OPTM-Chapter 70 New Part 1

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Thunder exploded as Rowen clenched his fists!

This time, Rowen had no thought of taking any kind of revenge as he purely wanted to fight and kill this Gorilla, Rowen rushed forward and smashed his fist into the Gorilla’s back head.

Overload·Thunderlight Punch!!


The Thunderlight Punch with its penetration force was inserted mercilessly into the back of the Gorilla’s head. The blood has not yet flowed out as the lightning contained in the attack burst out and scattered and the wound scorched into charcoal.

In the next moment, the eyes of the 200-meter-high behemoth in front of Rowen rolled back into his head as his body softly fell forward.

This punch was effective because of the residual effect of Great Electricity Producer, the gorilla did not just lose a single finger in Rowen’s previous attack as some residual electricity was left in its system. 

The powerful current remaining in its body also interfered with its movements, making it unable to turn around instantly as flexible as before.

For speedy opponents, the paralyzing effect of lightning can often play a purely lethal and more powerful effect!

Hmm… Although it is hard to imagine that a gorilla with a height of two hundred meters and a face full of tendons would be a speed player. But everything is possible in the One Piece World!

At this moment, Rowen heard a muffled sound of “Boom” and a large area of ​​the jungle was shaken to the ground.

“Huh? As I thought, this wouldn’t be so easy ……”

Rowen slightly lowered his head and looked at the gorilla who took a step forward to support his body, and took a deep breath: “Then, this fight would go on!

After that, he turned into thunder and lightning and pounced on the Gorilla again.

At the same time, the extremely angry gorilla mobilized the brute force of the huge muscles in his body, turned around, and threw out a punch.



Rowen only felt that what hit him from the front was not a fist, but a meteorite! His own fist could not resist at all, and was instantly broken apart! Unable to prevent his own mistakes, his whole body directly scattered into countless lightning snakes, with the wind flying out several kilometers away due to the pressure behind that Gorilla’s fist!

Simple, rude, and effective, this is how Gorillas fight!

Its power and speed have refreshed Rowen’s understanding of the word “Power”!


After finally stabilizing his body and floating in the air by Rumble-Rumble Fruit Elementalization, Rowen’s face was filled with Battle Intent.

“Strong enough!!! Come again!!”

Shuā! Shuā! Shuā!

With the help of his technique ‘Blink’, Rowen quickly appeared back on the battlefield. Seeing that such a punch still did not kill the insect in front of him, the Gorilla felt that he had been insulted, and was immediately furious!


“Come on! Let’s see who will fall first!!”

Rowen laughed and dived down, and suddenly turned to avoid the gorilla’s straight punch, seizing the opportunity to hit it with a punch to its jaw.


The gorilla let out a painful cry as his head tilted back. But before Rowen could get happy, its left hand also rushed towards him from below, sending Rowen into the sky! Immediately afterward, Rowen came back and kicked the Gorilla in its temple.

In this dense forest, one person and one beast started endless fighting with one of the most violent means available to them!


At the same time, On the top of a high mountain in the Eastern Region.!

“Dante, do you feel that the lightning there is weird?”

Standing at the peak of this eastern highest mountain, most of the Hell Island encompasses the eye. 

Everyone realized that the area they had been living in was just the periphery of the Hell Island! Volcanoes, Ice Fields, and Barren Forests, the three major disaster zones envelop the dense forests that looked like a basin in the heart of the Island, which is the true core of the Hell Island!

But they can’t even get close to the edge of the Forest, because the closer to the heart area, the more terrifying the number and strength of the Beast Kings, let alone entering the centermost area.

Dante and others are here for revenge, the big strange bird that took the life of their comrade lives on this mountain. But before they could find that strange bird, the flashing lightning in the distance attracted their attention.

Everyone has no time to pay attention to the ordinary lightning strikes from the sky. But the lightning there rushed from the ground to the sky, it was as if a cloud of thunder fell to the ground, which attracted their attention.

“It’s Rowen…”

Dante was silent for a while and said: “It should be him, looks like he is fighting with some Beast…”

“So it was him…”

Everyone suddenly realized.

Indeed, if it is Rowen, then the lightning will rush from the ground to the sky…… Wait a minute!!!

Where is he?!

There is the heart of the Hell Island, the interior lands of the interior lands!

Countless Beast Kings blocked the way, and they couldn’t even enter the surrounding area. How did Rowen get there?!!

And looking at the situation, Rowen seems to have been fighting against some creatures!

What kind of a Perverted Moster is he?!

How can they close the gap between them when Rowen is so ahead?

For a moment, everyone closed their eyes and thought of the same thing and felt the same emotions at the same time, they looked in that direction with admiration and fear while staring at the rioting thunder and lightning in the distance.

The location of the Thunderbolt is also a long way from the basin. If they guessed it correctly then Rowen must have killed his way in. When they were still racking their brains and dying for survival on the periphery, this guy had already stepped into the heart of the Island to fight with more terrifying beasts.

This is Rowen, their scariest Monster!

Perhaps, he will also be the scariest Monster in Recruit Camp history!

The Monsters in the wilderness are very terrifying. The two companions who could not survive in the icefield brought back a piece of information when they approached eastward. 

The information was related to the strength of the weak Monsters like Beetle, the two of them almost died many times before they succeeded in hunting just two beetles and these are the monsters that are treated as a source of food by various creatures!

This news made Dante and others understand that even in the outer area, the difficulty of hunting monsters and surviving is not.

With the Barren Forest and the Ice Field, this tropical jungle can already be considered a paradise as they would be able to survive as long as they are ready and strong!

Rowen took the hardest path, and he moved forward countless times faster than them on that path…

This gap in strength…

“Really makes one feel… desperate!”

Dante shook his head, then squeezed the Sword around his waist, and turned to leave: “Don’t be stupid! Our purpose here… is not to see Rowen perform!”

Everyone woke up and they clenched their weapons while Killing Intent appeared in their eyes.


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