OPTS-Chapter 174 Ross Vs Golden Lion

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“Lion… Thousand Cuts!”

Golden Lion displayed his sword arts to the fullest. Even though he lost his legs and replaced his feet with two swords, the essence of the sword arts is embroidered to deep into his body and he still can attack with his full powers.

Seven or eight golden sword energies rushed towards Ross.

Whiz! Whiz!

Ross unleashed his Observation Haki and entered the Spirit Heart state. Every single sword energy is captured by his haki. He controls the gravity and lifts his foot in the void. He danced like a wire and his figure flickers rapidly as he drilled into the net of sword energy and charged towards Golden Lion Shiki.

He pulled back his right hand and punched out.

“Your Kenbonshoku (Observation) practice is good.”

Shiki’s eyes glimmered and he didn’t retreat while facing Ross’s punch, His right foot jerked up and slammed down towards Ross.


This sword instantly collided with Ross’ fist that is wrapped in the power of distortion, The sharpness of the sword covers the power of distortion as it collided with Ross’s fist.

Ross’s fist is covered with the hardened Armament Haki and sparks are splashing around as he clashed against Golden Lion’s sword.


Golden Lion Shiki chopped off Ross’power of distortion, but could not completely block the power of distortion. Under the influence of the power of distortion, his face changed slightly, and his entire figure circled and flew backward.

At the same time, Ross also flew backward under Golden Lion’s sword and stopped about tens of meters away from his previous position. There was a slight bloodstain on his right hand’s fist surface, but it got scabbed and recovered in a moment.


Most surprisingly, Ross also had a trace of blood on his forehead, where he had no contact with Golden Lion’s sword but he was still affected by Golden Lion’s chop attack.

In his memory, Rayleigh and Kizaru fought against each other on the Sabaody Archipelago. Although his blade was blocked by Kizaru, the aftermath left a small wound on Kizaru’s face, which is what happened here.


The wound on his forehead is very shallow and it recovered in the blink of an eye. With his   Tenacious talent, this small wound would not cause him any trouble.

“Is this the sword arts of a Swordsman…”

Ross touched the scabbed forehead and the scab fell off silently. He looked at Golden Lion with a slightly twinkling eye and said, “It doesn’t seem like much.”

Golden Lion’s clothes and hair had obvious wrinkles under the influence of the power of distortion, but he was not injured. He snorted when he heard Ross’s words.

“I’ll let you know in a minute!”


Golden Lion Shiki swooped down and flew towards Ross, swinging his legs and kicking at him. A terrifying sword energy, nearly a kilometer in length, cut through the sky and the clouds and fell.


The coming attack did not cover the ship in its range and Ross did not confront it, He flashed and avoided the sword energy and rushed towards Shiki.

Both figures are extremely dexterous, one wearing white, one wearing a yellow coat, flipping up and down in the air, like gods fighting in the clouds, From time to time golden energy burst out and cut through the clouds.

Qing! Qing!

Ross and Shiki confronted each other. After several wounds appeared on his fists, Ross’s eyes suddenly shone with a cold light. Light Distortion suddenly burst into action. The empty space of tens of meters around him suddenly darkened and a strong light burst from his eyes and pierced into Shiki’s eyes.

Suddenly, Shiki closed his eyes involuntarily with pain.

Ross seized the opportunity to appear in front of him in an instant and kicked out fiercely with his leg. Golden Lion Shiki was affected and had no time to swing his sword for his defense. He could only block this attack by laying his arms in front of him and defend with Armament Haki.


Shiki’s Haki is similar to an Admiral such as Aokiji. In the case of complete passive defense, Ross’ power of distortion cannot be completely offset. He is hit by Ross’s leg, and Shiki instantly fell towards the clouds below

Ross had almost figured out Golden Lion Shiki’s strength by this time. Shiki was extremely flexible in air combat but not as fast as Kizaru. As for his Haki, it was similar to Admiral such as Aokiji. The only outstanding things about him were his sword arts and Haoshoku Haki.


Even if Golden Lion was a genius swordsman, losing both legs and replacing them with swords, the power of sword arts will be weakened and it is not much stronger than that of a Marine Admiral in the attack.

The only thing that can’t be measured is Haoshoku Haki, Shiki’s Haoshoku has more or less an impact on Ross, but so far Golden Lion has not used it for a second time.


Golden Lion Shiki fell into the clouds and Ross did not hesitate to step into the air and catch up.

“This brat… thousand cuts!”

Golden Lion Shiki still can’t open his eyes, but with his Kenbonshoku (Observation) Haki, he has already captured Ross’ actions. He coughed and kicked violently in the air. More than ten sword energies broke out from the clouds, interlaced into a big net and cut off towards Ross.

The net not only enveloped Ross but it also included the hull of the ship far away in the attack area, forcing Ross to resist it.


Ross opened the web of sword energy and Golden Lion Shiki’s eyes recovered. His eyes showed a touch of anger as he rushed towards Ross.

Originally, Shiki regarded Ross as a rising youngster of the younger generation. As a result, Shiki did not think that he would lose to a youngster. He was naturally a little annoyed and angry.


Golden Lion chopped off with his sword, Ross avoided and counterattacked with his leg.

Golden Lion’s other leg swept horizontally and hit Ross’s leg together. The Power of distortion and sword energy collided again. Ross’s trouser feet were cut instantly, and a blood mark appeared on his skin.

“I still can’t resist…”

Sensing that his Armament Haki and the power of distortion still could not completely block Shiki’s sword attack, Ross looked calm and after several feuds with Golden Lion, he whispered.

Distortion sonic burst!

It’s hard for the same trick to work twice in front of the top powerhouses, but different tricks are different. Golden Lion didn’t realize that Ross had so many strange tricks and he was caught off guard. His ears Buzzed and his mind shook violently.

Originally, he already had a problem of half of the rudder inserted in his head. At this time, he was attacked by a sonic attack by Ross, which immediately caused old injuries to resurface and for a time his entire mind went blank.


Ross punched and the power of distortion slammed on the Golden Lion Shiki’s chest.

The intense pain made Shiki instinctively use Armament Haki to resist the attack, but he still spat out a mouthful of blood and flew backward.

“Cough…cough! This bastard…”

Golden Lion was hit hard and although his eardrums were still ringing, he finally regained some consciousness, He kicked and swept without hesitation and produced several sword energies tangentially in front of him, blocking Ross’s subsequent offensive attack.

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