OPTS- Chapter 106 Miserable CP9

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Holy Land Mariejois.

This is the heart of the World Government. At the top of this stately and elegant building, in a very spacious hall, five people, sitting or standing, are all serious-faced. They are the core of the highest power of the World Government.

One of them frowned and hit the table with his fist.

“It’s them again, The Ghost Hand Pirates.”

“Even CP9 couldn’t handle them?…”

Everyone’s face was full of anger. For the high-ranking people like them, the Ghost-Hand Pirates name could not even reach their ears before they caused a huge storm.

But the Ghost Hand Pirates caused a huge storm, killing Crocodile who was one of the Shichibukai, This new rising power caused them some headaches.

Different from the power of Yonkō (Four Emperors).

The Ghost Hand Pirates has no fixed place to stay and they wander around the sea and even disappeared inexplicably for six or seven months and no one was able to find them, even Marine Admiral Aokiji failed to find them.

Every Marine Admiral is an extremely important Battle force, not only to deal with all kinds of things in the Marine but to also protect the tenryubito and they are also needed to deal with the Yonkō (Four Emperors) that can make a big mess at any time. It is impossible for a Marine Admiral to hunt a single pirate force in the Grand Line.

“That seemingly small hole has become bigger.”

“These Ghost Hand Pirates must be disposed of as soon as possible. With their dangerous behavior, if they continue to grow, the consequences will be unimaginable.”


Ghost Shadow Ship.

After dropping the seriously injured and comatose CP9 crew and letting Laffitte spy on them, Ross returned to the ship with Robin.

“It seems that you have made a decision.”

Looking at Law who was standing at the deck Ross calmly said. With his current strength and status, It is not absolutely necessary for Ross to recruit Law as the ship’s doctor, but with Surgeon-Surgeon Fruit, his potential is undoubtedly the biggest.

Law murmured, “If you can kill Doflamingo, I can join you.”

Ross slightly smiled and without answering he made a gesture towards Robin, then turned and walked into the cabin and disappeared.

Robin watched Ross’s back disappear into the cabin and she turned to look at Law and held her chin in one hand and smiled: “So, you can call him Captain the next time you see him.”


Law sighed. He didn’t know whether the decision today was right or wrong, but since the decision has been made, he can only take a step forward.


As Ross expected, Spandam put all the blame on Lucci and others in order to minimize his fault.

Coupled with his father, World Government’s senior official Spandine manipulating the internal operations, the government finally issued a killing order on Lucci.

CP9 itself is a hidden organization which is independent of CP1-8. Now, not only are they completely exposed, but they also failed to complete their mission, so the existence of Lucci and others naturally loses its meaning.

Very soon.

The CP9 crew was hunted down by North Blue Marine. Because Lucci was seriously injured in Battle with Ross, and others were also injured, they could not resist the pursuit of Marine from North Blue branch, so they could only use Blueno’s ability to flee continuously.

Although they have been brainwashed and are loyal to the World Government since childhood, this does not mean that they will be willing to be disposed of by the government, especially when they are blackmailed by Spandam.

For Ross.

They have no hatred, they are not as powerful as him and it was due to their luck that they managed to survive. All the anger they have has been transferred to Spandam.

“Spandam that bastard… sooner or later I will let him pay the price!”

Somewhere in the shady corner of an island, the wounded, woeful CP9 crew are staying and resting and Jabra is grinding his teeth in anger.


Lucci sat there without saying a word, he lost his fight to Ross. He believed in dark justice. In his eyes, weakness is sin, but he is weaker than Ross.

“It won’t work like this. We have to find a place to treat our injuries first.”

Kalifa watched Lucci’s condition and the injuries and anxious expressions of the people present. Although they all had some first aid, they were not doctors after all. The injuries on their bodies could not be effectively alleviated and treated under the circumstances of Marine’s constant pursuit.

In particular, Lucci was severely injured and he has not yet recovered any Battle strength. Some days ago, he even needed other people to help him. Only in these two days can he gradually walk by himself.

If they can completely recover from their Battle, let alone Lucci, Kaku, and Jabra, anyone of the CP9 members are not afraid of Marine’s pursuit from North Blue Branch, It will be easy enough for them to beat them down.

“In our current state, Marine will kill us once we show up.” Fukuro shook his head.

They are not very familiar with the environment of North Blue.

Kaku murmured: “The government and Marine’s pursuit will not be obvious, ordinary civilians will not know about our affairs, the only problem is how to raise funds for treatment.”

They are not pirates nor gangsters. Although they secretly executed countless disobedient people for the government, they only acted on their orders.

And just as the crowd was meditating, a voice suddenly came from the end of the lane.

“You don’t need to raise any money to get treatment.”

This voice changed the faces of all the CP9 people present, especially Lucci, who had been sitting there with his head down. He raised his head sharply and looked in the direction of the voice.


Ross has appeared in the alleyway without them noticing his presence. His eyes were calm as he walked slowly toward the CP9 who was hiding in the depths of the alleyway.

“It’s you……”

Kaku, Jabra, and others with Battle’s strength stood up unconsciously and put on a defensive posture and stared at Ross with great vigilance.

But when they thought of the fight between Ross and Lucci which was not long ago, Ross defeated Lucci and crushed them easily, they could not help but feel powerless.

Ross was not very tall, but as he came and stood there, he gave them a feeling of suffocation, the scenes that lingered in their minds cannot be forgotten.

“Did you come here to taunt the losers?”

Lucci walked slowly to the front of the crowd and looked calmly at Ross.

Ross smiled and shook his head. “No, I’m here for only one purpose. That’s to give you two choices.”

“What choices?.”

“First, work for me or

Second, all of you can die here.”

Ross’s voice was calm as it echoed in the dark lane.

Kaku, Jabra, and others were angered and they said: “What a joke, how can we work for a pirate.”

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