the Golden Lion from a distance and said in a soft tone. He took a step forward and the space between him and Golden Lion was shortened by Distortion. He stepped down and was already in front of the Golden Lion and he punched Golden Lion again.

Bang! !! !!

Golden Lion tried his best to resist, but he was still slammed down and he flew out, like a golden hairball, drawing an arc in the air, and quickly fell into the distant sky.

Ross didn’t pause. After punching Golden Lion, he lifted his foot in the air and stepped out. He rushed towards the distance and quickly caught up with Golden Lion and they both disappeared into the sky in an instant.

As Ross disappeared.

Momousagi and Aokiji have regained their attention and they only have one idea in their minds. Golden Lion might die this time.

“Destroy the pirates!”

A Vice-Admiral from the Marine Headquarters reacted quickly after Ross and Golden Lion disappeared. He waved his sword and roared at the many Marines.

Although the morale of the Marines was restrained because of Ross, they were better than the Golden Lion subordinates. At this moment, when they heard the order of the Vice-Admiral, they pressed the shock in their hearts and raised their guns and sword while yelling.

Luffy and others also woke up from their stupor, only to find that they are still in the center of the battlefield, and the situation has not changed!


While Zoro and others were sweating and looking alarmed, Dragon, who was fighting Aokiji moved his right hand towards them.

A strange force rushed out as the dark sky suddenly becomes windy and strong wind suddenly sweeps the whole Lougetown and blows towards the Marines.

“Do you want to assist some Pirates?!”

Aokiji sighed and immediately stepped forward to try to stop this, but although he blocked Dragon, he could not stop the wind that whistled across the battlefield.

Countless Marines swayed by this howling wind, it was difficult for them to stabilize their bodies and even Luffy and others were almost blown away.

“This is a good opportunity! Let’s go!”

After Sanji took a few steps back in the wind, a look of joy appeared on his face and he yelled at Luffy and Zoro and others.

But although the Marine side was getting battered by the wind, they were only pushed back a little. Marines and Pirates who were rushing towards each other left no space for them to retreat.

And just then.

A Marine Vice-Admiral wearing a dog’s headgear and indistinct appearance suddenly rushed out of the Marine camp, killing many of the Golden Lion subordinates pirates by himself.

He has dark Armament Haki attached to his fist and began to punch down and with each punch, the area around him vibrated as if an earthquake was shooking the Lougetown and the ground directly in front of him shattered and numerous pirates were knocked out by the shock.

“Look what you all did at East Blue!”

The Vice-Admiral, wearing a dog’s headgear, roared as he entered the pirate’s camp, punching one pirate after another and no one could resist him and pirates began to fall down from his punches.

The howling of the wind, coupled with the explosion of the headgear wearing the Vice Admiral, finally opened a huge gap in the battlefield.


Sanji and others looked relieved.

At this time, Luffy was staring at the figure wearing a dog’s headgear.

“Let’s run, Luffy, what are you staring at!”

Sanji sees Luffy in a daze and pulls Luffy out.

Luffy was dragged away by Sanji, but he was still looking at the Marine Vice-Admiral strangely, and said, “That guy is a little familiar.”

“How could you be familiar with a Marine? Hurry up!”

Sanji ignored Luffy’s nonsense and he dragged Luffy out and ran all the way with Zoro and others, they finally took the opportunity to escape from the gap.

Instead of escaping with Luffy and others, Tashigi stood like a woodcarving until a smoke passed over the battlefield and appeared near her.

“Tashigi! What are you doing?!”

“Ah! Smoker San.”

Tashigi was awakened and looked at Smoker.

Smoker held two cigars in his mouth and said, “How could you let these guys slip under your eyes, they are East Blue’s Straw Hat Pirates!”


Tashigi was stunned as she heard this.

She had been with Luffy and others for a long time, she didn’t feel anything similar to a pirate from Luffy and others. But this was actually the Straw Hat Pirates!!

Smoker looked at Tashigi, he was annoyed and speechless for a while. Tashigi had become a bit of an airhead since their last meeting with Ross and Robin. He thought she would gradually get better. But why is this woman getting more and more foolish, what is going on here?

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