OPTM-Chapter 80 Great Merit Part 2

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Saying hello to everyone all the way to the tent where Momonga is, Rowen put down the big Walnut on his shoulders, and said after saluting, “Vice-Admiral Momonga! Come and help me see what this thing is, can I eat it?”

Eat… Eat your big head, you bastard!!

He will never forget the Aura coming from the Walnut-looking thing, and the expression on Momonga’s face suddenly became very exciting. Joy, anger, sadness, and various other emotions seemed to flash by his face in an instant. 

He said to Den Den Mushi: “Rowen is back, I will report to you on the specific matters later.”

Then he hung up the phone, leaving Sengoku confused.

Seeing Momonga walking towards him with a gloomy expression on his face, Rowen’s heart “Thumped”… He can be sure that Momonga is one of the insiders who knew what he had done. Now that it looks like this, is it necessary for him to clear the door?

But Momonga ignored Rowen and walked over to him, knelt down, and stroked the Big Black Walnut-like thing. Under Rowen’s uncertain gaze, Momonga silently shed two tears, but his face was full of happy smiles, the scene was very strange.

“Does this thing have a Hypnotic Function? Why didn’t I find it?”

As the laborer carrying the  Black Walnut-like thing all the way back, Rowen buckled the back of his head.

At this moment, Momonga raised his head and stared at Rowen seriously: “Tell me, Rowen, where did you get this thing?”

Not good!

Could it be that the Marines had put this thing on the Hell Island?

Rowen didn’t know the truth about the Hell Island Crab at this time. He rolled his eyes and said with a smile, “Oh, you mean this! I picked it up from a tree… Uh… Vice-Admiral Momonga, don’t make such a serious face. Haha…ha…”

The moment he heard the word “Tree”, the corners of Momonga’s mouth twitched and he drew his sword out.

The power of the veteran Vice-Admiral is displayed vividly at this moment. Even if Momonga is old and physically weak and had suffered numerous hidden injuries, his control of power and physical coordination are far beyond Rowen’s understanding! 

A second before Rowen could dodge his attack by using his Elementalization and Blink ability, a cold-lit sword already rested on his shoulder. 

Momonga’s control of power can also be seen from here, the Armament Haki isn’t completely covering the body of the blade, but it is on the sharp edge of the blade, there is a black line on the Sharp edge of the blade that couldn’t be detected with the naked eye!

Under Momonga’s dignified stare, Rowen put away his laugh awkwardly. Seeing this, Momonga said casually: “I heard that the Beast Tide was spread from the center of Hell Island, Rowen, do you know the reason for that?”

Rowen’s heart went “Thump” as he awkwardly laughed “Hahaha” and shook his head: “I don’t know!”

“Then the Venom Injecting ground in the Hell Island was destroyed, do you know why?”


At this time, the blade was only one centimeter away from his neck. Rowen’s mouth twitched and he lowered his head to choose to reply from his heart: “I was wrong, I’m sorry. But I swear, it was really an accident!”

“Stop talking nonsense! Tell me where did you get this Walnut-like thing from?!”

Such a sleek look from Rowen made Momonga’s head hurt for a while. In the Marine team, there are many Awe-Inspiring men who would rather die than surrender. 

However, Rowen’s style is different from theirs and he doesn’t know whether it is Marine’s luck or misfortune.

After rolling his eyes, Momonga retracted his sword into its sheath and waved his hand in anger.

In this regard, Rowen had to tell the truth.

In the process of telling, Momonga’s gaze changed from satisfaction, then surprise, finally to panic, and then he completely rolled his eyes. 

Momonga didn’t come back to himself for some time, and he coughed hard and pushed Rowen’s hand to support him, and tremblingly pointed at the Walnut-like thing in his hand and said, “That’s it? That’s how you found the Core of the Hell Island Crab?”

Momonga just looked at Rowen as if he had just been struck by lightning and that’s also how Rowen got this thing. He hit it with lightning.

It’s that simple?!!

“What Hell Island Crab?”

Rowen looked dumbfounded: “You mean the Hell Island under our feet? Sure enough, is it alive? F*ck! Then shouldn’t we running right now?!”

Rowen had seen the brutal muscle strength of the Hell Island Crab, which were obviously just a few muscle fibers, but the muscle fibers were able to explode out with a force no less than his normal state of full power! 

If the entire Hell Island were its body then it’s unreasonably powerful and its strength would be enough to destroy The World ……!

The expression in Rowen’s eyes couldn’t be faked, he was really nervous. Fighting an opponent against which he had no hope of victory is not challenging yourself, it is just looking for death! He can tell the difference between inviting death and challenging his limit, Rowen is not that stupid.

But the more surprised Rowen was, the more Momonga was speechless and angry.

Thinking about the sacrifices they have made all those years ago, and then thinking about Rowen’s experience… The stubborn sense of ambition made the veteran Vice Admiral feel speechless for a long time.

Finally, he waved his hand, he felt as if he had aged thirty years in an instant, he felt as if he had exhausted all of his strength, he raised his head, and sighed before saying: “This is all… fate!!”

Sengoku also shared the same mood as Momonga. Survival training could not continue due to unforeseen changes. Before returning to the voyage, Momonga reported to Sengoku in a tone that tells anyone that he had seen through the truth of life.

Hearing that Rowen was hacked into the ground by Thunder Pillar because of his distraction and he hit the core by mistake, Sengoku shook his hand and crushed the microphone in his hand.

Then he found a new Den Den Mushi to call back, but both of them had no strength to speak.

In the end, Sengoku broke the tranquility and said, “Recruit’s performance will be judged based on performance during this period.”

“Um…Understood. There are a few seedlings who have performed well this time, and they can be placed in Grand Line directly after they leave camp.”

Momonga nodded, expressing understanding.

Although the time has been less than three months, but in that time, the Recruits who can persist to the present would have basically survived for three months. 

And this year is different from the previous ones. The follow-up impact brought by the Beast Tide made the Hell Island unable to be used as a training ground for a short time. 

The peripheral beasts suffered heavy casualties and needed to be re-captured and supplemented.

After that, the two began to discuss where there were job vacancies based on the Recruit’s performance, and they can arrange for recruits to take up the post and lay a draft.

For some reason, the two never mentioned Rowen.

It’s not that they don’t want to, but they are thinking carefully about how to arrange Rowen.

Regardless of whether it was a mistake or something else, Rowen completely killed the Hell Island Crab. The core was placed in the Momonga room. It was Heavens-Alarming Merit without any mistake!

How to give rewards for such a great achievement is a major problem.

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