OPTS-Chapter 275 The Brain Is A Good Thing

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In the first half of the Grand Line.

On an island.

In a noodle shop, a blind man wearing a purple cloak and a black belt was eating noodles on a wooden bench, beside which was a wooden walking stick and clogs. He didn’t look untidy, but he looked unremarkable and unimportant.

There was no doubt about his identity, and it was only a few years later that he would join the world draft and be promoted to Admiral’s Fujitora Isshou without changing the course of history.

It is now the Great Age of Pirates in September of the 17th year and is close to the Great Age of Pirates 18the year. Luffy went out towards the sea in the Great Age of Pirates 22nd year, and Ace went out to the sea in the 19th year.

“Bill, please.”

After eating up the noodles and leaving the soup only at the bottom of the bowl, Fujitora standing up and slowly fumbled for a note from his pocket. After feeling around for its face value, he handed it to the noodle shop boss.

The boss smiled and gave Fujitora his change and handed it to him and said:

“Here, take it, and take your time.”

Fujitora has been eating here for ten days and he is a frequent visitor who comes frequently in the short term.

Fujitora’s smiled thickened as he put the change into his pocket and took the wooden pole on the ground, he slowly walked out of the noodle shop and walked along the side of the street.


Just as he walked into a somewhat remote and dark street, a dozen people suddenly came out from all directions and surrounded him in the middle.

Fujitora’s face did not change at all. He walked forward calmly, and the wooden staff touched the ground little by little, and finally touched a person’s foot.

He touched the back of his head and apologized:

“I am very sorry, this old man can’t look at things, can you give me a little space?”

“Of course.”

The man opened his mouth slowly, but there was a wicked smile on his face. When he got out of the way, he raised his foot to trip Fujitora’s leg.

However, Fujitora is taking a normal step and it seems to have seen the same but it just passed over the outstretched leg that was there to trip him.

The man was slightly surprised but smiled at random. Suddenly he grabbed the Fujitora by the shoulder and hung his arm on his back, saying:

“I say, if I remember correctly, you won a lot in the casino this month? Your luck is really good.”

Although Fujitora doesn’t go to casinos every day, he has gone to casinos at least a dozen times in more than a month, and although he doesn’t win much each time, he leaves when he wins a fixed part, but because of the number of times, it’s normal for him to be stared at.

“Yeah, my luck seemed to be good during this time.”

Fujitora touched the back of his head and smiled, not angered by the rude behavior of the other party.

Nearby, a dozen or so people with fierce looks in their eyes smiled at each other as they looked into Fujitora’s eyes.

Usually, they will not find someone to start trouble with, and naturally, they have to inquire before they start.

But after some investigation, their eyes were fixed on Fujitora. In their eyes, Fujitora, a blind man with blind eyes, had no influence. A guy who came alone was just a fat sheep to them!

“Hey, hey, yeah.”

The man holding Fujitora’s shoulder slowly let go of his arm, and suddenly grabbed Fujitora’s collar with his other hand and said. “So, our luck is also very good”

“Your eyes are already damaged and you are blind. If your legs are broken, it would be terrible, so to avoid this situation, how about paying little berries to save your legs?”

One of the people nearby grinned and pulled out a sword with a clanging sound, deliberately making Fujitora hear the sound.

Fujitora’s complexion remained unchanged, but his head was slightly lowered.

“It’s a good thing that I can’t look at things. There are so many… I can’t bear to see a dirty and despicable person. “


Almost for a moment, a strange force swung away. The young man who was holding his collar suddenly felt a change. He felt that a force of gravity was suddenly pressing on him. The whole man seemed to be carrying a heavy mountain, and his bones were making sounds.

In his surprise, he pulled Fujitora’s collar hard, but he still couldn’t resist the force. The ground under his feet was broken. The whole man was also forced to fall on the ground, with blood spilling from his mouth. He couldn’t even struggle.

More than ten people nearby didn’t feel anything strange. They noticed that their partner fell down. They thought he was teasing Fujitora. They didn’t find anything wrong until they found that there was blood spilling from their partner’s mouth.


“Keto? What happened to you? This playing is going overboard!”

The group of people was shocked and finally their faces changed as they pulled out their weapons.

“What have you done?!”

Someone watched Fujitora with vigilance and asked with a sigh of anger.

Fujitora didn’t answer. Instead, he used a wooden stick to light the ground, walked forward, and stepped over the fallen murderer.

Seeing this scene, the faces of the people nearby changed. Anger flashed in their eyes and one of them aimed a gun at Fujitora’s head and shot at him.


A bullet shot towards Fujitora’s head.


Shockingly, within a foot of the area around the Fujitora, the bullet slowed down as if it had preceded by some terrible force and could no longer advance until it landed with a clatter.

Fujitora stops. He slowly picks up the stick and holds one end of it.

“This… What’s going on? “

“What did that guy do?!”

Seeing that the bullet was actually fixed and then dropped, all of them showed a shocking expression, and their foreheads were overflowing with sweat.

And just when their hearts were shaking and they didn’t know whether to continue for a while, the clear footsteps suddenly came from afar.

Tread! Tread! Tread!

It was the sound of wooden clogs on the stone path.

At the end of the street, a figure came slowly. He was dressed in a black cloak and clogs. His appearance was not untidy, but it was not beautiful either.

“The brain is a good thing.”

That person slowly came over, glancing at the murderer who had been crushed to the ground, and more than ten people with guns and swords around him, and said, “Pity you guys don’t have any.”

When they heard the voice, the eyes of more than ten people who were present began to shift. They all had a little cold sweat on their forehead. When they saw Ross’s appearance, one of them said with a quiver in his tone.

“You… are you…”

There was a look of horror on his face. Even when Fujitora stopped the bullet with some strange ability, he did not show such an expression. Not only was his forehead overflowing with cold sweat, but his entire back was filled with sweat.

The people next to him reacted slowly, but after the reaction, their faces changed dramatically. They all took a breath of cold air and felt their legs and feet softened for a while.

“Ghost… Ghost Hand…”

Someone shuddered and said the name, and the whole man sat down on the ground.

Grand Line.

Fifth Emperor!

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