OPTM-Chapter 64 Dangerous Part 1

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As a member of the Marine family, and with a father who is a Headquarters Colonel, Dante knew that Marines didn’t just deposit the Recruits on the Hell Island to fight with their life on the line for fun. Rather, it was because they wanted to sharpen them and make them stronger through life and death battles.

But its significance…

“Isn’t it to help us sharpen our will and become stronger?”

“That’s a good explanation but it is not the right one……” 

Rowen shook his head and spoke.

“As long as you survive in Island for three months without dying, getting exercise to sharpen your will is a given.”

“So this is not the ultimate goal!”

Dante’s expression condensed and his tone inevitably showed respect.

“Then what is it?”

“They want us to see for ourselves…”

The look in Rowen’s eyes was deep as he looked towards the cave. His sight seems to drill out of the ground through the stones and mud and go to the sky.

“See… for ourselves?”

Dante frowned, chewing on the words carefully.

“Is it for us to see our own strength and not become arrogant?”

“It’s more than that …….”

Rowen explained slowly.

“Have you ever thought about why some people are different from others?”

“Some people are born to be unstoppable and can compete well by becoming stronger. Some people only have strengths in one aspect, and they have shortcomings in the other. 

Now everyone here seems to be Recruits and there is not much difference between us in all the aspects, but there would come a time when we would be required to go to seas to implement many Missions. 

How you make your own judgments will make you different from other people, different people will naturally make different decisions in life, and we need to slowly figure out our own course of action and this is the chance to do that.

“The ultimate goal of this test is like this…The harsh and cruel environment of Hell Island will force us to take survival as the first element, make judgments, act upon them, and figure out the most suitable way of survival in the crisis.”

“Momonga will not interfere no matter what method we take to overcome the difficulties, but the decision about the future here must be made by ourselves.”

Dante is a bit perceptive and as he listened to Rowen’s explanation, his eyes got brighter. When Rowen finished speaking, he couldn’t wait to add.

“So, whether it’s getting together or going solo, sharpening our will, exercising to grow stronger, enriching our insights, and whatnot, these are all small things! Hell Island is a place filled with dangers and crisis!  The real purpose of this test is to let us recognize ourselves in advance! As long as we know ourselves now then we would not hesitate in the future! So that’s how it is! So that’s how it is!”

Dante clenched his fist, his body shaking with excitement.

Originally, he thought it was just a trial of strength, but he didn’t expect that there was such a deep mystery behind it!

“Look like you understand… Then I don’t have to give you the choice to cling to the strong, right?”

In response, Rowen slightly smiled and he smoothly shut out any further conversation between them.

It is already very hard to get a good night’s sleep without these interceptions.


Early in the next morning, Rowen packed up his bag and walked towards the ground step by step along the rough remodeled stairs inside the cave.

In fact, he has nothing to pack. He can’t bring food, medicine, and tools with him. He can only take away a thin Recruit Short Sleeve with him. Swordsmen are better in this aspect as they could carry their own Swords with them.

Even though Dante was driven away in disguise with the idea of ​​”Seeing for Ourselves” last night, Rowen didn’t deceive him.

Whether or not you can recognize yourself is a more important key to strength, belief, and dream! Only those who can see how much they are will have the opportunity to correct, adapt, and improve themselves. Then, they would be able to use this as the cornerstone to build high-rise buildings of strength, faith, and dreams.

Pure tempering is the most meaningless. In this dangerous world where people can die anytime and anywhere, our judgment is the most important aspect! A single mistake in judgment would have serious consequences!

In addition to being strong and loyal, Marine Officers needs to have a brain!

One must know what judgment one needs to make in their current circumstances, one must know what they can touch and not touch. They need to become mature, accept the dangers of the Seas in their heart while remaining as calm as a mountain, and have a strong heart… this!

This is what Marines want to see.

It is also the real goal of the test.

The Hell Island is a melting pot of fierce flames, it will use the cruelest way to temper the Recruits and turn them into War Machines.

As for the losers…

They would be thrown away.

On the Battleship deck, Momonga, who hadn’t slept all night, watched the Recruits who walked out of the room silently and disappeared into the dark stairs, silently sending his blessings to them.

After seven o’clock, the officer responsible for statistics came and said to Momonga, “Reporting! Vice-Admiral Momonga, there are 36 Recruits in this batch, three of whom did not leave on time. One of them claimed that he had overslept, and the other two had no reason.”


Looks like the journey had brought them a lot of pressure…

The corner of Momonga’s mouth twitched a few times as he wanted to curse out loud, but he finally sighed and waved his hand: “I see, arrange something for them, let them clean the toilets for three months!”

“Yes, Sir!”

The Officer turned around and walked away without saying anything extra.

This kind of thing is not strange, every time they come to Hell Island, there would be some people who give up the test because they are afraid.

Abandoning the test means that all their efforts in the Recruit Camp were in vain. They can only start with being Seaman First Class and Seaman Apprentice in Marine Ranks. It would be difficult for them to get promoted even if they have the backing of large families.

In fact, there is a sentence Momonga did not tell them, for those who persist until the last step but still have to run back to seek refuge, even they would be given the rank of Sergeant at the worst.

Those who give up directly will be giving up their entire carrier in the Marines!

The stairs were not very long. When Rowen walked out of the cave and came to the ground, there was already a large group of people waiting there.

Quinn Dante saw Rowen come out and smiled at him, but the expression on his face wasn’t looking good.

Rowen turned to know why, so he stopped and stood with them, watching the exit.



“It’s 7 o’clock…”

Dante mumbled the time and hearing his words, the crowd was a bit gloomy and unexciting …… No matter who it was, they couldn’t be happy in front of something like a comrade really choosing to give up.

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