OPTS-Chapter 269 Transaction

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Ross and others stayed in Elbaf for ten days.

Originally, three giants intended to join Hajrudin, but when Hajrudin told them that their next goal was to deal with BIGMOM Charlotte Linlin, there were five more giants in an instant.

There are not many giants. Eight giants are equal to the strength of an army.


The giants without devil fruit’s ability are also limited in strength. Among them, Yura and Sindra, the two elites, have the ability to deal with ordinary cadres of the Donquixote family, while the rest are inferior.

In fact, Hajrudin has already gained the reputation of becoming a leader of the giant clan. In this case, it’s ok to draw more giant forces, but Ross thinks that eight are enough.

In the future, he may not even be able to find eight suitable devil fruits for them.

“There is a shortage of Devil Fruit.”

On the deck, Ross thought a little, then said to Laffitte: “The heart of tenryubito, you squeeze it twice in a while, and when the government contacts, you say that we want to trade the heart for Devil Fruit.”

The heart of tenryubito is no longer important. If it can be changed to several Devil Fruits, it will be off good use.

“Oh, I understand.”

Laffitte’s face showed a wicked smile, and after nodding, he walked into the cabin.

Three days after leaving Elbuf, the World Government called the Den Den Mushi of the CP0 Division Captain and contacted Lafitte.

“What do you want?”

On the other side of Den Den Mushi, the low voice of Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) came.

The Ghost Hand Pirates squeezed the heart of Mjosgard for two or three consecutive days. They definitely had a plan in doing this.

But guess what, there was nothing they could do to get Mjosgard heart back from them, even though the last call with Ross had been very unpleasant, they still had to contact him again.

“Hahaha… Captain said if you want to get back this heart, use Devil Fruit to trade.” Laffitte took Den Den Mushi and replied with a smirk.


Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) became silent on the other side.

It’s not because Ross wants Devil Fruit, but because Ross actually let his subordinate talk to them. Is he even giving them any respect?

“Who are you, Ghost Hand?”

One of Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) asked and he was forced to swallow his anger.

Laffitte grinned and said: “No name, I don’t think it would enter your ears. As for our Captain, he is taking a shower.”


A Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) slaps the table and almost couldn’t control his emotions.

“Intelligence said that they went to Elbaf.”

A Gorsei (Five Elder Stars) snorted and said: “It may be that he recruited a new giant crew in Elbaf, so he needs devil fruit to continue to build the giant Corps.”

“He’s crazy.”

“Those muscle brained idiots…”

There was a flash of anger in the eyes of a nearby Gorosei (Five Elder Stars).

They want to annihilate Elbaf, but there are many giants in the Marine who are Vice-Admiral and are at many other posts. The World Government also has the power of the Giants in their forces but if they destroy Elbaf, their homeland than they will retaliate and join forces with Ross. It would be like stabbing themselves in the foot with an axe in their own hands.

Five people temporarily cut off the Den Den Mushi and talked to each other.

Devil Fruit is not a precious thing for World Government. Some tenryubito even take it casually, but if it falls in the hands of Ross, the situation would be completely different.

The terrible power of the Giant Corps is famous in the world. Now the whole world is clear about the tyrannical power of the Giants who eat Devil Fruit.


Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) still made the decision.

“Did you finally make a decision?”

Laffitte stood leaning against the wall with a sly look. He knew that Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) were discussing, but he was not in a hurry. After a moment, he asked with a smile.

Trading with the government is a dangerous thing, so Ross’s attitude is naturally to trade with them, and it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t get anything. There is no loss for him.


Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) has not been urged to do anything for a long time, but at this time, they can only suppress the anger in their hearts.

One of them said:


“Well, let’s talk about quantity. As the world government, there should be a lot of devil fruit with you, right? I believe you will not care about ten or eight, ho ho ho ho ho ho. “

“Stop Dreaming.”

A Gorosei (Five Elder Stars) spoke in a deep voice. “Your identity is that of a pirate. It would be very costly for us to encourage your power. We can trade a Devil Fruit with you at most.”

Laffitte smiled and said: “Then Captain will be very dissatisfied, maybe he will do something unethical.”

“Are you threatening us?”

A Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) said with a cold face.

Laffitte said: “No, don’t misunderstand, I am just reminding… Naturally, our Captain is kind and will not take a life just for fun, a Devil Fruit can be traded, but it must be a Logia.”


A Gorosei (Five Elder Stars) dismissed the suggestion immediately.

The value of Logia Devil Fruit is clear, even the weaker Logia user is almost invincible for those who don’t have them.

“If it’s a Paramecia Devil Fruit, you need to give two and if they are Zoan than three. How to trade, you have to decide yourself, and whether you want to trade or not is all up to you.”

Laffitte smiled and hang up the Den Den Mushi after finishing the last sentence.

Ross was standing opposite him, standing with his back against the wall, his hands stacked on his chest. He saw Lafitte hang up and said, “that’s a good talk.”

His reasons for letting Laffitte talk to Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) on the one hand is that he is too lazy to communicate with Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars). On the other hand, Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) is just the core of power in the government, in five people. There are other existences above them.

They belong to the category of subordinates, which is very reasonable.

Lafitte smiled and said, “I don’t know if the government will agree.”

“Who knows?”

Ross didn’t care to say: “Even if they agree, the government won’t simply send Devil Fruit out.”

After a while.

The phone on the World Government side was dialed again. This time it was not called by Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars), but a government official. He spoke quietly.

“Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) Sama agrees to trade with a Logia Devil Fruit, but the trading location needs to be specified by us.”

“Oh… you specify the trading location. If it is specified in Mariejois or Marine Headquarters, I am afraid it is not a transaction, but coercion.”

Lafitte’s tone was filled with sarcasm.

The government official said: “It will not be specified in Mariejois and Marine Headquarters, but it is impossible for you to specify the location. Don’t forget that you are a pirate, which is the least credible.”

Laffitte held down Den Den Mushi and turned to look at Ross.

“Tell them to designate sea area at most,” Ross said quietly. “We will determine the Island.”

Lafitte repeats Ross’s words.

The government officials there fell silent and didn’t respond for a long time. He seemed to ask for the opinions of Gorssei (Five Elder Stars) and finally gave a reply in a few minutes.


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