OPTS-Chapter 171 Killing

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“Don’t you think it’s too late to leave now?”

Ross said in an indifferent voice and then he disappeared at the end of the street like a bubble. When he reappeared, He is already directly above the head of the long-legged CP0 member!


The long-legged member showed a trace of horror. Faced with Ross’s ruthless leg attack, he could not respond and he could only instinctively exerting his foot strength to the maximum and lift his legs violently.

The two-legged collision occurred in the air and centering on the collision point, a burst of air suddenly bursts out and like a stone thrown in a calm lake, ripples spread in all directions.

Bang Long!!

Almost at the next moment, the ground beneath the CP0 member started to break apart creating a spider web pattern centered on the place where the Long-legged member stood. It broke apart inch by inch as if it had been under the pressure of a mountain. It spread over ten meters all the way and then the whole ground collapsed.

The long-legged CP0 member couldn’t even scream as his entire body was buried into the collapsed underground by Ross and the blood-splattered.

Another CP0 member saw this scene and his soul almost left his body out of fright, He and his companion, although not elites but are strong members and his companion couldn’t even resist one attack from Ross.

What a terrifying strength!


There is only one thought left in his heart.

But as he wanted to escape, Kaku and Jabra surrounded him from left and right with cold looks on their faces. They are very happy to chase him. Now it is time for payback.

Bang! Bang!

The CP0 member made every effort to repel Kaku and Jabra, trying to break into the street to escape, but after being blocked, he completely lost any chance.

Ross’s figure flashed in front of him.

“Shigan (Finger Gun)!”

His Observation Haki caught Ross’s figure and he gnashed his teeth and used Shigan (Finger Gun) at Ross’s head, He was ready to die and he wanted Ross to die with him.

However, Ross also pointed his finger at the coming Shigan (Finger Gun).



Two fingers collided in the air, as if two bullets collided together, instantly swinging a circle of ripples and the air presents a Distortion shape.

Almost in the next moment, the index finger of the CP0 member began to collapse from the fingertip and under the effect of the power of distortion, it turned into small round particles.

Under Ross’s Distortion finger, the palm of his finger, together with the whole arm, were all connected by one finger, and the bones and flesh were all turned into rounded particles.

CP9 Kaku and others watched this scene and all of them were shocked in their hearts and minds.

In the past, Ross has defeated Lucci after a long battle head-on, but even Lucci could never beat CP0 members this easily.

CP0 members are almost all proficient in the six styles of Marine and Haki, the strength of these two people and the previous Lucci was also similar, but in front of current Ross, They couldn’t even resist a single attack!

“Captain Ross’s strength…”

“I thought we had grown a lot stronger but it seems that Captain has jumped several levels and his strength has grown to a more terrifying level.”

After seeing Ross’s strength, Kaku and other people’s pride, which is caused by their strength, vanishes in a flash.

After defeating the second CP0 member, Ross did not kill him immediately, but knocked him out and waited for Laffitte to come over and see if he could get some useful intelligence out of him before killing him.

“Only these two?”

Ross turned his head to look at Kaku and others.

Kaku nodded and showed a slight embarrassment. It was a little shame that so many of them were defeated by two people of CP0 and almost got wiped out.

If Ross and CP0 have a good battle with each other, then they wouldn’t be so embarrassed but he directly defeated them and it looked like it took very small effort out of him to defeat them.

Ross thought that there were many CP0 members here, but it turns out that there were only two and these two almost killed his intelligence team who had learned Haki.

Ross went on to ask, “What about that tenryubito? Is he still on this island?”

Kaku shook his head and said: “He left a few days ago, the tenryubito didn’t care much about a Devil Fruit and left the island, leaving only these two to hunt us.”

Ross nodded and continue to ask: “What about the metal attribute fruit?”

“Here it is.”

Fukuro came up and took out a metal-glossy, irregular-shaped Devil Fruit, the Paramecia Metal devil fruit.

Ross took the metal attribute fruit and took a look at it and confirmed that there was little possibility of making a mistake about the shape and color. After measuring it, he pointed to Kaku and other:

“Well… You’ve done a good job.”

Despite being chased so badly by the CP0’s members, it was the metal attribute fruit that was eventually acquired and the intelligence provided by them for a long time was very beneficial so Ross gave a good comment.

When Kaku and others heard Ross, they were a bit embarrassed.

“How is your Haki practice going?”

Ross put the metal attribute fruit away and asked Kaku and others.

Usually, the contacts between him and CP9 are all related to Intelligence. Basically, he hasn’t examined the practicing situation of CP9 members. Although CP9 is definitely not the main force of battle but as an Intelligence department, it still needs to have a certain amount of strength.

“Kenbonshoku (Observation) and Armament Haki are almost mastered by me, and Jabra is almost the same… Blueno only knows Armament Haki and Kalifa is practicing Kenbonshoku (Observation), Fukuro only knows a little of both.

Kaku reported the situation to Ross.

Not everyone has mastered the two types of Haki, which is what Ross expects. For talented members such as Blueno and others, it is better to be proficient in a single type of Haki. There is no need to force something that they are not good at and they will all work together anyway and rarely would they act alone.

“Not bad.”

Ross nodded, his requirements for Kaku and others are not very high, Kaku and Jabra can reach the level of ordinary CP0 members, Kalifa and Blueno and others can reach the level of Kaku before.

A moment later, Laffitte rushed over and tried to hypnotize and coerce the CP0 member, but the result was a failure. Hypnosis was totally ineffective on CP0 members who were much stronger than Kaku and others and torture was also ineffective.

“Don’t have wishful thinking, I won’t say anything.”

The CP0 man sneered and said, “Don’t think you can cross the sea unhindered. The power of the government is far beyond your imagination, Ghost Hand Ross… Just wait till they show it, you will know what true despair is.”

“I am looking forward to it.”

Ross’s indifferent said and seeing that he couldn’t get any information out of this man, he showed no mercy.

The Power of distortion swayed, killing the CP0 member.

It seems that because these two CP0 members are only ordinary members, he has not received any reward after they were killed. Ross gave a bad comment in his heart, but with the metal attribute fruit, this action is not meaningless.

“Next, you will come with me to the New World and focus on the intelligence of Donquixote Family members at the cadre level, report back at any time you discover something new and continue to search for the Barrier-Barrier Fruit.”

After finishing, Ross directed Kaku and others to follow him.

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