OPTS- Chapter 102 Rob Lucci

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“Ghost Hand Ross, We finally met.”

“More than half a year ago, the mission to hunt you down was handed over to us. Where have you been in the past six months?”

Lucci looked at Ross calmly with a cold face.

“Take a guess.”

Ross responded faintly and walked over to Robin. Seeing that she had no scars or injuries on her body, he turned his eyes back to Lucci and others.

At this time, Lucci, Kaku, and Jabra also stood together, Lucci stood in front, Kaku and Jabra stood on his left and right sides.

“… I’m not interested in where you went, but because of your disappearance, we have very little time available for this mission.

Lucci’s tone was cold.

Ross gently took off the leather cap on his head and said, “That’s a shame because it’s a mission that is destined to fail.”

With a flicker of his finger, he lightly threw his hat to the top of a wooden pole near the street.

The scene fell into silence.

Robin stood on the left side of Ross, while Laffitte stayed on the right side of Ross, forming a one-on-one confrontation with the enemy.

“I know all about you and I feel sorry for your initial experience, but you will die here because you wantonly killed many Marines and you are opposing the World government.”

Lucci reached out and grabbed at his chest, pulled off a camouflage cloth that was draped outside, revealed the tight black windbreaker inside and looked calmly at Ross, saying:

“No matter how fierce of a pirate you are, No matter how powerful you are, It is impossible for a single Pirate to oppose the  World Government.”


The moment his voice fell, Lucci moved like a bolt of black lightning, showed much faster speed than Kaku and Jabra and instantaneously appeared in front of Ross, sweeping at Ross with one foot.

“Rankyaku (Tempest Kick)… Sen(Line)!”

The powerful foot force, which was not known to the ordinary people, directly kicked a huge chop and swept between Ross’s chest and abdomen and even included Laffitte and Robin in the scope of the attack.

Today, less than nine years before Luffy went to sea, Lucci, and others in the original book hid their power for Pluton drawings in Water Seven and did not practice for five years. Today their strength is not much different from that time.

Whiz Whiz!

Laffitte and Robin reacted quickly and retreated toward the side.

Ross stood in place, without any intention of avoiding the coming attack. He raised his right hand and grabbed that coming wind blade that held enough power to cut a building and Ross caught that attack with his bare hands.

Zi Zi!

The coming wind swipe touched Ross’s palm and instantly turned into a tangible substance, making a nurturing sound, constantly bursting and trying to tear Ross’s palm apart, tearing the layer of the power of distortion on Ross’s palm.

However, regardless of how this attack broke out, it was impossible for it to break the power of distortion on Ross’s palm, This wind attack was held by Ross and in midair and then he threw it away like a small snake.


The attack was thrown away by Ross and it landed on the top of a building on one side and cut off the whole upper part of the building. The upper part of the building collapsed and crashed into the street.

“I don’t know if I can compete against the World Government, but I do know that you are not enough to compete with us.”

Ross slowly put down his right hand. He didn’t take a single step from beginning till now.

Lucci stared at Ross and heard Ross’s words. Instead of being angry, he said, “Really… Anyone can talk big.

Whiz! Whiz!

During Lucci’s confrontation with Ross, Kaku and Jabra quarreled again and charged towards their opponents, respectively.

Kaku chose Laffitte directly because Robin was a woman, while Jabra decided to grab Robin to make fun of Kaku’s pride.

Kaku pulled out the two swords that had never been used. He would not treat Laffitte as carelessly as he did Robin, but he will consider him his opponent.

“Demon Sherrif, Laffitte… Lucci chose the strongest one and I don’t want to fight a woman, so I’ll have to let you be my opponent.

“Hoo hoo, One of the hidden spy agencies of the Government, CP9. I am very interested in you, now let’s fight.”

Laffitte rotated the mahogany cane and the corner of his mouth was slightly raised as he politely accepted the fight.

He’s good at sneaking and hiding and he is naturally interested in members of the World Governmental Subordinates Secret Espionage Agency and wants to see how good they are.

On the other side, Robin stood there with a cold face and stared at Jabra. She had no fear in dealing with CP9 members in a one-to-one manner.

“Gaha ha ha ha… Left it to Kaku who couldn’t even catch a single woman even though he chased you for half a day. If I can easily catch you, then Kaku will not be able to raise his head in front of me.

Jabra looked at Robin with a funny and sly smile on his face.

Whiz! Whiz! Whiz!

It seems that their minds are connected as six people attacked each other at the same time.

When Lucci’s previous attack did not work against Ross, he judged that Ross’s strength was not normal and he would need to use all of his abilities.

His body swelled at a rapid speed and in a flash, he was taller than Ross. He had a huge body shape with his muscles bulging. His skin was covered with a pattern of leopards and his fingers became leopard claws.

Zoan Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Leopard!

Compared with countless messy Devil Fruit, the leopard-shaped fruit is among Zoan’s strongest, second only to the illusory and ancient Devil Fruit.

Rankyaku “Gaicho”(Victorious Bird)!”

Lucci whispered as he leaped up in the air. The powerful force under the leopard form was completely under his control. His legs and feet were like blades, splitting sharply at Ross’s position.


In an instant, a huge chop, nearly 100 meters long, burst out from his leg and fell head-on towards Ross, This chop has enough power to destroy a large Battleship in an instant!

Kaku and Laffitte, who were fighting were forced to leap further away under the enormous power of the blow.

“Such a great power…”

Robin looked at the street that had been torn apart in a moment and her face changed slightly. Just now she felt that Lucci’s level was different from Kaku’s and now it seems that her instincts were right.

Not far from her left, Jabra laughed like a jackal. “Although I don’t want to admit it, Lucci’s strength is the strongest among us. Not only that, but that fellow is… the strongest person in the 800-year history of CP9!

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