OPTS-Chapter 300 Falling Island

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Robin was not in a hurry. After quietly studying the Red Poneglyph, she went to the Information Poneglyph and seriously studied it.

As Robin was studying the Information Poneglyph, the sky outside suddenly became dark, and the air seemed to become somewhat depressed.

“What is that?”

Trafalgar Law, who was clearing away the debris, looked up into the sky with a startled look on his face. He saw a huge black shadow falling towards him.

As the shadow got closer and closer, its shape becomes clearer, it is a huge island similar to the Cake Island!

“Hey, what’s the matter? Are you doing it?”

Shiliew of the Rain’s pupil narrowed slightly as he turned to look at the nearby Fujitora.

Fujitora looked up at the sky, and his Observation Haki perceived the huge island that was falling towards them, and his face became grim. “No, we are in trouble.”

The island has not yet fallen, and a terrifying oppression has shrouded the entire Cake Island, leaving Ficheux Erman and others with surprised expressions on their faces.

An island is falling from the sky!

With their strength, even destroying the Cake City Fort which is as big as any Citytown will take a lot of effort, not to mention destroying an island.

This is an island that’s going to fall down and flatten everything on the cake island!

“… “

Ross looked up at the sky and saw the island that was getting closer and closer with the huge wind pressure and heavy momentum, and a cold light flashed in his eyes.

Even if it is Fujitora, there is no way for him to make an island fall from the sky. There is only one person who can do this. That is… Golden Lion Shiki!

“You are looking for death, Golden Lion.”

There was no hiding the murderous intent in Ross’s bleak eyes.

He once encountered Golden Lion Shiki and fought a bloody battle against him in which both sides lost. He still remembered it, but the Golden Lion was not easy to find as he continues to float in the sky and he couldn’t pinpoint his location.

Unexpectedly, today, after defeating the BIGMOM Pirates, Golden Lion dropped an island on the top of the cake island.

As the island was getting closer, a burst of manic and unspeakable laughter sounded and because the entire sky was covered by the island, it was impossible to see where Golden Lion Shiki was.


“I didn’t expect that the little devil I met will one day really replace a Yonkō (Four Emperors), I am giving you a big gift today, take it well!”

If Golden Lion had done this to Ross just after he took on BIGMOM Pirates and killed BIGMOM, the consequences would have been unthinkable.

At that time, it was impossible for Ross to have the strength to resist an island falling from a height of 10,000 meters. Even if he could survive, others would surely be killed and injured.

Hearing the maddening laughter of Golden Lion, the killing intent on Ross’s face slowly subsided and calm was restored in his eyes.


Ross’s figure flickers as he charged towards the bottom of the island.


Gravity Distortion’s ability was instantly used by him. He held the bottom of the huge island with one hand and tried to hold the island in midair.

But this island is a large island, and he didn’t know how high this island fell down from. Its potential is the extent of destroying the sky and destroying the earth. Even though Ross inspired the power of distortion to the limit but it only slowed down the decline of the island.

“It’s Golden Lion.”

Laffitte, Trafalgar Law, and others have already guessed what had happened to the island, and the voice of Golden Lion just made them determine that this situation was created by Golden Lion Shiki.

However, faced with the island that fell from the sky, they could do nothing.


Fujitora’s figure rose towards the sky, his staff blade pulled out and plunged into the bottom of the island. The power of gravity fruit was aroused and applied to the whole island.

In terms of pure attack power, although he is inferior to Ross but in terms of gravity control, he is a Gravity fruit ability user and he is naturally more proficient in it than Ross.


Under the influence of the Gravity Fruit, the island, which was ready to ravage the earth, once again began to turbulent and its falling momentum weakened sharply but it still continued to fall.

With the strength of Ross and Fujitora, they are enough to support a falling Island, but this island fell from a great height and its acceleration power is not so simple, it has enough power to destroy anything in its path!

If the Golden Lion went to the Holy Land Mariejois or the Marine Headquarters and dropped a few islands every once in a while then even if there are many powerful masters in the Holy Land and the Marine Headquarters, they would still be beaten and broken.

No one can survive the crash of an island.

And that’s where the terrifying abilities of the Float-Float Fruit lies!

“Golden Lion…Shiki…”

Shiliew’s face was sullen, he remembered the name, Golden Lion. When Golden Lion escaped from Impel Down, he was just a Jailer and had just entered the Impel Down.

In the face of this huge island, Shiliew of the Rain did not know how to deal with it. Finally, he pulled out his sword and struck the bottom of the island with the back of his blade, which stopped the falling trend of the island once again.


Ficheux Erman kneaded his brows in a headache as his Speed ​​Fruit couldn’t seem to help in this situation, but he was forced to pick up rocks and keep throwing them at the falling island.

Each stone is like a heavy cannonball and produces loud sounds as they hit the bottom of the island, causing the sinking of the island to continue to slow down again.


The falling island is less than two hundred meters away from the Cake island!


The giant of the sand, Road, roared with his arms outstretched, and the sand surged all over the sky. He created two huge arms of sand and held them to the bottom of the island.

Hajrudin turned into a thunder and flew to the bottom of the island, with his arms put on the bottom of the island, he also worked with Ross and Fujitora and others to support the island.

“Mil Fleur: Gigantesco Mano(Thousand Flower: Gigantic Hand)!”

Seeing that the island was getting closer and closer and the speed of falling is getting slower and slower. Robin takes a deep breath and instantly transforms countless arms, forming two huge arms to the bottom of the island.


The sand is being constantly broken.

When the island continued to fall and reached a distance of tens of meters, Metal Giant and the Iron Wall giants successively shot and held up their arms against the bottom of the island.

Under the joint efforts of the people, the falling island was finally contained and float above the cake island!

The falling momentum was finally wiped out and everyone was relieved.

After the devastating fall dissipated, Ross and Fujitora alone could hold the island in midair.

“Call… “

Finally, he managed to hold the bottom of the island in one hand. He looked at the Fujitora nearby and said, “Let’s put it to the north sea.”


Fujitora replied quietly, and together with Ross, they moved the island to the north shore of cake island and lowered it, merging it with cake island.

When the waves subsided, Ross looked up to the sky, but there was no Golden Lion in sight.


“Have the Sky island people keep an eye on the Golden Lion’s movements and report it to me immediately if they see him.”

Ross’s tone was calm and terrifying at the same time.

Golden Lion has already been included on the list of people he wants to kill. No one likes the situation where an island falls on the top of your head from time to time. Fortunately, there was only one, if there had been two islands, the trouble would have been a lot bigger.

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