OPTS-Chapter 158 Severe Warning

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Robin did not follow them to the Dragon Palace, but in accordance with the instructions of Ross, she went to find the Poneglyph stone monument of the Fishman Island and Law and Laffitte did not come, so there is only Ross in the main hall.

Not long after, a male mermaid wearing a crown came in.

“His Highness Neptune.”

When Jinbe saw the other party come in, he immediately saluted him. Although he was Seven Warlords of the Sea and the leader of the Fishman Island today, he was still very respectful to the Royal family.

“You don’t need to be so formal, Jinbe.”

Neptune looked at Jinbe with a laugh and said, “You haven’t been to Dragon Palace for a long time.”

As he said, he turned to look at Ross and said: “Thank you Lord Ross for saving Otohime, I have already made people prepare a banquet, please be sure to accept my thanks.”

“It was nothing, how is his Highness Otohime?”

Ross asked Neptune.

Neptune laughed and said, “It’s nothing serious, but she was rushing out to find you and was stopped by me. She’ll come back later.”

“She is injured, she needs to rest. I’ll stay in the Dragon Palace for a while. By the way, the tea here is very good.” Ross said with a slight smile.

Jinbe saw Ross come to Dragon Palace and nothing happened. Neptune appeared very calm and his heart gradually eased down.

However, he still does not trust that Ross who is staying in the Dragon Palace, so he requests Neptune to stay in the Dragon Palace, and Neptune naturally agreed.


A few days later.

In the huge garden of Dragon Palace, Princess Shirahoshi, a six-year-old mermaid, is sitting on a lawn next to the Poneglyph stone that has been found and moved here by Robin.

Although Robin prefers things like Cerberus in the Florian Triangle sea, but Shirahoshi’s appearance is still very easy to the eyes, plus she is the body of the ancient weapon Sea King Poseidon so Robin keeps close contact with her and Shirahoshi soon started calling her ‘Sister Robin’.

On the other side.

The princess, Otohime, was wearing a bandage on her shoulder and she looked almost recovered.

Two days ago, she learned the news from Sabaody Archipelago. Ross has killed a tenryubito and left in a fierce battle with Marine Admiral. Her heart was shocked. Not only she, but Neptune and Jinbe were also shocked. It was unexpected that Ross had made such a big event!

“That tenryubito, are you going to kill him, too? Doing so will only incessantly infuriate the World Government, and it doesn’t make any sense…”

Otohime tried to persuade Ross.

Ross calmly responded: “I don’t intend to kill him now, but to make the World Government angry, that’s the point in itself. How can it be said that it doesn’t make sense?”

Otohime’s tone of voice was stagnant as Ross’s attitude was more than that of the fish-men in the Sun Pirates. She could not help but show a complicated look and did not know how to persuade him anymore.

Just then Ross turned to her and said, “You’re going to save Tenryubito and get a vote from him for the migration of the fish-men to shore.”


Otohime was shocked as her intentions were completely exposed to Ross. She was trying to retort a little. Not only did she was unable to persuade him, but she heard Ross’s voice suddenly become a little solemn.

Ross stared at her and said calmly and profoundly, “Don’t think too much about equality, Otohime.”

“Even if you get the signature of a tenryubito and the consent of all the fish-men, can you guarantee that the human attitude towards the fish-men and mermaids will be the same as yours?”


Otohime is stunned.

Ross continued in a cold voice: “Don’t say anything like ‘You believe that humans and fish-men can understand each other’. Before you have absolute strength to ensure the safety of your people, letting them go ashore is tantamount to burying the whole Fishman Island!”

Otohime fell into silence, Ross’s words pierced her heart sharply, like a slap in the face, piercing the part she had been reluctant to think about.


Even if fish-man and mermaids can accept peaceful coexistence with human beings, can humans do it? Maybe, but she can’t guarantee it and that will be danf=gerous for her people.

In Ross’s previous words, thinking of Equality and Coexistence is too much.

“But your Fishman Island is not completely powerless, Jinbe’s strength needn’t say much, Shirahoshi’s ability is also extraordinary.”

Ross’s words slowed down as he turned to look at Shirahoshi and Megalo playing with Robin in the distance with a faint smile.


When Otohime heard Ross’s words, she slightly startled. Ross mentioned Jinbe’s strength and It’s easy to understand. After all, he is one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. But Shirahoshi’s ability made her think she had heard something wrong. What ability can a six-year-old Mermaid Princess have?

Ross does not intend to hide anything from Otohime as Shirahoshi’s ability will awaken sooner or later. Instead of exposing her to an unconscious awakening, it is better to let Otohime shelter Shirahoshi in advance.

“The Fishman island should have had a legend, there will be a princess who will be born here once in a while who would have the power to communicate and command every Sea King in the sea…”

Ross said, pausing for a moment and in Otohime’s astonished eyes, he said gently, “Yes, Shirahoshi is that princess.”


Otohime looked a little shocked and incredible at Shirahoshi in the distance. She could not believe Ross’s words, but Ross obviously had no need to deceive her.

“But Shirahoshi, she…”

“Before, when you were in danger, her ability almost immediately awakened, but I stopped it. It’s better not to expose it.”

Ross interrupted Otohime, turned to her and said, “How to protect Shirahoshi? I don’t need to say much about it. You know the meaning of that power very well.”

Otohime’s forehead overflowed with a trace of perspiration.

She glanced at Shirahoshi deeply and nodded slowly.

“So instead of collecting meaningless signatures, it’s your responsibility to protect Shirahoshi, because it’s not just about the safety of Fishman Island, it’s about the whole world.”

Ross slowly told Otohime.

He didn’t say anything and later overthrew the empty words of World Government to the status of the Fishman’s Island. Although his current identity enables him to say such things, it is not necessary.

He just needed to wake Otohime up and tell her Shirahoshi’s ability, and she will know what she should do. She was blinded by her kindness and peaceful coexistence.

As for whether he will use the power of Shirahoshi in the future, it is not within his consideration.

That is the future, at least not until he becomes a ‘Yonkō (Four Emperors)’.

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