OPTS-Chapter 302 *Hidden*

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The only drawback is.

Kenbonshoku (Observation)’s Future Prediction ability can only see a corner of the Future that has not been changed, just like Ross sees a butterfly flying by, but if he catches the butterfly and changes the Future trajectory, the Future of the second half cannot be predicted again.

In short, in the long river of time, the Future Prediction ability can only see one of the tributaries and it can not see the endless changes that will occur.

“Seven seconds.”

Ross carefully realized for a moment and made sure that he could foresee the future within seven seconds in advance, and the long future could not be seen again after a change is made within that time frame.

And as his Kenbonshoku (Observation) continues to improve, this time limit will continue to extend.

Whiz! Whiz!

When Ross moved under his feet, he suddenly disappeared and appeared tens of meters away in a flash, and then with another flash, he returned to his original position.

After Agility Enhancement reached Maximum Value, his physical speed has reached a terrifying level and his reaction and agility can be said to be above than Kizaru!

Glint-Glint Fruit is undoubtedly an extremely scary ability in terms of speed, but the movement of this ability is also limited by Kizaru’s consciousness and reaction speed.

After Ross’ Agility Enhancement reached Maximum Value, he already surpassed Kizaru in short-range speed, and in linear movement and long-distance movement, Ross also had stronger space folding and space jumping ability to counter the speed of light.

It took 40 Talent Proficiency Points to bring Agility Enhancement to Maximum Value, and Ross still has 170 Talent Proficiency Points. After a little thought, he allocated 70 points to Distortion Fruit.

Buzz !!

After the golden light flashed, Ross could feel the power of distortion in his body strengthened again and this power has reached to the point where it is no difference from Whitebeard’s frontal distortion attack at his peak.

Firearms Shooting: 50

Close-Combat Fighting: 100

Distortion Fruit: 820

Marine ’s Rokushiki’s Soru: 0

Kami-e (Paper Drawing) Marine ’s Rokushiki: 0

Geppō (Moonwalk) of Marine ’s Rokushiki: 0

Observation Haki: 200 (Maximum Value)

Armament Haki: 200 (Maximum Value)

Haoshoku Haki: 0

After glancing at the changes in the talent interface of the Battle system, Ross switched back to the Talents Tree Interface of the general system.

With the remaining 100 Talent Proficiency Points, Ross put them all on his Rock Talent, which completely filled the Rock Talent.

Now his physique is not enough to support the burst of overload of power of distortion. Before he dealt with the annihilation of BIGMOM, the final aftermath made him suffer.

This is undoubtedly caused by his lack of physical fitness.

General Interface.

Agility Enhancement: 500 (Maximum Value)

Physical Enhancement: 500 (Maximum Value)

Spirit Heart: 50 (Basic Level Strengthening)

Tenacious: 200 (Maximum Value)

Rock: 200 (Maximum Value)

After the Rock was clicked to Maximum Value, Ross felt an indescribable surge of power flowing through his body.

This force wrapped his viscera, washed through his flesh, tempered his bones, and finally flowed along the blood vessels on the surface of the skin, completely covering him.

About ten seconds later.

As the power wanes, Ross clenches his fist and feel his body at the moment, reaching a monster level.

He doesn’t need Armament Haki at all, his body is enough for him to resist the bullet or cannonball!

When the Tenacious talent reached the Maximum Value, Ross acquired the ability to become a ‘Pseudo-immortal’, consuming stamina to regenerate all the internal organs of his limbs except his heart and skull.

When the Rock talent reached the Maximum Value, Ross also received a special ability, which is ‘Element Exemption’. When being attacked by forces such as ice, fire, and thunder, he will absorb the power of elements such as ice, fire, and thunder by 30% and he will only suffer 70% of the injuries.

No doubt.

If the hardness and toughness of the skin are counted as weakening of physical damage, then this Element Exemption is a great weakening of the ‘magic’ type of damage!

The strength of Ross’s body today has reached a certain extreme. Coupled with the Physical Enhancement Maximum Value and the Tenacious talent Maximum Value, it can be said that his physical fitness is not much worse than Kaido.

With the ability of such an Element Exemption, he has almost reached a level similar to Kaido, even if he stands there and lets Aokiji Akainu and Kizaru attack him, they still wouldn’t be able to kill him!

“Kaido’s body should also possess the characteristics of this Element Exemption.”

Ross gladly took another deep breath, his eyes flickered slightly.


Marines had tried countless ways to kill Kaido and certainly had tried to get Aokiji Akainu and Kizaru to attack him with their full force, but the fact that Kaido was still alive showed that fire, ice, and light were no threat to Kaido.

Kaido’s body is already powerful and unmatched. Ross has identified it personally, and that body can also absorb some elemental damage, plus his Armament Haki and Kaido’s natural body’s toughness. The three Admiral can only suppress Kaido and they can not kill him.

And the same is also true for Ross today.

The three Admiral will be able to suppress Ross’s body if he is just standing there but they wouldn’t be able to kill him and he also has the ability to move in space that Kaido does not have. He can out of their siege in an instant.

Coupled with the ultimate Future Prediction of Kenbonshoku (Observation) Haki with top-level Armament Haki and the power of distortion comparable to the peak Whitebeard Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi), it can be said that Ross is able to stand at the peak of this world by his strength alone. He is strong enough to steal Whitebeard’s ‘Strongets in the Sea’ Title!


As long as he wants, he can come and go freely from the Marine Headquarters. It is almost impossible to kill him or catch him!

It has been more than seven years since he came to this world and got the Talent System. Finally, he has gradually promoted all the powerful talents of the Talent System to the Maximum Value.

“In my current state, Whitebeard is probably no match for me. The only threats left are those hidden within the World Government …”

Ross looked up at the sea, his eyes gleaming.

He hasn’t fought Whitebeard yet, and he doesn’t know exactly how strong Whitebeard is, but he can’t be much better than Kaido. In any case, he thinks he has more than a 60% chance of winning.

Among the people he knows, those who can threaten him have basically ceased to exist, and those who threaten him remain unknown.

Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) … Im … Uranus …

Aside from the Gorosei (Five Elder Stars) on the surface, Ross doesn’t think they’re any better than Whitebeard in terms of strength, but the hidden king of tenryubito, and the Ancient Weapon Uranus which could potentially be in World Government hands are unknown powers.

After thinking about it for a moment, Ross took back his thoughts and stopped thinking about it.

The ability endowed by the Talent System is extra. Although all his talents have reached the Maximum Value, he can still continue to develop his potential and improve his strength.

And the proficiency in Distortion Fruit is not full, and the Time Distortion ability has not been activated. When all of this comes in his hands, then no matter how many hidden cards the World Government has hidden, he will take them out one by one!

Chapter 302 Element Exemption

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