OPTS-Chapter 132 Florian Triangle

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Leaving Robin’s room, Ross returned to the deck and looked at the boundless sea for a moment, then he jumped again and charged towards the sea below.

With the power of Gravity Distortion, Ross floated on the surface of the sea, his feet gently stepping on a wave and the power of distortion suddenly stimulated and pours into the sea.


A funnel-shaped whirlpool appeared at Ross’s feet. As he pondered, he floated down to the whirlpool and soon entered the sea.

Ross stretched out a hand and pressed it on the nearby seawater, which was repulsed by the power of distortion, forming a spherical anhydrous space, like a special bubble of the Sabaody Archipelago.

Very soon.

Ross came to the bottom of the sea, this is the place near the shore with only a depth of ten meters, standing here and looking up he can see the sea surface.


Looking at the surrounding scenery, Ross walked deeper in the sea. He doesn’t know how long it took but the water above his head suddenly slammed towards him from both sides. In an instant, the water tens of meters above him split sharply in the direction of the separation of his palms.


Ross raised his foot and rushed out of the sea and took a step on the sea surface.


Hundreds of meters around the sea surged suddenly under his power and it looked like the water has lost its gravity as it flew toward the sky, constantly converging and finally turned into a huge blue water ball that quietly suspended in the air, there were even some panicked fish in the blue ball that was suspended in the air.

“Is this my limit?”

Ross came over the water ball and stepped on the surface of the water ball. Such a wide range of water ball was almost the limit of his control, enough to wrap a large Battleship in it.

Ross’s stamina is consuming rapidly in the state of limit-triggered power of distortion. He tries to touch Devil Fruit’s awakening in the way of limit-triggered power of distortion.

Ross flies up a little and his feet leave the surface of the water ball.

At the moment of departure, Ross felt extremely laborious and as time went on his efforts to keep the ball in shape began to grow larger and larger. He tried to manipulate the gravity of the water ball without touching it directly but ultimately failed.

Ten seconds later, the water ball began to crash down. Twenty seconds later, the water ball began to fall apart and large areas fell to the sea. Thirty seconds later, the water ball completely disappeared.

“Can’t I do…”

Ross looked at his palm. In his palm, a fist-sized water ball was suspended. Although it was suspended quietly, it would slide down silently every dozen seconds and then again become suspended when it touched Ross’s palm.

After repeating this several times, Ross shook his head and threw away the small water ball and again charged into the sea below, once again creating a huge water ball.



Three times.

He doesn’t know how many times he repeated this process. Every time his stamina runs out, Ross returns to the ship, drinks water, eats, massages his muscles and then returns to the sea again.

In the tireless continuity, Ross has become more and more comfortable with the power of Distortion Fruit, even subtle enough to use the power of distortion to delicately cut the shell cooked shrimps.


Ross also occasionally experienced the special feeling he experienced while fighting Leader Don Chinjao, which seemed to release the power of distortion in the air but he could never translate this feeling into reality.

“Is it because the power of distortion is not strong enough?”

In practice, Ross is constantly thinking that the power of distortions is not strong enough, It is a strong possibility, just as physical strength being not strong enough to practice Marine’s Rokushiki.

Seven days later, Log Pose magnetism was finally stored up and Laffitte returned to the ship, he used the three arrows of Log Pose to steer Ghost Shadow Ship towards the Florian Triangle.

“If the power of distortion is not strong enough, then I will use Moria to improve it.” Ross thought.


Ten days later.

Ghost Shadow Ship drives away from storm sea and enters the foggy Florian Triangle Sea, which is not Moria’s home, but a special climate. It is the Great Age of Pirates at the end of thirteen years. Moria entered the sea only two years ago.

“There is no direction at all our line of sight is also greatly disturbed.”

In the midst of the fog, the Ghost Shadow Ship is slowly sailing. Laffitte stands in front of the deck, measuring the wind and current and observing the surrounding environment and shook his head helplessly.

Ross stood beside him, looked around at the fog and asked Robin, “How much food and fresh water do we have?”

“According to Captain’s usage, it’s about a month and a half.”

Robin thought a little and responded to Ross.

The biggest person on board is Xilu, but the biggest eater is Ross. Because his practice consumes a lot of physical energy, Ross can eat as much as Xilu, Robin, and others combined.

Fortunately, at sea, they can take local materials to eat at any time. Ross’s power of distortion can catch a large number of fishes in an instant and it is not difficult to dive into the seabed to sweep them up


Ross nodded and turned towards Laffitte: “Don’t worry about the direction of Log Pose. This sea is not that big. We’ll sail this sea in a circle and we’ll have a chance to meet him.”

Moria’s terrifying three-masted sailing ship The Thriller Bark, though comparable in size to an small island, it is not a real Island and cannot be found through Log Pose.

Ross only knows that he is in this sea area, but he can’t guess an accurate position.

“Well, if that Gekko Moria ship is really that big, even if it’s foggy, it will still be possible to find it within a certain distance.”

Laffitte slightly smiled, he is a mysterious navigator recognized by Ross, although the fog of this sea is too serious, he still has his methods.

“Shichibukai, Gekko Moria…”

Trafalgar Law also came to the deck, holding his demon knife sword in his arms and he leaned back against the deck.

When entering the Florian Triangle Sea, Ross told everyone that their next goal was to defeat a Shichibukai, Gekko Moria.

As for the reason…

There’s enough reason to kill another Shichibukai, to make big news, to rise in prestige or something. Laffitte, a restless person, is happy to find something to do.

“Do you feel cheated by Captain?”

Standing not far from Law, Robin gently smiled and said, “Even if you didn’t get on board, Captain may still move on Doflamingo when he gets to the New World.”

Law shook his head.

“Do not.”

“Even if that’s the case, I’d like to stay here and be a witness.”

He gazed at the foggy sea, his eyes sparkling and there was no confusion or fear in them. There was just a trace of determination to avenge Corazon and destroy Doflamingo, at any costs.

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