OPTS-Chapter 163 Sand Giant

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Looking at the fruit of sand in Ross’s hands, Hajrudin and others showed some surprise. They didn’t expect that Ross would give them a Logia Devil Fruit as soon as they joined.

Logia’s Devil Fruit, they are naturally aware of their value and power!

“No… We haven’t done anything for Captain yet. Instead, we were saved by Captain. Logia Devil Fruit is such a precious thing that you should use it.

Hajrudin hesitated and didn’t reach for it.

Ross smiled and said: “We are all Devil Fruit users and for those who joined us in the future, let’s leave that to the future. It’s better for one of you to use it or it will remain uselessly with me.”

As he said that, Ross placed the fruit of the Sand on the floor in front of them.

The huge size of the Giants is the target, but if the Giants get the power of Logia, it will be completely different, turning into a real sand giant, a giant of sand!

In the face of such power, the Vice Giant-Admiral of the Marine Headquarters is nothing. Perhaps an existence like Doflamingo can resist it, but the following characters hardly have the possibility of resisting this giant regiment!

What’s more.

Giants can also learn Armament Haki and Kenbonshoku (Observation)!

“By the way, Hajrudin, I don’t recommend you to use this sand fruit, because there may be a stronger Devil Fruit, Naturally. It’s up to you to choose it.”

Ross reminded Hajrudin.

He once had the intention of developing a dual-Devil fruit body and holding both the ability of thunder and Distortion, but for him today, it’s not worth spending 5 Free Talent Points to acquire the dual-devil fruit ability.

After eating the thunder devil fruit, his speed will at most reach the same level as Kizaru and in terms of a purely offensive force, it may not be comparable to his power of distortion and thunder fruit is not powerful at the start and it still requires time to develop.

After recruiting Hajrudin and others, Ross had plans to build war weapons like Thunder Giant, Sand Giant, and Metal Giant!


Hajrudin carefully pinched the Sand Sand Fruit, which, although small enough for him to plug the gap of his teeth, it still gave him a very heavy feeling.

This heavy feeling is called trust!

Although he shouted to reinvigorate the power of the giants, Ross had no doubt that it was just a start-up dream and he then gave them such a precious Devil Fruit as Sand Sand Fruit to actually realize that dream. It was a kind of trust that could be appreciated! 


Hajrudin’s eyes were still shining and he bowed to Ross and said, “Thank you, Captain Ross, for your trust. We the New Giant Pirates will never let you down!”

Ross smiled and said nothing.

Laffitte, who sat next to him, looked at Hajrudin and other giants and then turned to Ross next to him, revealing a look of ‘hypnosis is not needed at all’.

After deciding to accept the Sand Sand fruit, Hajrudin no longer hesitated. The character of the Giants has always been straight. After discussing with Gerth and others, he finally gave the Sand fruit to his navigator Road and Road became the giant of Sand.

With that little fruit of sand in his eyes, Road opened his mouth and threw it into his mouth like a soybean.


The fruit of sand entered his stomach, and in a few seconds, a force surged through him, rapidly changing his body.

His shoulders and hair, silently scattered into the sand and silently restored to its original state in the dust.

“My arm…”

Road tried to stand up, but he accidentally turned his hands into sand that shattered and scattered around. He couldn’t help exclaiming, but he quickly responded, which was due to his ability.

As a giant warrior, his adaptability is good, and he quickly adapted to Sand Sand Fruit’s ability, and because he is a giant, the power of Sand Fruit is not towards the “withering” and “withered” but towards the pure power.

With his original height of more than 20 meters, he has transformed into a huge sand figure of nearly 100 meters. The heavy strength contained under his one punch is enough to turn over the previous Sea King in an instant.

Ross exchanged a punch with him and couldn’t help but praise his power.

“Devil Fruit would not work if you are touched by seawater and it will be limited by Seastone. You should know all these points, Contact me on the Den Den Mushi and I will leave a Vivre Card, it is a little small for you so don’t lose it.”

Ross organizes trivia for the New Giant Pirates.

The Den Den Mushi of New Giants-Pirates is a really big Den Den Mushi, He doesn’t know where they got such a giant snail came from but such a giant Den Den Mushi is a good thing.

“You can rest assured that if there is a Battle, you can call us at any time, we will be waiting for your orders!”

Hajrudin and others opened their eyes to Ross. The Giants never feared Battle, and now they would like to fight for Ross right away.

Ross nodded and jumped back and returned to his ship.

At this time.

Both ships have left the Sea King infested sea and entered a relatively turbulent area. After Ross sorted out everything, he temporarily separated from the New Giant Pirates.

He doesn’t need their power yet and they are huge and too eye-catching.

Looking at the ship of New Giant Pirates, which was gradually getting away from his eyes, Ross stood in front of the deck, his eyes flashed as he whispered: “I need to return to the Sky Island… and I need to tell CP9 to collect the intelligence on the Metal and Barries Devil Fruits.”

Just as Ross thought about it, the current at the bottom of the ship suddenly became ten times fierce, pushing the entire ship to accelerate rapidly and sail towards the distance.

Ross looked back and frowned slightly. As he was trying to control the ship’s flight, Laffitte, standing at the top of the sentry post, suddenly lowered the telescope.

“Captain, there is an island in front!”

Ross heard Laffitte’s words and looked in the direction Laffitte looked at. As the current pushed the ship forward rapidly, a blurred shadow gradually appeared in that direction.

But the current on the bottom of the ship was obviously not so obedient. As the shadow of the island became clear, a sudden sharp turn almost threw Robin and others out of the ship.

Ross raised his foot and the power of distortion rushed out and covered the ship.

Looking at the shadow of the island that has become clear, Ross said: “Since we are already here, let’s go.”

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