OPTS-Chapter 305 Dual Personalities

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The base is simple, but the internal space is very large because it is built according to the shape of the giant family, even the giant family can enter.

The interior was empty and there were basically no facilities, and no one was seen moving around. It wasn’t until they came to Law’s experimental area that someone finally appeared.

It was the guards, and although Katakuri and the others were locked in Seastone cages, shackled to Seastone shackles, someone had to be a Warden to avoid any problems.

“Your Highness Ross!”

When the two guards saw Ross, they all showed awe and bowed their heads.

Today, all the islands in the Totto Landsea are under Ross’s rule. Although Ross has not made anything like a throne for the king, there is no doubt that Ross has replaced BIGMOM and is ruling this part of the sea.

“How’s everything inside?”

Ross asked them.

The two guards replied, “Everything is normal.”

When Ross, Law, and Robin walked into the interior, they immediately saw a scene similar to that of Impel Down, where many cages were placed and more than ten prisoners were held in them.

In one of the cages, Katakuri was held in solitary confinement.

Pudding, the only girl prisoner was also held in solitary confinement.

Realizing that Ross and others came in, Katakuri looked up and looked at Ross and Law and others. His eyes were deep and bright, with no sign of yielding or decadent.

He stared at Ross for a few moments, and suddenly his face changed slightly, and the whole person became a little bit severe, saying, “What are you going to do to my sister?!”

“Did you foresee anything?”

Ross looks over his shoulder at Katakuri with a faint smile on his face. Ignoring Katakuri, he turns to Law and asks, “When hearts exchange, does the power follow the heart or the body?”

“Devil Fruit abilities remain in the body.”

Law whispered.

After the implementation of the Personality Transplant Surgery, the Devil Fruit ability will not be transferred due to the body exchange, and it will remain in the original body.

Ross nodded and looked back to the side and saw Pudding in a separate cage.

“Woohoo … don’t lock me up here … please, let me out, I will cooperate and do whatever …”

Pudding saw Ross looking at her. She wore Seastone shackles and showed a pitiful expression on her face as she went on her knees with tearful eyes.

Robin looked at Pudding with a frown, and said, “She is a bit pitiful.”

“Don’t be fooled by her appearances.”

Ross smiled and patted Robin gently on the shoulder and said. “If I am not wrong, this Pudding should have a double personality. All you see now is her disguise … no, it’s just a superficial one. “

“Yes, that’s it.”

Law calmly opened his mouth. Although he was a surgeon, he also knew something about the dual personality and it was easy to test. Laffitte did a little hypnosis before and the results were revealed.

He said to Ross: “Because of her dual personality, Laffitte’s hypnosis didn’t work on her, and it was difficult for her to cooperate.”

If they can’t complete the hypnosis, then no one dares to release Pudding like this, if she finds something and opens Katakuri’s Seastone shackles, it will be big trouble.

“Is that so?”

Robin was a little hesitant. She has a lot of knowledge and she knew double personalities, but Pudding currently looked a bit pitiful.

Ross laughed. “If you don’t believe me, let me show you, Law. Open the cage.”

Law removed the key and opened the cage door.

Ross walked towards Pudding and reached the cage and let her out, and smiled at her: “You’ll do anything to get out of here?”

“Woo …”

Pudding looked at Ross in horror.

Katakuri seemed to see something in the distance in his cage, his face suddenly showing a grim expression, his Seastone chains rattling as he struggled.

“Ghost Hand! What are you trying to do!”

Ignoring Katakuri, Ross smiled as he reached out to Pudding, who unconsciously tried to avoid him, but even though she was wearing Seastone shackles, there was no such thing as hiding from him.

Ross’s hand touched Pudding’s cheek, then slid down all the way into her shirt.

Pudding’s body began to tremble until it reached a critical point, her personality on the other side could no longer be held back, and her poor cheeks became horrible for a moment, snapping at Ross’ finger.

Ross didn’t dodge and let her bite.

With how tenacious his body is today, even if Pudding’s teeth are ten times sharper and ten times more powerful, it will not cause any damage to Ross’ fingers.

“Here, you see.”

Ross ran his fingers across Pudding’s tongue, twitched her palate, and tilted her suddenly blackened face in the direction of Law Bin.

Robin looked thoughtfully: “It really is.”


A subtle power of distortion from the tips of Ross’s fingers hit Pudding’s tongue, causing her to shiver, moan and relax her teeth.

Ross pulled back his fingers calmly, took out a handkerchief from his pocket, and wiped it. “Memo-Memo Fruit has the ability to delete memories and tamper with memories. Use this ability to clean Pudding’s memories.”

“You mean …”

Trafalgar Law showed a thoughtful expression.

Ross nodded and said: “Find a person to exchange body with Pudding first, then use her ability to wash her memory after the exchange, and then exchange it back.”

Law heard Ross’s words and thought: “If this is the case, then the double personality may be washed away, and then Laffitte will be able to hypnotize her.”


Listening to Ross and Law’s discussions about how to deal with herself, Pudding’s darker personality trembled a little.

She suddenly got up and fled towards the main entrance.

Ross didn’t turn his head but instead hit Pudding with a jolt of gravity that left her frozen in place, as if she were carrying a heavy mountain.

Even without the Seastone shackles, it’s almost impossible for her to escape from Ross, even Katakuri wouldn’t be able to do so at his peak power not to mention her.

“Ask Laffitte to come over.”

Ross says to Robin, then turns to Law and says, “Try it now. If you can use Pudding’s powers to clean Katakuri’s memory, maybe you won’t need to do Personality Transplant Surgery.

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