OPTM-Chapter 93 Dock

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“Teabeard took all the pirates to burn Rowen’s Battleship? Are you sure?”

“Yes, they have already set off.”

“Wait, let me think…”

In Dock 1, in a Shipwright dormitory, Lucci held the Den Den Mushi and looked at Kaku who stood up and a smile suddenly appeared at the corner of his mouth: “No, we don’t know anything about this.”

“OK, all right.”

Blueno agreed and hung up.

Kaku, who was also awakened by Den Den Mushi, approached him and asked with a quiet voice, “Is this really okay Lucci? If a Battleship is burned then the Marine Headquarters will definitely send someone over to investigate the situation, and then Water Seven will get even more confused, bringing unnecessary trouble to our Mission.”

Kaku’s worry is not without reason, a single Rowen can make them take the initiative to show up in front of him to explain the situation and if the Marine Headquarters got angry and come over to Water Seven to investigate then their infiltration Mission would be over.

“Don’t worry, some trashes can’t burn the War Behemoth…”

Lucci spoke with a sneer on his face, a War Behemoth can run rampant in the Sea, and it a real Machine of War for the Marines! But who would fear them if it is so easy to burn, and wouldn’t the big size of the ship makes it a bigger target?

“Teabeard and others have a very good idea and they can easily succeed when the Marines are slacking in their defense… 

But their confidence in burning the War Behemoth comes from their knowledge of ordinary pirate Ships, and they think that as long as they are ships, they can be burned. 

What they don’t know was that the War Behemoth is a monster that was made by Vegapunk and had emergency filings to deal with every possible situation. It would take Admiral Akainu to personally come and burn it without being exposed!”

“So why aren’t we warning the Marines?”

Kaku picked up the hat by the pillow and buttoned it on his head.

“Let’s go put out the fire!”

Lucci stood up and looked in the direction of Dock 1’s gate, “Pirates are pirates after all, and they certainly won’t be satisfied with burning just one Battleship, and Iceberg will certainly thank us if we do well in this fire.”

Under the hazy Moonlight, Dock 1 was silent.

But in Lucci’s eyes, he has already seen a sea of ​​fire!

Kaku shuddered for no reason and nodded: “I see, there is a high-pressure water pump at the lumber factory. I’ll go there and get it ready.”

After all, Lucci is the leader of CP9 and he not only has the strength but also the resourceful head and ruthless heart.

At this time, Rowen had already fallen asleep early. He rarely relaxes while training in something and now he is stuck in a bottleneck so he decided to rest a little.  

Soon, taking advantage of the dark clouds, some figures holding several weapons jumped down from the wall and they solved the security guard at the dock door and opened the gate.

The obese Teabeard led a pirate into the dock and whispered: “We need to protect our own Ship. There won’t be anyone to blame if the fir spread and burns everything! Let’s go to the port to set the explosives. Don’t rush to light it. There is water everywhere, you know?”

The main buildings of No. 1 Dockyard are divided into shipbuilding factory, port, and lumber factory. On weekdays, after the ships enter the dock from the port, they will release the seawater to facilitate the repair of the bottom of the ship. 

But now in order to support the huge size of War Behemoth, the seawater in the dock has not been discharged, and the water in the port has flooded into the dock and can be seen everywhere. It is very difficult to light a fire.

“Captain Teabeard, don’t worry, since everyone has come here with the purpose of being famous, they will definitely not mess around.”

Captain Iron Hook smiled before he stuck out his tongue and licked his lips with a bloodthirsty smile on his face and his sullen gaze swept across the pirate: “If anyone breaks our plan then I would kill him first!”

As a Pirate with a Bounty of 40 Million Belly, Captain Iron Hook has the confidence and ability to command the other pirates!

“Wooh Wooh Wooh Wooh Wooh!”

Teabeard’s obese body kept trembling, and his eyes were full of fierce light. He raised his broadsword to greet the Teabeard pirates and lead them towards the Battleship.

At dawn, people are sleepy and horses are exhausted. On War Behemoth, several soldiers in charge of the night watch are holding their guns and their bodies are softly leaning on the supports, and their heads are dozing off little by little. 

Although such people are only a minority, they also leave a gap in their defensive area.

Under the cover of the pre-dawn darkness, the Teabeard Pirates fumbled little by little under the War Behemoth and their bodies clung to the moss-covered hull of the ship. 

If they clear out this part then they will be half successful, because this is a real blind spot of vision, and as long as there is no big disturbance, no one would be able to find them.

“Motherf*cker! This ship is really big!”

Teabeard has always thought that his more than 100-meter-long {The Beard} is already a big ship, but at this moment, he looked at the War Behemoth up close and realized what a big gap there was between his ship and this War Behemoth. 

But the bigger it is, the more necessary it is to blow it up! 

Teabeard took the lead as he carried a gunpowder keg on his left shoulder and two under his armpit in his right hand. He turned around and said, “Let’s go! Put the explosives in place!! Just put it under the ship!”

At first, he wanted to slip on the deck to arrange explosives to kill more Marines, but in front of the War Behemoth’s terrifying body shape, Teabeard had to give up this tempting idea.


The minions lowered their voices and replied in response, their hands and feet were shaking with excitement as they placed the powder kegs close to the hull and pulled out the fuses to connect them.

This is the Battleship of the Marine Headquarters!

If they were successful in blowing it up then the whole world will know the name of they will know the name of their Teabeard Pirates!

While the pirates were cautiously arranging explosives around the ship, Rob Lucci watched all this calmly from the shadows.

“Sure enough, they won’t even let go of some Merchant and Passenger Ships while they blow up the Battleship.”

Below several merchant ships over there, Captain Iron Hook is also arranging for his men to pour grease on the wooden Ships. Those poser-like merchant ship guards were chopped off of their heads and they failed to give warning until they died.

“Hmm? Someone is heading over to the lumber factory, I hope Kaku doesn’t make any noise…”


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