OPTS-Chapter 122 The Island of Impossibility

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Somewhere on the sea.

In the stormy Rainstorm, the Ghost Shadow Ship was sailing through the wind and waves. Occasionally, a huge wave appeared and was immediately overwhelmed by a strange force that could not shake the ship.

No one knows how long the voyage lasted. The dark sky suddenly brightened. The storm Rainstorm disappeared in a flash. Looking back, it was still a strong Rainstorm behind. There was a very clear demarcation line with the center of this mild sea.

The sky and the sea seem to be divided into two parts here.

This kind of scenery is very different and shocking, but for Ross and others who have been sailing on the Grand Line for a long time and have seen all kinds of abnormal weather, this is nothing and they are just a little surprised.

“Well, you can see it already. An island.”

Laffitte took a long telescope and looked straight ahead, clearly capturing a black spot at the end of the line of sight, which was an island.

After leaving the spring island, Ghost Shadow Ship drove straight away from Oezi sea and Ross chose the next island, which is one of the most difficult islands in the chaotic sea, The Impossible Island.

This is a large island, but there is no country and it is divided between many forces. It is an island that often housed many pirate hunters and has various dark Underground transactions.

Ross stood calmly on the deck, looking at the black spot at the end of the line of sight. There was a wet deck under his feet, but his clothes were dry. All the rainwater slipped aside as soon as it touched his body.


Just then Robin came over and murmured to Ross, “There’s a message from Kaku, One of the Seven Warlords of Sea Hawkeye Mihawk appeared on the Impossible island two days ago.”

Hearing Robin’s words, Ross’s eyes finally fluctuated.

Originally, He chose the Impossible island as their next destination. He didn’t plan to g after any prey, He just wanted to use it as a transit station. He didn’t expect to meet Shichibukai in this way.

And this Shichibukai is completely beyond Ross’s current goal. Hawkeye Mihawk, the world’s strongest swordsman is not someone he could defeat even if he doubled his current strength.

“I see.”

Ross nodded and threw the news aside, not planning to pay attention to it.


Ghost Shadow Ship approached the Impossible island and stopped at an unmanned shore. Ross, Laffitte, and Robin boarded island, leaving Law and Xilu to guard the ship.

“Robin will follow me, Laffitte you can move according to your wishes.”

“Okay, Captain Ross.”

Laffitte has long been accustomed to such allocation of actions. He turned in one direction and disappeared on the island, while Ross took Robin and stepped into the island from the other direction.

Him being with Robin wasn’t something special.

Compared with Laffitte, Robin’s memory is quite good. The eight-year-old Archaeology has proved everything. Now she has memorized almost all the pirates that can be targeted. Any pirate they come across can be instantly recognized by her.

Her recognition abilities are much better than Ross. Today, Ross only remembers pirates who have more than 100 million berries bounties on their head and the various supernovas of the first half of the Grand Line, as for other He was too lazy to remember them and he depends upon Robin to provide all the information.

Ross thinks that he should develop Robin’s talents very well.

“Impossible island… It’s not far from the Marine Headquarters and Red Line, I didn’t think there was such a mess here.

After stepping into a street, feeling the dark and oppressive atmosphere around it and the occasional dried-up bloodstains along the street, Robin lowered her hat a little and murmured.

“Its because it is surrounded by stormy seas.”

Ross said, The Violent storm sea they passed was part of a ring, wrapping the Impossible island in the center.

Because of the greater risk of storm sea, even Marine’s Battleship could be overturned and destroyed so Marine and the government completely ignored this island 

In the dark.

Ross and Robin’s figure attracted a lot of attention.

Accurately speaking, Robin’s figure has attracted a lot of attention. In terms of stature, Robin is almost impeccable nowadays. Her slender waist and limbs are full of grace. Even if the eaves of her hat cover most of her face, she can’t hide her temperament.

In this inaccessible island, Apart from the central bustling area, It is almost impossible to see beauty at the level of Robin, so when Robin and Ross walked up to the street, they quickly attracted a lot of attention from the people in the dark.

“Where did you come from? You walked out with a woman so blatantly…”

“It seems that there are only two people.”

These gazes reveal a bit of greed and desire.

This is the impossible island, It is a place which is ignored by Marines and the government. Law and order do not exist here. There are only guns and gunpowder!

There are only two kinds of people who dare to walk in such a remote area with women in their eyes. One is a man of great strength and courage, and the other is a rookie who has no idea of what is going on here, who has just passed through the stormy sea and landed on this island by chance.

So, which one is it?

As Ross and Robin penetrated the streets, their eyes grew more and more, but although they were full of greed and desire, they did not rush up towards them. Instead, they restrained themselves. They were still afraid of encountering the first situation.


The most indispensable thing in the world is the people who never think. After Ross and Robin walked for a while, some people came out of the darkness and followed behind them.

There were three people who slowly followed Ross and Robin from behind, They grinned as they pointed their guns at Ross’s back.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

No one spoke. The three of them had a very tacit understanding between themselves.

It’s foolish to jump out and say a lot of nonsense to a fellow like Ross. The least valuable thing here is human life. Whoever he is, kill him first and then say, even if he really has the ability, they won’t give their opponent the chance to show it.


When the gunfire stopped and the smoke disappeared in the air, the grin on the three faces suddenly solidified because they saw that the bullets they fired did not leave bloody holes on Ross, but hovered in mid-air at the moment they touched Ross’s body.

Ross did not look back. As he stepped forward, he raised his right hand gently and snapped his finger.


When the sound of finger-clicking sounded in the silent and dark street, the bullet hovering in the air suddenly turned and shot at the three men.

In the splash of blood, the three of them had a frightening look on their faces and they wanted to scream but they could not make any sound. They fell silently to the ground, blood slowly flowed out and spread all the way through the street.


It was not until Ross and Robin disappeared at the end of the street that innumerable breathing sounds came from the darkness. The eyes hidden in the darkness were tinged with fear.

“The bullets shot back, there is no mistake…”

“Devil Fruit User!”

Although this is the impossible island on the Grand Line and they are all the lowest people on this island. They have all seen Devil Fruit ability many times, a Devil Fruit ability user is obviously not the existence they can provoke.

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