OPTM-Chapter 76 Relic Part 1

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[Whoever comes here after me, no matter who you are, if you can leave alive, please take my sword away——Thunderous Sword Hero, Hughes Moore]

After groping around in the smelly rotten flesh, Rowen only found this “Last Word” sealed in an iron bucket, written in blood and bone. 

The handwriting on the paper is scribbled, and the strokes were intermittent, which showed the state of the writer at that time, for this reason, Rowen even guessed and had a hard time recognizing all the words.

“Thunderous Sword Hero, Hughes Moore…”

Rowen carefully recalled the Manga he had read and made sure that there was no information about this person on that. 

However, being able to go deep into the Ginat Snake’s Belly and completly insert the Sword into the heart of the Giant Snake, no matter how weak this person is, he must have been strong enough to gain a stable foothold in the New World. 

So the sword left behind by that strong person…

Rowen looked up and gazed at the sword in silence.

He found the root of the Giant Snake’s ability to spit out thunder-powered attacks. After all, the heart whose blood was about to turn into Blue plasma looked so new and unconventional. 

Rowen also dare not underestimate the power of thunder contained in it even at this time, it is the qualitative change caused by the constant accumulation with the help of the huge size!

The Giant Snake draws electric current from the heart, and then through a series of transformations that he still doesn’t understand, the Giant Snake spits out lightning through its mouth.

Perhaps the reason why the Giant Snake has never used its venom in its attacks is also because of this even when the Giant Snake’s blood is very poisonous. 

In order to breathe out thunder and lightning, its venom sac and even the venom conduit make concessions to adapt to thunder and lightning, and under the high temperature of thunder and lightning, Toxins must have lost their activity and lethality.

And the source of this lightning power is the unknown Sword that has been inserted into the Giant Snake’s heart.

The hilt of the sword is a double-color entwine of purple and black. It can be determined that it is not made out of metal or any other normal substances. 

Because it is impossible and not achievable by ordinary substances to maintain immortality under the high temperature of thunder and lightning for such a long time. 

The center of the sword’s jaw is inlaid with a jewel that is constantly flickering. Every time, the heartbeats and contracts, a small snake-like thunder and lightning spread out of the jewel and rushes into the heart along with the sword. 

Then as the heartbeats and squeezes, the current spreads along the blood vessels to the main body.

The body of the Giant Snake seems to have adapted to the strength of the electric current over a long period of time, and this lightning, which is enough to destroy the cellular activity of carbon-based lifeforms, not only did not scorch the blood vessels but filled every cell in its path with an electric current.

But… Although the two seem to have formed a weird balance between them, as a Rumble-Rumble Fruit Ability User, Rowen can conclude that if this was the case, then the Giant Snake would not survive till now!

Normal life forms are resistant to lightning but no matter how strong they are, they cannot rewrite the characteristics shared by carbon-based lifeforms. 

The fragile cell organization can only last for a while, and it will only slowly collapse under repeated lightning and carbohydrates. 

Under Oxidation and Decomposition, all the water inside a body will evaporate, leaving only a small amount of minerals in it, and then the carbonization process happens, commonly known as a burnt corpse.

The power of thunder emanating from that gemstone is small, and it wouldn’t be a surprise for the Ginat Snake to endure and maybe even store it for some time, but the lightning must have accumulated over the years, and the Ginat Snake shouldn’t have been able to carry it, as usual, all this time!

“…… So, this is the reason why you climbed up the mountain peak looking for lightning?”

To avoid being burned to death by the lightning that had accumulated in its heart over time, the Giant Snake has few choices. 

One, forcing itself to go through a span of tens of millions of years of evolution, forcibly adapting to lightning currents, spraying out the excess lightning stored in the body… 

It seems that the Giant Snake did just that but it paid the price of not being able to use poisonous attacks even when it was a highly poisonous snake.

Second, to guide the residual electricity in the body into the Earth with the help of external lightning. Before the current is strong enough to burn it to death, its powerful body will perfectly limit the current spillage, and only the external thunder and lightning can push the electricity out of its body.

Through this scene in front of him, Rowen understood two things.

First, his previous thinking of the Giant Snake Race having the ability to use thunder and lightning was wrong, the only reason why this Giant Snake was able to use lightning was because of the unknown long Sword at its heart forcing it to learn this ability.

Secondly, the Giant Snake Race he was looking for didn’t exist at all. The thousands of meters long White Snake that was smashed down the cliff and dismembered by the Beasts was this ‘Small’ almost thousand meters long White Snake in front of him.

As for the reason for the Ginat Snake not dying, Rowen muttered the reason silently in his thoughts.

“Sure enough, the principle of snake skin-molting?”

By molting off the old dead body, and then recasting another body from the corpse and crawling out of that corpse …… If this was put on the earth then it would be very unscientific but on the One Piece World …… It is business as usual!

If the Giant Snake can talk, Rowen will ask it: “Do you know Orochimaru?”

“Tsk, forget it.”

The mystery behind the Ginat Snake can be put aside, right now, he must focus on this sharp Blade!

Just by looking at the hilt, which was able to remain brand new in the thunder, Rowen could conclude that this sword, if not one of the Saijō Ō Wazamono, it must be a weapon that is not inferior to them in quality! Coupled with that mysterious gem that can release lightning, the value of this blade exceeds a City!

“Hughes Moore, right? I agree to your request!”

Grabbing the hilt of the sword with one hand, an electric current bounced back, causing Rowen to shudder. Feeling the numbness from the palm of his hand, Rowen smiled happily: “This is quite strong! It just so happens that I’m short of a weapon, even if this guy hadn’t written anything, I still would have taken it away!”

Kē Dēng……

As if responding to Rowen’s actions, Hughes Moore’s rotted, unpredictable head suddenly fell down and rolled out.



The Long Blade was pulled out and it was not blood that was pilled out from the heart but thunder!

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