OPTS-Chapter 200 Ice-Cold

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Keeping up with Doflamingo and walking through the streets, Ross kept breaking through the cobwebs made by Doflamingo and drew closer and punched out again.


Doflamingo’s entire body slammed forward and a large amount of blood spilled from his mouth. This time he was finally unable to escape and his figure swayed as he fell to the side.

At this time, Deoflamingo landed near the edge of the cage, and the center of the cage was shrinking here.

He stumbled to the ground.

But when he landed, he was stunned as he took an inadvertent glance, because the cage had been contracted for a long time, and there was not much room left and he can see everything that is happening outside the cage.

Just outside the birdcage, he saw a figure walking in the air using Geppō (Moonwalk), holding a Den Den Mushi in his hand, and recording something in the direction.

Doflamingo stared.

He is a person who is good at strategy and calculation. Almost instantaneously, a terrible thought came into his mind. Does it mean that everything about Dressrosa is being broadcasted live?

Ross slowly fell behind Doflamingo, glanced outside the birdcage to look at Kaku who is holding the video Den Den Mushi and his gaze returned to Doflamingo.


Doflamingo’s expressions were stiff as he turned his head a little bit and looked at Ross.

If, from the beginning to this moment, even though he had completely lost the chance to escape, he still had no fear of Ross, then when he realized that everything in Dressrosa had been recorded by the Den Den Mushi outside the cage, a trace of fear finally arose in his heart.

How could this be!

This is not about the gap in strength anymore, but it is as if every step he took was already anticipated by Ross and he prepared counters for those steps, his plans were completely seen by Ross from head to toe and anything he do will become Ross’s further design!

It is as if in the course of the game with his opponent, he found that every move he took was designed by his opponent, and everything that happened from beginning to end is within his opponent’s calculation!


Doflamingo’s body is stiff and his heart is cold.

The only person who can make him feel this way is Great Staff Officer Tsuru of Marine Headquarters, that is the reason he turns his head every time he sees a crane, because in the past he was almost beaten and killed in his confrontations with her, each and every step he took were accurately predicted by the other.

Now, there’s one more person like this and that is Ross in front of him!

“Looks like you’ve found something. Unfortunately, you are almost finished, and then it’s time to contribute your final role.”

Ross gazed calmly at Doflamingo, stepping forward with a knife-like arm, slanting toward Doflamingo.

Doflamingo has already lost his ability to resist.


With a power of distortion knife, Doflamingo’s head was cut off in an instant, rolling down to the ground not far away, and the pair of sunglasses broke.

“Seven Warlords of the Sea, ‘Heavenly Yaksha’’ Doflamingo, has been hunted and killed, earned a reward, 25 Talent Proficiency Points, 1 Free Talent Point.”

Listening to the synthesized system sound coming from his ear, Ross breathed in his heart. Although there was not much proficiency, he got one Free Talent Point and it more than made up for all the preparations.

With Doflamingo’s death, the birdcage that covered the entire Dressrosa quickly dissipated, and the scene was clearly broadcasted to all over the world.

Kaku watched the birdcage dissipate and took a video to Den Den Mushi and flew closer to Ross.

Ross saw the nearby Kaku and looked at the video of Den Den Mushi. He knew that the footage recorded by Den Den Mushi should be broadcast live to the world.

He looked calm.

“You should know everything about Dressrosa.”

“But what I want to say is that I am not a savior… It’s just that I can’t get used to the fact that some people get away with these things, so I’ll make the darkness public.”

“That’s all.”

With such a sentence, Ross turned and disappeared into the ruined streets.

Kaku and others did not close the video Den Den Mushi, but looked at the ruins of Dressrosa, found several better locations on the ruins, fixed the video Den Den Mushi that will now continue to record the follow-up Battle situation of Dressrosa without them.

On the chaotic battlefield in front of the palace, the Den Den Mushi rang on the bodies of the two CP0 Division Captain as soon as the birdcage disappeared.

“What did you say?!”

Hearing the words coming from the other end of the Den Den Mushi, their faces hidden under the masks changed instantaneously, only to feel a sense of coolness pouring on their bodies from head to toe as if they had been thrown a basin of ice water.

As the Division Captains of CP0, they are naturally aware of the consequences that will follow by making this whole thing public.

This is probably a real hit on the World Government in 800 years!

“The birdcage has disappeared…”

On the other side, Vergo, wearing the justice cloak of Vice-Admiral, Marine Branch, watched the disappearance of the cage in the sky, and his heart sank. He knew what the disappearance of the cage meant.

At this time, the Den Den Mushi on his body rang.

In silence, he received the Den Den Mushi, and a cold voice with repressed anger like a volcanic eruption came from the other side.

“Do you know what stupid thing you did? Vice-Admiral Vergo!”


After hearing the news from the other side of Den Den Mushi, Vergo was just like the CP0 Division Captains and others and he instantly felt ice running from his head to toe.

Even if Doflamingo is defeated, as long as they are all alive, there is still a chance to make a comeback with the identity of an original tenryubito and the core of the Dark World trade.


If everything that happened in Dressrosa is made public, then Doflamingo will be completely finished. The government would not be able to tolerate such events at all!

With the government’s style of action, they are bound to push the matter out of ignorance and all onto Doflamingo, in order to save the face of the government as much as possible.

“It’s over.”

Vergo was standing still in the same place, and he knew that this time it was completely over.

Dressrosa’s Battle continues. Ross spends almost a third of his stamina against Doflamingo. After killing Doflamingo, Ross took part in the battle against the Donquixote Family.

After receiving the news from the government, the two CP0 Division Captains gave up on the Donquixote Family decisively and escaped one step ahead of time.


Laffitte’s mahogany cane penetrated Trebol’s heart, and their Battle ended up narrowly victorious by Laffitte, who himself suffered minor injuries.

He gasped for a moment, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and watched Trebol fall to the ground, his smiled slyly and picked up Sugar who had not yet woken up.

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