optm-Chapter 83 Invincible Part 2

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After understanding this, Rowen suddenly walked forward with a warm smile on his face, he saluted the CP0 Member and took his hand before saying, “So you are the Lord sent here by the World Government! Thank you for your trouble. How about this, you go back to your room to rest, drink some wine and eat some food, and we will clean the Hell Island Core and bring it to you?”

‘Standing and remaining aloof from the thing of no immediate concern to me is easy but it’s no good if I don’t say anything anymore, but to help Sengoku attract the firepower, I am not that stupid!

Rowen thought before he said this.

Sengoku: “…”

Garp: “…”

Zephyr: “…”

Tsuru: “…”

A group of Marine Vice-Admiral watching the happenings: “…”

The person from CP0: “…”

Shame… Such a shame!!

They have seen people who slander or flatter someone in a low voice but for someone to dare to act like this in front of so many high-ranking officials, they have never seen this!

It is simply a shame to the Marines!!

For a while, everyone present here has a different expression on their faces, and even Admiral Akainu, the faithful dog trusted by Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) in the original series, cast a contemptuous glance at Rowen at this time.

This kid is too shameless!

Seeing Zephyr’s even darker expression beside him, Garp was shocked and said carelessly: “I swear by my uneaten donut! This kid…will become a high official in the future!”

So Shameless and thick-skinned, Rowen has really refreshed Garp’s knowledge!

Rowen sneered at this and thought in his heart: ‘Sorry, we are different in style. You are an aboriginal whose dreams can be eaten as a meal, but I am a sinister and cunning earthling.

If you want me to help Sengoku draw out the firepower, fill up my pockets first!

“Shut up Garp!”

Zephyr twisted his head, his mouth was trembling from anger, then he closed his eyes, not wanting to see Rowen.

Rowen interrupted and the tension that had been brewing just now disappeared. 

The member of CP0 has never received such a hot compliment on such a serious occasion and he felt a little overwhelmed for a while.

This is also a unique situation in the history of the CP Organization!

There is no way to get rid of this world’s problem with a tougher temper. Which Marine would dare to be so passionate and affectionate towards the wicked CP Organization in front of the Fleet Admiral?

Are you not afraid of the consequences?

No, yes, pride, do you not have any pride?

In this regard, Rowen is a “Reliable” adult, and it doesn’t matter if he loses his pride, the only real thing in this world is the benefits he could obtain!

It took a long time before the CP0 Member finally recovered. Looking at Rowen’s smiling face, he withdrew his hand and spoke with an inexplicable emotion in his tone.

“Are you Rowen? I’ve heard of you, you really are…well…unique!”

In response, Kizaru muttered in a small voice: “See, I told you so ……”

The softness in the CP0’s Commissioner tone at this time is not without reason. They are targeting Marine, or Sengoku, where the Marines has done so many things. Rowen is just an opportunity, a small soldier caught between the two sides.

Since ancient times, people with high merit and low status have either had no good end or they just soared into the sky. 

Although the CP0 Commissioner had come here to give a reminder to the Marines, it was only the lower-level CP branch that was beaten back by the Marines and they called the CP0 like an arrogant child who would call their parents to deal with the situation. 

But Rowen is different, he is the most promising Marine Rookie that had captured the Gorōsei’s attention in recent years. He has a lot of Merit in his name, so he doesn’t want to offend Rowen unless absolutely necessary.

Besides, Rowen is so shameless that he stretches out his hand and spoke with a smile on his face in front of Sengoku.

“Thank you for your compliment, I don’t know how you think about my proposal?”

Rowen continued to smile and this expression on his face didn’t look fake.

The people around them could guess that the expression of CP0’s Commissioner under the mask must be very distorted at this time. The CP0 Commissioner pondered for a moment, and shook his head before saying: “No need, the truth of the Hell Island Core is a matter of great importance and cannot be delayed.”

After that, he said to Sengoku, “Caesar-Clown and Vegapunk will do the checking at the same time. The data will reveal the truth if there is no problem.”

Then, a knife appeared on the CP0 Commissioner’s palms and he lightly slashed it on the walnut.

Gē Zhī…

A tiny breeze blew by and a small fragment of the core was sliced off.

Rowen’s pupils shrank as he watched this scene. The Walnut was not made out of steel, but it was harder than steel and could not be melted by lightning. And it was even stronger in the deepest part. 

When he climbed out of the big pit, he was afraid that he would crush it into powder if he bit it too hard at first, but he later found that no matter how much he bit it, the walnut still remained motionless, at most, a row of tooth marks appeared on the surface of the Walnut.

But now, such a hard walnut was lightly cut into a piece with a depth of more than 20 cm!

The other party didn’t even make any preparations, he just raised his hand to complete this feat!

The CP0, these guys are really something!!

After lightly showing his attitude, the CP0 man raised the remaining walnut with one hand and said, “I’ll take the main part with me, you guys have to be quick.”

In response, Sengoku looked righteous as he said: “It is our responsibility!”

Huā Lā La!

The Battleship flying the World Government flag left the port, leaving a group of people waiting in place.

“My Lord, go slowly and have a good journey!”

Rowen waved his arms like a lapdog, and when the Battleship turned into a small black spot, the smile on his face closed with “Shuā”, making Sengoku stare in amazement at how fast he changed the expression on his face.

Then he turned around and put his hands on his chest, slightly holding his head high, and looked at a large group of Marines who hadn’t recovered their senses with full of contempt, “Cut”, and everything was silent.

Somehow, the people here could understand the meaning behind Rowen’s actions.

It was like he is saying that ‘Sorry, I’m not targeting anyone, I just want to say that everyone here is trash!’

Sengoku: “…”

He suddenly wants to kick Rowen out of the Marine. Is this my Misconception?

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