OPTM-Chapter 68 The War of Survival Part 2

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From the heart disease patient who shouldn’t have been able to carry on his body, to the world-famous self-harming maniac who was adored by sports enthusiasts all over the world, Rowen has already broken through his various limits a hundred times!

He had never known where his next level would be before because he found that after he came into this world, he seemed to be able to grow stronger without limits. But this is not a system, this is his original body, so Rowen is very clear in his heart that no matter how strong he becomes, he is still an ordinary person.

Since he is an ordinary person, he must face his limits!

Life on the Hell Island is completely different from anything dangerous he had done in his past. He has to endure eating the poisonous insects crawling around until the edible prey appears for even a bite of meat. 

When he withdrew from the civilized society and the wildness hidden deep in his genes was reignited, Rowen found that his limit was slowly loosening. He can be sure that his Doriki value has not improved at all during this period, and it is the change of mind that has made him touch the door of that limit.

As long as he continues, breaking the shackles of this limit is something that will occur naturally!

Until then……

“I hope you can satisfy me, little thing!”

Rowen opened his mouth and muttered to himself.

In the darkness of night, a flash of killing intent spread out and all the animals in the forest felt this Killing Intent and ran wildly for fear of attracting the attention of the owner of the killing intent! 

In the deep forest a few kilometers away from Rowen, the White Scale Snake swallowed a wild boar. In the next moment, the White Snake shook his whole body, raised his long snakehead, and hissed at the moon.


Well, being a snake, its roar was inaudible, so it didn’t attract Rowen’s attention.

A few days later, in the eastern region, near the magma belt.

Pū Tōng……Pū Tōng……

With the blood flowing out, a Giant Crocodile turned over his belly and sank to the bottom and the other crazy offensive Crocodiles began to flee in all directions. 

The Recruits numbly dropped their weapons and sat on the ground. Quinn·Dante rushed forward and attacked and it was only a few seconds later that he found that there were no enemies around.

He lowered his head and blankly stared at his hands, the beast blood and human blood formed plaques, dyeing the long sword red in his hand.

“We… Won?”

Then, his gaze swept over towards his exhausted companions, and in the next moment, he suddenly clenched his sword and shouted.

“Justice will win!!”

“Just…Justice will win!!”

This is a freshwater lake previously occupied by the Beast King Crocodile. Even though the cheers at this time attracted the attention of the strange bird, it did not dare to approach this group easily.

In the western ice field, three soldiers walking together panted out from under the belly of a large White Bear that was more than 30 meters tall. They looked at the corpse in front of them, and their eyes were filled with a little surprise. 

Immediately, an indescribable sense of satisfaction and wildness spread across their chests, making them howl like wild wolves, venting their heart’s happiness.

At this moment, the same thing is still happening in various locations on the Hell Island. It announced that the remaining 25 Recruits from the Marine Headquarters who were formally the ignorant survivors, have completely integrated into this Hell and have become small lords of the Island. !

This scene was captured through Den Den Mushi. In the station, Momonga and the other abstaining Recruit clenched their fists at the same time.

“Nice! They did it!!”

When seeing Dante leading the team to challenge the island’s Beast King due to the pressure of survival, everyone was nervous. Because in the historical log, once such a challenge is initiated, it will never stop, and it will only end when one side is dead! 

The reason for the highest death rate among Recruits in the past is that, like them, they challenge the various Overlords of the Island for survival.

This is a dangerous thing but it must be done!

In the Hell Island, the resources are very limited, and it is impossible to feed too many creatures.

Many mothers even kill their weak ones at the moment the cubs are born, leaving only the strongest one, in order to reduce the food they need to bring back. As for the secretion of maternal hormones during childbirth, so that the other she-wolves can raise up babies as their own? This kind of thing does not exist in this island!

Food, freshwater, everything is precious on this Island!

For a piece of meat and a mouthful of water, all creatures would risk their lives to grab and fight for it! Take away the life of others so that you can live!

If you want to feed a team of nine people, all of whom are superhumans with physical abilities that exceed 30 times that of ordinary people. The demand for survival materials is an extremely terrifying number! Dante must either give up and disband the team or challenge the Beast King!

He did the latter!

And he succeeded!!

After feeling the initial relief and excitement, Momonga’s always solemn and steady face was full of undisguised smiles.

As long as the challenge to Beast King succeeds, it basically means that they have survived.

Beast Kings of the same level will not attack other’s territory for freshwater sources brainlessly, because in the law of the jungle, Injury = Death! Beasts rely on their advantages and avoid disadvantages and that is the reason why they can continue to survive from generation to generation.

“They have survived!! It’s great! Hahahaha!!”

Cheerful laughter echoed in the cave, and the eliminated soldiers turned red in embarrassment, but they were not jealous.

They have no right to speak if they do not have the corresponding strength. They are one of those who have experienced the hellish environment of Hell Island, so they know very well how hard it is for Dante to do such a thing!

Not to mention……

No one knew what the others were thinking but the eyes of the Returned Recruits turned towards the three Recruits who gave up from the beginning.

What’s more, it is a real shame for the three of them who didn’t even dare to participate in the Survival training and directly gave up, at the very least, the others here had the guts to go out and face their fears!

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