OPTS-Chapter 195 Distrotion Vs String

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“Sand Sand Fruit…”

Pica looked at the huge sand fist blocking him, and his eyes showed anger. This fruit originally belonged to the Donquixote Family and was stolen halfway by the Ghost Hand Pirates.

“Donquixote top cadre Pica… your opponent is me!”

The giant of the sand, Road appeared. Instead of making armor of sand, he reached for Pica’s huge stone man’s leg.


The ability of Sand Sand Fruit was launched, the giant stone man’s leg instantly desertified and scattered.

The stone giant, who had lost one leg, could not keep its figure and fell to the left. Even though Pica tried to control it, it only moved a little bit and eventually, it collapsed on a part of Dressrosa’s palace.


Pica’s angry and shrill voice rang out.

Road opened his mouth and laughed. He had known Donquixote Family’s distribution of forces from Ross long ago. The plan was very clear. It was him who will deal with Pica.

Although the Rock devil fruit is also very powerful, in the face of Logia’s Sand Sand Fruit, he can easily turn the huge rock into crushed sand that can be controlled by him.

The three giants appeared, and the battle situation turned on its head!


Doflamingo watched as his subordinates fight with the three giants and he could not help but frown as he watched the scene of serious death and injury. He looked coldly at him and said, “I have underestimated you a little, Ghost Hand Ross.

The Ghost Hand Pirates who were hunted like dogs are now showing a power that is unpredictable!

Metal Giant and Sand Giant are all right. Pica is at a great disadvantage and Diamante can hardly stop the destruction of the Metal Giant, but they can still make restraint and confrontation.

The Thunder Giant alone is more terrifying then both of them, almost no one can stop him and even the cadres of the Donquixote Family cannot resist the power of the thunder.

He must make a quick decision!

Doflamingo took a deep breath and there was a shimmer in his dark glasses. His figure flashed as he charges into Ross and kicked in the air.

“Athlete(Leg Shave String)”

“Shigan (Finger Gun), Fury!”

“Rankyaku (Tempest Kick), Triumphant Bird!”

At the same time, the two Division captains also attacked, both of them are strong body expert,  the vast majority of the people in the CP0 are strong body experts.

Faced with the joint attack of the three people, Ross showed incredible speed as his body abruptly retreated and as he got out of the three man’s attack range he counterattacked with a backhand sweep with his sword and a violent power of distortion shot out in front.


The air in front of Ross showed a strange Distortion. The faces of Doflamingo and the other two people changed and they utilized their Armament Haki to resist Ross’s attack.

Even so, under Ross’s attack, the three were still shocked back!

Compared to the previous battle with CP0 Vice Chief, Ross’s attack strength has truly reached the level of a Marine Admiral!

“The power of this guy…”

Doflamingo’s face became extremely gloomy. In this brief encounter, he had already judged that Ross’s strength is extraordinary and he is almost above him in speed and attack.

And more importantly, the Ito Ito No Mi (String-String Fruit) showed very little restraint in front of the Distortion Fruit, the original sharp string lost its sharpness under the power of distortion.


Ross’s eyes were as tranquil as water and he didn’t plan to give Doflamingo a chance to think about countermeasures. His figure suddenly flickered as he came in front of Doflamingo.

Currently, he is able to control the power of distortion to a near-subtle degree, he can attack in wide range pattern and he can also condense it into a line or even shrink to a point!

“Not good!”

Doflamingo, aware of the power of Ross’s attack raised his hand without hesitation.

“Kumo No Sugaki(Spider’s Web)!”

The innumerable silk threads interweave into a large web and his arms and the part of web his arms touched condense into a dark layer of Armament Haki.

But even so, the whole spiderweb wall showed a weird Distortion the moment Ross’s sword touched it and like an ordinary spiderweb covering a bird, the spiderweb wall completely collapsed under an unequal force.


At the moment when the spiderweb wall was broken, Doflamingo avoided the attack while going sideways. The Distortion strike fell on the ground and instantly cut the ground into a crack of hundreds of meters long!

The two Division Captain saw Doflamingo in distress and immediately offered support. They attacked Ross from left and right. Ross’s face remained unchanged as he slightly raised his left and right arm and his elbows slammed toward both sides.


The two different powers of distortions erupted on both sides and the air turned into a whirlpool-like Distortion and hit the two CP0 Division Captains and caused them to fly backward.

Doflamingo sank low and crossed his hands and slammed them towards Ross, two extremely thick super-twisting whips hit Ross, but the Happy Spring in Ross’s hands swept them away.

Siii! Siii!

The two super-twisting whips that were enough to cut a town in half were cut in two parts under Ross’s sword, the two whips fell to the ground and disappeared.

Ross held his sword in both hands and slashed it at Doflamingo. Instead of concentrating the power of distortion into a single line, Ross hit the entire front area of him.

“Kumo No Sugaki(Spider’s Web)!”

Doflamingo spread his hands and cast multiple spiderwebs wall.


When the power of distortion falls, the multi-interwoven cobweb wall presents an appalling depression as if it was withstanding a tremendous impact and it reached its limit in half a second.

Under the terrible Distortion depression, the cobweb threads broke off one by one, and eventually collapsed completely and Doflamingo dropped from the sky and smashed into the palace.

Ross ignored the two Division Captains and directly charged into the palace.

Killing the Division Captains will give him nothing as he has already collected the reward for killing one on the Sky Island. Today, his only target is Donquixote Family and the only prey he cares about is Doflamingo.

“Crumbling Earth!”

Ross, who fell above the palace, did not rush into the broken palace, but raised his foot and poured the power of distortion into the palace.

The next moment.

In front of the astounding eyes of countless Donquixote Family members and the civilians of Dressrosa, the huge Dressrosa palace appears as if a pair of invisible hands pinching the upper and lower ends of it and then turning them in different directions.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, the palace, which is more than a hundred meters high became broken ruins under the power of Distortion.

A shocking scene presented itself in front of everyone!

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