OPTM-Chapter 73 Thunder Vs Thunder Part 2

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Rowen was originally located in the mouth of the Giant Snake and he couldn’t find a place to dodge this at all. In just an instant, a beam of lightning beams sprayed out of the Giant Snake’s throat, and the powerful electricity that rushed out was even more powerful and terrifying than the natural lightning he encountered in the Barren Forest!

Accompanied by the dazzling white light, Rowen immediately flew out and smashed into the ground, creating a large spider-like crater! Immediately afterward, a steady stream of huge Thunder Pillar instantly turned everything around him into pieces, pushing Rowen to continue to go deeper into the heart of the earth.

“Damn it! I can’t move it!”

External thunder and lightning cannot hurt him, after all, his body is made out of thunder and lightning. But Rowen’s Thunder is not at all in the same order of magnitude in front of the Giant Snake. 

Currently, Rowen is feeling similar to the water from a small stream that is getting swept downstream by the water of a large river, making him unable to move.

“It is still spewing out lightning? How much lightning did you have!!”

Rowen spat breathlessly. The Giant Snake spitting lightning was something he hadn’t expected, the same way he hadn’t expected his opponent to have the Initial form of Armament Haki. 

It is common sense that accidents are inevitable in combat, and Rowen has learned a lot through Zephyr so the current situation has not affected his fighting spirit.

But this spitting volume of the Giant Snake is a bit alarming and amazing at the same time!

The amount of lightning that the Giant Snake has been spewing out had gone above his calculations. The lightning that can make him immobile now has the power of at least 200 Million Volt! 

He couldn’t afford to take on such a huge explosion even now! But the Giant Snake not only did it but it also lasted for five seconds without stopping. This kind of lightning reserve is simply incredible!

I must have eaten a fake Rumble-Rumble Fruit!

But at this time, Rowen also understood why there would be a kilometer-long White Snake lying on the top of a dangerous mountain on the day of their landing on the Hell Island. 

Not to mention foraging, where the lightning ran rampage and where even the Muscle Beetles can not survive! But if the White Snake Race has a special ability to gulp down and store natural lightning then the current situation can be explained.

That Kilometer Long White Snake probably went there to absorb lightning to replenish its ammunition, but it did not expect the sudden appearance of the transparent white Thunder Pillar which exceeded its tolerance limit, directly injuring it and making it look like a half-cooked dish!

“If that is the case then this pure Discharge attack must be used to stop their enemies from attacking them or maybe it is buying some time!”

As he was thinking, Rowen suddenly found that the Thunder Pillar attacking him had been weakened by half at this point, and he immediately cheered up. He knew that the lightning of the Giant Snake was almost exhausted! 

This trick was hidden so deep by it and if it weren’t for the fact that Rowen was about to break in and destroy its brain, it would not have used it. It can be seen that this trick is some sort of last all-out attack that the Giant White Snake has!

Then once the thunder and lightning finish spitting out, it would be Rowen’s turn to fight back!

But at this moment, a high-speed spinning snakehead descended from the sky and rammed straight into it following the passage created by the Thunder Pillar! The Giant Snake approached unexpectedly as it continued to spray thunder and lightning, and then used his head as a bullet to hit Rowen!

The Giant Snake even used its Initial Form of Armament Haki to coat its own head to do maximum damage!

Obviously, the Giant Snake also understands that the creature in front of him is not so easy to kill, and it is not going to give Rowen any chance to breathe. He is trying to run straight to Rowen and kill him!

Bang… Bang Rumbling!!!

The iconic representative of thermal weapons, the bullets of guns have such powerful lethality, in addition to the burst impact brought by the gunpowder filled inside, the biggest reason is that the guns tube can provide enough kinetic energy for the bullets, giving them powerful Lethality!

The same is true for the Giant Snake’s collision against Rowen’s body. The tunnel created out by the Thunder Pillar is like a Gun tube, the Giant Snake’s head is like a bullet, and its muscle power is the gunpowder.

Bang… Bang Rumbling!!

As the Giant Snakehead hammer hits the ground, the dreaded Tremor appears!

The soil deep in the Underground instantly rushed outwards in a waterfall shape, tearing the earth apart! The whole Hell Island is trembling and wailing, and the undulating soil is like soft cotton, making it unstable to stand upon. 

In just a moment, there was an extra canyon in the heart basin of the Hell Island! The hard rock was fragile in front of the Giant Snake’s blow, cracking deep ravines in it!

The scorching heat crystallized the soil, and the billowing magma continuously burst out.

At the bottom of the canyon, among smoke and dust, the Giant Snake pulled its head out of the soil. It was covered with scarlet cracks and scars, and the cracks in the Giant Snake’s lips were torn because of Tremor, exposing pink gums. The Giant Snake was in bad condition but even now its eyes were still cold.

Wild, domineering, bloodthirsty, ruthless, unstoppable, this is the majesty of a King in the Hell Island!!


The Giant Snake roared to the sky, giving vent to yet another victory for itself!

It’s not a huge roar, but the whole forest became quiet and everything stopped after hearing this roar!

Regardless of whether it is seriously injured or not, on this Hell Island, it will always be the master, and everything will surrender itself to him!

When the roar was over, the Giant Snake slowly lowered its icy gaze and an unspeakable hunger flooded its mind, causing it to open its mouth and swallow the large piece of soil where Rowen was. 

Afterward, the Giant Snake felt a jolt and strong sleepiness came over its body and as it was too lazy to climb back the ground, it coiled around and went to sleep.

The Hell Island, this Behemoth that was developed by Marine for more than ten years before it was put into use has finally revealed its true face in front of the soldiers today!

“Valve No. 1 is open!”

“The Second valve is also open!”

“…All the valves have sufficient power source, waiting for orders!”

Marines are not in line with the idea of ​​diligence and thrift but they let this Battleship shuttle repeatedly through the dangerous Hell Island and Marine Headquarters for ten years. 

The reason for that is the Device that controls the Hell Island’s safety and it is only a single set for this Battleship. Before the Device is completely scrapped, the Battleship must be in service!

The reason for this was Dragon’s betrayal.

As the son of “Marine Hero” Garp, Dragon was almost taken as a predetermined Marine Admiral for training, and countless people were optimistic about his future. 

He was also very competitive and showed himself to be extraordinary from a young age, he was smart and capable, strong but not arrogant, and with his father’s shade, he soon became famous in the Marines and became a Headquarters Vice Admiral in his early twenties and he was also deeply trusted by Sengoku.


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