OPTS-Chapter 185 Puncturing

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Among the three giants, The Metal non-Logia Giant is the weakest, but as a giant whose original spirit is extremely strong, the power of metal attribute fruit is fully exerted by him.

“Thousand Metal Needles!”

The shouted angrily at the CP0 captain and his entire body suddenly liquefied into hundreds of sharp swords, all wrapped in silk Armament Haki, bursting out.

For him, it was similar to a needle, but for ordinary human beings, the hundreds of needles were like sharp swords, like a dense rain of swords, covering the entire front.


Each of these swords is equivalent to the full force of the giant!

“Armed Tekkai (Iron Body)!”

The face of the CP0 captain has changed dramatically. Because the attack coverage is too large, and the distance is too close and fast, he has no time to escape. He has to use Tekkai (Iron Body) and Armament Haki.


The dense rain of swords was like bullets from a gun and they struck him hard causing sparks to fly as he flew backward and then the sound of the piercing steel gradually appeared.

Even though his armed Tekkai (Iron Body) was strong, it could not withstand the continuous intensive blows. His Armament Haki was gradually broken and the swords left bloodstains on him.


When the swords finally stopped shooting like a bullet, The captain figure was backed by a hundred meters away from his original position. There were blood marks and blood holes all over his body. Although not deep but they were extremely frightening.

“Only at this level?”

He looked coldly at the distance. His body was much shorter than the Metal Giant. He controlled the contraction of his skin and muscles and used Life Return (Seimei Kikan), forcing all the bloodstains and caves to stop bleeding.

“Still alive, I didn’t expect you to survive this move.” Stansen looked at the CP0 Captain and he said with an unchanged face, “How about another one then?”

At the moment his voice fell, the swords that were scattered all over the place stood up instantly, surrounding the CP0 captain in the center and stormed towards him under the dramatic change of his face.

On the other side.

Laffitte teamed up with Law to defeat another CP0 Division Captain. As for the two priests, they joined forces with Kaku to completely suppress the last CP0 Division Captain.

Jabra, on the other hand, pursued the elites of government who tried to escape from Road.

“It seems that my subordinates are still stronger.”

Ross and the Vice Chief confronted each other fiercely in the air above 100 meters and while facing each other, they both paid attention to the battle below.

The Vice Chief’s face has become extremely ugly, He originally intended to annihilate Ross and his Ghost Hand Pirates, He did not expect Ross’s side to have this level of combat power, the situation was completely reversed!


Ross took advantage of the influence of the other party’s words and the battle situation below and punched with the power of distortion through the other side’s arms defense and hit him between his legs.

The Vice Chief’s face instantly turned purple and sauce and he retreated.

Ross had a hard time grasping the Vice Chief’s flaws. He would naturally not let him go easily. His eyes were cold and his legs swept obliquely. After being blocked, Ross hit in the front again.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Vice Chief fell into an extremely disadvantageous position under the storm like attacks of Ross. He could only be beaten passively. After defending against Ross dozens of time, His defense was finally broken by Ross and an opportunity presented itself to Ross.

Ross did not hesitate. He pushed forward with his hands together and hit him in his chest with the power of distortion.


The Vice Chief spewed blood from his mouth and his entire figure rolled down from the sky and smashed into the island cloud below.

In this world, Battle between the strong, except for swordsmen, will almost take a long time, because the body and Haki are all strong enough to a certain extent, not a single move can determine life and death and victory or defeat, a single or two flaws are difficult to control the battle situation.


Having suffered Ross’s attack, the balance of victory and defeat between the two has become completely tilted. Originally Ross had a slightly lower chance of winning, but now it is completely reversed with Ross now occupying an absolute advantage.


When The Vice Chief landed in the island cloud, Ross rushed down and shouted at Hajrudin not far away.

Hajrudin understood something as he left aside the beaten CP0 Division Captain, who had fallen into defeat, he threw out the thunderbolt axe in his hand and threw it to the place where the CP0 Vice Chief fell.


The axe of thunder falls down and instantaneously turns into an interweaving of thunder streams in the sky. It centers on the landing point and turns into a convergence of dense thunder nets. At last, it condenses into a line and pours into the holes of island cloud ruthlessly.

The CP0 Vice Chief, who had endured Ross’s blow, was hit by this horrible thunderstorm, and his hairs were completely burnt, even when he used the Armament Haki, he could not resist the attack.

“Vice Chief!”

The surviving CP0 members, as well as the government’s soldiers, could not help but panic seeing this scene.

No one expected that they would encounter such situation on the mission to rescue the Tenryubito from  Sky Island!

“It’s over!”

Ross’s eyelids flashed with a cold light and at the moment when the lightning flow disappeared, He just rushed into the island’s cloud pothole, opened the wall of Distortion and punched the CP0 Vice Chief.

Although Hajrudin’s blow did not cause any serious injury to the Vice Chief body because of his strong physique and Armament Haki, it made his opponent’s body temporarily paralyzed by thunder current, and Ross wanted this paralysis effect!


Due to the short term paralysis of his body, The CP0 Vice Chief was forced to put his iron-like wings in front of him to resist Ross’s attack.

Ross’s power of distortion itself also has paralysis characteristics, which were not obvious before because of the other party’s strong physical strength, but it is now fully reflected.

With one blow, CP0 Vice Chief’s arms became numb and sour.


Ross punched out again, pushing him deeper into the island cloud.

The power of distortion is spurred to the extreme and Ross showed no mercy and the power of distortion is constantly superimposed as he continuously punched him.

“Can’t go on like this!”

CP0 Vice Chief felt his arms were becoming more and more numb and he was gradually beginning to lose his consciousness. He tried to get rid of the current situation, but Ross carefully designed the situation and it will be next to impossible for him to get out of this situation alive.

Deep in the island clouds and facing Ross’s attack, he had no room to move.

In the face of Ross’s fist, he can only continue to resist.

The only advantage he has is that the island cloud is not so hard. Even though Ross kept burying him deeper into the cloud, his back was not too badly impacted, but this could not save the situation.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ross did not know how many punches he had delivered. They fell straight in the island cloud of Sky island. Finally, they made a hole through the island cloud of Sky island Birka from top to bottom, pierced the clouds below, and came out below the white sea.

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