OPTM-Chapter 76 Relic Part 2

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Outside, the Giant Snake’s eyes widened because of the pain in its body, and it felt that something in its heart has been pulled out!

Although this allows it to not have to actively seek out lightning strikes to be abused in the future to ease the pain but the moment the sword was taken out of the heart, it also cut off its own vitality. In this way… it would have been better if the sword was left at its original position!!

This is such a pitiful situation!


As the Giant Snake’s vitality was cut off, the snake instinctively struggled frantically.


The eyes of the Giant Snake are full of despair and the intense pain makes it keep hitting the ground with its head trying to relieve the pain. 

Faced with pain and wounds, primates will use their hands to cover their wounds, big cats will get down and lick the wounds with their tongues, while snakes without arms and legs can only writhe their body like a breakdance. 

When all the creatures in Hell Island were in a frenzy because of the powerful oppression emanating from the Hell Island Crab that was about to awaken, the Giant Snake was like a hard-working excavator master who kept digging the ground.

At last!

The soil on the surface of the back of the Hell Island Crab was dug through by it, exposing the ground made of steel underneath. The Giant Snake smashed through the thick steel coating with a head and fell into a poisonous molten pool exuding a wicked smell.

These highly toxic mixtures are prepared for the Hell Island Crab, which can only be used as a tranquilizer for the Hell Island Crab, but for this “Little Snake,” it is no different from magma, which was impossible to resist!


With a harsh scream, the Giant Snake frantically squirmed in the venom pool, and the flesh and blood on its body quickly melted at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the scene was extremely frightening. 

The strong muscles and scale armor failed to protect it at this time. It struggled in vain for a few times, and the blood melted, revealing a dazed Rowen hidden inside it.


Want to pull me to die with you?

The poisonous liquid is so intimidating that it gives Rowen the creeps, and the aura of death is so deadly that Rowen doesn’t want to touch it even with a ten-foot pole! While the venom has not completely melted the Giant Snake, Rowen plunged his head into the blue heart of the Giant Snake and pulled it off, and put it on his body. 

Then he exerted some force on his legs and continuously stepped on the ground, instantly stepping on a crack pit in the Giant Snake muscles.

Marine Rokushiki, Soru!


The tyrannical muscles of the Giant Snake were like a soft dough at this time and they were crushed by him! The venom from the outside suddenly softened and dissolved all the muscles in just a few seconds, and the corrosive and highly toxic solution that emitted a terrifying smell quickly surged to melt everything that passed by!

Rowen, who was stomping through the air and was unable to exert his full force could not achieve the maximum speed. He didn’t know how deep this highly toxic lake was, and whether his strength would be enough? But at this time, there is no choice but to do his best.

Sure enough, the strong heart of the Giant Snake faced the surrounding solution and acted as if butter had met a hot knife, and it melted extremely fast. Rowen flew no more than ten meters away and the Giant Snake’s heart was completely corroded by the terrible poison.

Rowen’s heart convulsed as he watched this scene and he set up his Electromagnetic Barrier without a second thought.


With a Buzz!, the venom was temporarily drained. But this is the case, the venom is still reluctant, trying to penetrate the barrier. Rowen had to narrow the barrier and increase his defenses to barely contend with the venom.

Finally, the front line of sight became bright, and Rowen pushed the Electromagnetic Barrier into a ball of Thunderlight and threw it out.

Pū Tōng!

Huā Lā La!

“Ho… ho…  That scared the hell out of me!”

Back on the ground, thunder and lightning exploded out of Rowen’s body as he threw away the remaining venom on the barrier and struck his knees for breath. He didn’t expect that his casual action of pulling the sword out would bring such a life and death crisis upon himself.

He is not afraid of corrosion with the power of Elementalization but he is afraid of poison as a “Human”.

Although his self-healing ability can break down toxins, but the upper limit is not that high, a Thunder Mosquito Cub was able to cause him diarrhea and the venom inside of the Thunder Mosquito isn’t even in the same class as this Venom at a first glance and Rowen does not dare to test this with his body.

After catching his breath, Rowen stood up and looked around at the steel factory that clearly did not belong to the definition of “Wild island”.

“Where is this?”

Everything in front of him told Rowen that this was a man-made building.

The walls around it were made of steel, and rows of pools like water towers were lined up along the walls. There was a stink of a corpse in it, and it was connected to the drainage network below. 

Drops of corrosive liquid penetrated through the drainage dripped down the groove and merged into the poisonous molten pool he had just fallen into. 

At the center of the plant is a pond filled with highly toxic liquids, measuring hundreds of meters in length and width, and is deeply buried in the Underground. Rowen doesn’t know how deep it is just by looking at it. 

Several thick transparent glass tubes protruded from the side of the molten pool. With the help of sections of steel components, they turned a bend in midair and inserted into the ground, without knowing where they would eventually lead.

If there is not a highly toxic solution in the molten pool then Rowen can tell that this is a water plant just by looking at this appearance!

“Where will so much venom go? Could it be that… Marines are experimenting with biological weapons?!”

A gleam of light flashed in Rowen’s eyes, and he realized that he seemed to have found the core secret of the Hell Island.

Rowen began to think in his heart, ‘This can not be blamed on me, it is because you didn’t take proper security measures that even a Snake was able to break in here!


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