OPTS-Chapter 323 Ice Vs Flower

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Shiliew pulls his sword out of the sheath and he rushed forward so fast that he left a residual image and instantly charges into ‘Flower Sword’ Vista. The second-generation Ghost Blade in his hand is wrapped in a cold aura and is suddenly cut off.

‘Flower Sword’ Vista has been prepared for a long time and his swords are staggered, blocking Shiliew’s blade.


The two men’s swords collided together in an instant, and numerous petals emerging from Void, all of which were frozen into the shape of ice crystals.

“A bunch of lunatics.”

The smile on ‘Flower Sword’ Vista’s face froze and he revealed a grim look.

Since the other party is determined to fight, then their Whitebeard Pirates won’t held back anymore. If the other party wants to fight then they will fight!

“Nitoryu, instant cut!”

A flash of cold light flashed in Vista’s eyes and he stepped forward and the two swords in his hands staggered, forming a sharp cutting edge.


Shiliew waved his sword to resist the attack, his sword was steady as he blocked Vista’s blow.

An extremely cold force spread from Shiliew’s blade, freezing Vista’s sword halfway. At this moment, Shiliew’s black cloak was already covered with a layer of frost.

Where he stood, the ship’s board also condensed into irregular ice flowers, spreading slowly around, leaving ice marks on the board.

“Is this ice sword art… no, this is Devil Fruit!”

Vista looked at his half-covered frost blade and frowned slightly. He thought that Shiliew was a swordsman with ice-like sword energy, but he was a Devil Fruit user.

In their previous collisions, he has already noticed that the gap between the sword arts of Shiliew and him is not great but he does not have the ability of Devil Fruit. If the opponent can perfectly combine the fruit ability and sword arts, then his strength is undoubted above him.


Vista took a deep breath and used his Armament Haki and wrapped it around the blade and instantly sharpened the sword edge, turning the two swords in his hands into a dark color.

With the blessing of Armament Haki, the frost-covered on the blade also shattered.


Shiliew snorted and stepped forward with the sword.

In the past, his sword-arts were more inclined to killing and brutality, which is different from Fujitora’s positive and rigid method that relies on gravity, but now he has begun to do this after the Cold-Cold fruit has been developed to a certain extent. This is his current strong style.

Only those who are strong enough can exert the true power of this Battle method. Each move forces the opponent to collide with you directly, and each move can suppress the opposite, getting the opponent to step the opponent into despair step by step!

Facing Shiliew’s sword, Vista was forced to parry the attacks.

This pure trick, if he chooses to avoid, Shiliew will immediately make up the second and third sword attack, and he will inevitably fall into a disadvantageous position.

For swordsmen who abandon their defense and only attack, once a certain party starts to avoid instead of parrying and counterattack, it means that the balance of the victory and defeat begins to tilt.


Under Shiliew’s sword weight, Vista’s feet sank in the ship’s floorboard and there was already fragmented shipboard, and an overwhelming squeak came.

Shiliew followed the trend and continued to wield his sword and attack without giving ‘Flower Sword’ Vista any chance to counter-attack. His Cold-Cold fruit and sword arts have reached a state of perfect combination.

Today, if he confronts Fujitora again, the difference in their strength is already very small. If it is a fight between life and death, the possibility of his victory is close to 50-50!

“Captain Vista!”

Black Mist and White Blade saw Shiliew getting the upper hand and couldn’t help but shake. This is the first time they saw a swordsman who could suppress Flower Sword ’Vista.

Vista has always had the idea of ​​competing with Hawkeye, but due to the uncertainty of Hawkeye’s location, he could not find him and as One of the Division Captains of the Whitebeard Pirates, it is impossible for him to find Hawkeye by roaming in the sea, so it has been put on hold.

In the eyes of Black Mist and others, the position of Greatest Swordsman in the World does not necessarily belong to Hawkeye.

But now.

Vista was so severely suppressed in front of Shiliew of the Rain!

“It’s unbelievable … Captain Vista has fallen into a defensive state.”

“Ghost Hand Pirates, Killer, Shiliew of the Rain!”

Countless people looked at the battlefield where Shiliew and Vista were fighting. When they saw Vista being strongly suppressed by Shiliew of the Rain, they could not help but feel shocked.

The people in the Third Division certainly have different thoughts. At this time, they were smirking and looking at the Whitebeard Subordinates Pirates.

The numerous subordinates pirates of Whitebeard Pirates felt their heart sink.


Ghost Hand Pirates Third Division Deputy Captain climbed up from the water, and came to the Black Mist and White Blade and smiled at them before saying:

“It looks like your Captain is not our Captain’s opponent.”


Black Mist and White Blade looked gloomy at him.

The Third Division Deputy Captain shook off the water droplets on the blade and looked at Black Mist and White Blade and grinned, “Come on! Where’s that confidence you had just now?”

Unexpectedly, ‘Flower Sword’ Vista suddenly came and he almost overturned on his side. Fortunately, Shiliew arrived in time and saved them.

And now that their support is here.

It’s time to … kill!

Whiz! Whiz! Whiz!

The second division’s deputy Captain led a number of cadres and all members of the Second Division into the battlefield. At the same time, on Vista’s ship, many pirates of the Whitebeard group also poured into the battlefield.

What had been a lull in the four-hour battle suddenly turned into a larger conflict, and it began to escalate.

K ā ch ā! K ā ch ā!

Shiliew and Vista smashed the ship and landed on the water, with Vista standing on a piece of wood while Shiliew of the Rain stabbed the blade into the water.

“Ice source”

The force of the extreme cold surged into the seawater along the blade of the sword, spreading in all directions, and instantly froze the square kilometer of the sea into a frozen sea ice island!

Vista narrowed his eyes and glanced at the ice.

“You have created a good foothold …”

He smashed the wooden board under his foot and rushed towards Shiliew, trying to take the opportunity to recover the situation around.

Nitoryu, Up Stream!

The two blades slashed up sharply wrapped in Armament Haki and cut left to right.

Shiliew crosses the sword across his body before colliding with Vista’s double sword!


As if the grinding wheel rubbed against the steel, the sparks continued to splash.

“Nitoryu, Ascend!”

After the Vista double blade is cut up and picked up vertically, the blade takes another steep turn and is pressed down in both directions again, forming a series of fierce onslaughts.

Shiliew was still using his sword to resist the attack and he was calm, he stepped back a bit under Vista’s fierce offensive.

Ding-Ding Dong!

In the blink of an eye, Vista forced Shiliew back four or five steps, but he failed to do any harm to Shiliew as all of his attacks were blocked by Shiliew!

“Is that all?”

Shiliew blocked Vista’s last attack and the blade was sent forward, pushing Vista out, he looked at him condescendingly and said, “It’s my turn.”

With the strength of the Cold-Cold fruit in his body, the consumption of his powers is almost restored.

“Negative two Hundred!”

Shiliew’s eyes flashed with a cold light and he stepped forward and turned into a residual image, and suddenly appeared in front of Vista.

In the path he passed, a frost image visible to the naked eye appeared in the air. This is the cold force of Cold-Cold fruit. The frost shadow was formed by freezing the air!

“Ittoryu, Frost shadow!”

The sword blade with the cold force suddenly fell!

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