OPTS-Chapter 222 Ross VS Sengoku

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Sengoku launched himself towards them in the form of a giant golden Buddha and attacked Ross and Shiliew of the Rain with a terrifying shock wave.

Today’s Sengoku is still at his peak power and the entire Blackbeard pirates vomited blood when hit by this attack at the end of his tenure and flew backward, he was able to confront Whitebeard at his peak period.

This palm has not yet fallen.

The terrible shock caused the fragmented harbor to break up again inch by inch, and numerous cracks appeared on the gravel as they were broken into a grain of sand.

“Distortion shock!”

Faced with Sengoku’s attack, Ross’s eyes surged with battle intent. Now, he can deal with any Admiral in one on one combat and he has a great chance of victory against them. Only the existence at the level of Garp, Sengoku, and even Four Emperors can arouse his battle intent.

Ross also launched a palm filled with the power of distortion.

If Sengoku’s shock wave is to make a circular arc and impact in front of it, and Whitebeard’s Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Gura Gura no Mi) is a form of space fragmentation, then Ross’s power of distortion is to make distortion appear in space.

The empty Void seems to be transformed into something transparent and sticky, squirming and squeezing together, light and sound, all of which are naturally distributed here.


An earth-shattering sound rang.

Under the angry blow of Sengoku and the hard shock of Ross’s all-out efforts, the ruins in the center of the two men completely collapsed and exploded, shaking the earth and shaking the whole Marine Headquarters.

Most of the base was cut off by Ross, leaving only a small connected area of the Headquarters Fortress, which also showed a little fragmentation under the shock.


At this time, everyone’s attention was focused on the harbor and nobody noticed the anomaly of the headquarters fortress.

At this moment in the harbor.

Ross’s power of distortion completely slammed against Sengoku’s attack. In the aftermath and squalor, the whole person only retreated three or four steps in the ruins and then stabilized his figure.

And Sengoku, who is opposite him, also retreated a little backward in two steps.

“He was able to match the attack of Fleet Admiral Sengoku!”

“How can it be……”

Some of the Vice-Admirals and Rear Admirals of Marine Headquarters watched this scene with horror in their eyes. Many of them had followed Sengoku, who was once an Admiral and they had seen Sengoku’s strength many times, but Ross was able to block this strength head-on.

This kind of strength is more terrifying than the rumors!

“His strength has reached this level? This is bad…”

Looking at Ross in front of him, Sengoku couldn’t help but be shocked by the strength displayed by Ross. He had just attacked in his anger but he did not hold back his strength at all.


Although this strength has outperformed Kizaru and others but in the face of two Admiral, he will be defeated, he may not be so easy to escape. Sengoku does not understand how Ross escaped from Impel Down and then came to the Marine Headquarters as if nothing had happened.

Is it really because of Kizaru’s sloppy attitude and lack of seriousness, as the Aokiji report suggests?

Sengoku’s anger rose again as he watched the almost fragmented harbor being destroyed. As the Marine Fleet Admiral, the harbor of Marine Headquarters was destroyed and he would not be able to escape responsibility.

“Marine Fleet Admiral, Sengoku, this is the first time we met, it’s really different.”

Ross, who was much smaller than the Golden Buddha, stood quietly in the ruins and slowly retracted his palms and calmly looked at Sengoku.

Sengoku is overwhelmed with anger and his face is cold as he said: “Although I don’t know how you escaped from Impel Down but here is the Marine Headquarters, You’re not qualified to go wild here! You troublesome boy!”

After the voice fell.

Sengoku looked sideways at Shiliew of the Rain behind Ross and said with an ugly face, “Shiliew, is this your choice? A Warden turned into a pirate…”

“And what?.”

Shiliew of the Rain holds the second generation demon blade, sipping a cigar, he looked at Sengoku and said slowly: “I was locked in the sixth floor of Impel Down, never to see the sky again. Sorry, I don’t like that kind of living, so Now, I am with him, and I will take care of his enemies in the future.”

Sengoku heard this and he became angrier. He bit his teeth and stared at Ross and Shiliew of the Rain. He suddenly jumped up and slammed his palm towards them.

“If this is the case…”

“Then I as the Marine Fleet Admiral will execute you two here on the spot!”


The impact was not much more violent than the previous one, but it was pushed down from the top, not only containing the impact force but also the attack power from Sengoku.

“On the spot, if you can do it, you are welcome to try it out.”

Ross’s eyes narrowed and he held the Cursed Blade Murasame. He poured the power of distortion into the blade of the Cursed Blade Murasame, holding the hilt and slamming it towards Sengoku.


The power of distortion surrounds the sword edge, allowing the surrounding Void to appear in the form of Distortion, forming a sharper, nearly single-point attack than the last time, colliding with Sengoku’s impact attack.

The shock and Distortion frenzies intertwine, Sengoku’s impact can’t contain Cursed Blade Murasame’s penetration, and Ross’ power of distortion can’t contain Sengoku’s gold-cast Buddha’s hand.


Under intense pressure, Sengoku’s Golden Palm touched Ross’s sword tips and made a crisp jingle.

At the same time, the aftermath of the shock and the Distortion confrontation finally erupted and swept the land apart and cracks appeared on Ross’s feet, spreading in all directions.

Shiliew of the Rain can still hold his figure. As for some Vice-Admirals and Rear Admirals nearby, they are forced to use their power to hold back their figure in the aftermath. The weak Marine soldiers are swept back by the strong wind and fell into the sea with countless stones.

I don’t know how long it took.

The aftermath dispersed.

Ross stands on the ruins, the only piece of the area that is slightly intact is at his foot and it also presents a dense crack in it. He held the position of holding the sword, pointing its tip to the sky, against Sengoku’s dark golden palm.

Sengoku’s strike was finally exhausted, and he still couldn’t do anything to Ross. He could not help turning over and landing more than ten meters away.

“The shape of the big Golden Buddha is really hard.”

Ross slowly retracted his sword and opened his mouth to Sengoku. He did not hesitate to let his body bear part of the impact. He concentrated the power of distortion on the sword edge and tried to pierce Sengoku’s palm. But Sengoku’s Buddha form, combined with the terrible Armament Haki, was so defensive that it could not be pierced at all.


Sengoku was more shocked than Ross.

He had just attacked with all his strength and Ross was able to withstand his impact attack and Ross did not even show any signs of injury.

His impression of Ross’s ability is that he should be a Paramecia, not a Logia user that can withstand the impact of his attack without taking any injuries, which shows that Ross’s physique has become strong to inhuman level!

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