OPTS-Chapter 386 Aokiji Appears

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And just as Bartholomew Kuma fought fiercely against Vasco.

A dazzling sword energy suddenly burst into the air, hitting Vasco’s body, wrapped in a power that seemed to be able to cut off everything, it was irresistible!


Vasco’s complexion changed, and he turned his entire body sideways to avoid the dangerous sword energy, but his cheek was still scratched by the sword energy and a bloodstain appeared on his face.

This terrifying sword energy continued forward, splitting the fragmented of Arlong Park from the center, and spreading all the way to the end of sight!


Nami screamed in horror and she was so scared that she almost jumped as the line swept by the sword energy was only ten meters away from where she stood.

Until the sword energy completely disappeared at the end of the line of sight, Nami looked at the abyss-like gully where the earth was cut off and her voice was trembling as she asked.

“This … what’s this?!”

She looked in the direction where the sword energy came from and in that direction, she saw a man in a black trench coat with a ceremonial hat on his head, he was holding a large Black Blade (Kokutō) in his hand as he stood there quietly.

Ross glanced at this new arrival and said, “That guy is also one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, The Greatest Swordsman in the World, Hawkeye Mihawk!”

“The world … the Greatest Swordsman in the world?!”

When Nami heard Ross’ words, she just felt her heart trembling. Although she didn’t know anything about Sword but for someone to be able to claim the position of the Greatest Swordsman in the World is undoubtedly the most terrifying existence on this sea!

What the hell is going on today, why are these terrifying guys appearing one by one in Cocoyasi Village!

Nami felt dizzy.

After Vasco dodged his first attack, Hawkeye did not attack a second time and he calmly put the Black Blade (Kokutō) on his back.

“Hawkeye …”

It is naturally impossible for Vasco to not know Hawkeye. He is no longer as relaxed as before and cold sweat spilled from his forehead as she said, “Two of the Seven Warlords of the Sea appeared here?”

Although the Tyrant Bear is powerful, if there is only one person, he may be able to defeat him, but if Hawkeye is added to the situation then the problem will be serious!

And just as Vasco’s face sank, a voice suddenly came from a distance.

“Hawkeye …”

“I didn’t expect you to respond to the World Government’s call.”

They saw a man with a Western sword hanging from his waist coming from a distance, he had a wicked smile on his lips as he stared at Hawkeye.

Hawkeye turned to look at him.

“Abbate Skjod Law.”

“Do you know me?”

Skjod Law smiled in a strange way.

Hawkeye looked at him and said calmly, “It would be strange for me to not know you.”

“I’m very interested in Golden Lion’s plan, so I plan to cooperate with him. If you want to destroy our plan, I can only fight against you.”

Skjod Law said as he pulled out his sword.

Far away.

Fujitora stared at Skjod Law from afar, leaning on a wooden staff, and saying: “Pirate Hunter, Abbate Skjod Law, has he also joined Golden Lion?”

“Abbate Skjod Law?”

Nami stood aside, faintly feeling that she was about to hear another extraordinary character’s information with a strange name again.

As expected.

At the next moment, Ross calmly said, “Pirate Hunter Abbate Skjod Law, who once hunted a pirate with a bounty of 430 Million Berries, he is the strongest Pirate Hunter swordsman, I did not expect him to join Golden Lion.”

Nami’s head was dizzy for a while, and she couldn’t help but ask again, “Then … who is that Golden Lion?”

Ross glanced at her and said: “He is one of the three legendary pirates before the Great Age of Pirates who stood with Roger and Whitebeard Edward Newgate. They fought each other countless times and he also pushed the King of Pirates Roger into a corner once.”


Nami felt that her heart wouldn’t be able to bear it anymore.

And just as Ross’ voice fell, Hawkey in the field looked at Skjod Law and pulled out the Black Blade (Kokutō) from his back again and said:

“I’m not interested in your plans.”

“Well, then it’s my pleasure to fight you.”

Skjod Law, as a swordsman, naturally had the idea of challenging ​​Hawkeye, the Greatest Swordsman in the World. At this moment, holding the handle of the sword, a sharpness appeared in his eyes, and the sword in his hand fluttered.

Buzz !!

A black coat of sword energy flew out of the sky, like a thunderbolt cutting through the void.

Hawkeye swept his sword and the brilliant sword energy swept across, colliding with the black sword energy in the air, and a loud Bang erupted.

Sii! Sii! Sii!

The two sword energy meet in the air and eventually exploded, turning into countless tiny sword energy splashing in all directions, cutting the earth.

Nami made another terrifying cry as the ground that was less than three meters away from her was cut into two deep trenches by the broken sword energy!


Ross stood there while frowning slightly.

He has been using his Observation Haki to search the Golden Lion, but until now, Golden Lion has shown no signs of showing up.

Bang! Bang!

The fierce confrontation between the four men in the battlefield continues, the Tyrant Bear and Hawkeye were obviously better than their opponent, after a brief confrontation, they slowly began to suppress their opponents.

The battle of the four people is earth-shaking. Arlong Park has long been reduced to broken ruins that can’t be broken again. In other words, It’s completely gone.

Looking at the four men and the huge aftermath that erupted with each of their attacks, spreading in all directions, Nami just felt herself go numb.

And just as the fierce fight was going on.

Cold air suddenly came from afar, and a figure appeared at the end of their line of sight wearing the Justice Cloak of Marine Justice, riding a bicycle towards this side.

Where the wheels of the bicycle rolled over, the ground condensed into ice, and the ditch-filled ground was filled with ice, making the ride extremely smooth.

“Who is this time again …”

Nami was a little numb at this point and she just asked with an almost dead voice.

She felt like she a small stray fish stuck between a group of sharks. Looking at these sharks one by one, she was filled with a deep sense of weakness.

She has already considered Hawkeye and others as ‘monsters’, and she doesn’t even want to consider them as normal humans, but fortunately, there are two more normal people beside her.

“Marine Headquarters Admiral, Aokiji.”

Ross watched the silhouette that was riding on the bike and calmly spoke.

This introduction was rare and short, but it made Nami’s mouth twitch a bit. The highest-ranking officer she had ever seen was just a Rear Admiral.

What is an Admiral?

“Ahhhhh, I was slow.”

Aokiji rode his bicycle and stopped not far away, he scratched his head and parked the bicycle on the ice and headed for the battlefield.

Aokiji didn’t plan to let the Tyrant Bear and others fight alone. Now that Golden Lion has caused too much trouble and it must be resolved as soon as possible, or he won’t be able to explain it to the Marine Headquarters or the World Government.

After taking a few steps forward, he pressed his hands to the ground.

“Ice Age!”

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