OPTM-Chapter 61 Hell

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“It is my duty and responsibility so there is no need to thank me!”

Onigumo returned the military salute and said: “The Battleship was attacked by the Sea King during the return voyage, and although the ship’s hold was repaired, we still need to be careful about water leakage. Besides that, there is still enough fresh water and supplies to sail at any time.”

War Faction Officers have the advantage that they do what they say they would do and have no extra schemes and ideas. Unless there is force majeure or people are dead, they will do everything possible to complete the Mission in a perfect way and they are not greedy for credit!

For example, Onigumo explained the attack on them during the return voyage in a simple sentence and didn’t emphasize anything, but judging from the large new planks on the side of the hull, the risk at that time must have been extraordinary!

This is War Behemoth, it is a movable sea bunker!

No normal Sea King would be able to tear off a large part of the hull!

Seeing this, Momonga saluted again: “Thanks for reminding! I will pay attention to it!”

“Again, it is my duty!”

Onigumo returned the same salute again, and then he bit his cigar and glanced at the Marine Rookies who stood aside with an indifferent look. He paused for a moment when he looked behind the crowd and asked with a little surprise: “That kid over there…I remember him. Didn’t he join the Marine half a year ago? Why is he here?”

Huadu West Island (Flower Capital) Mission was a secret mission, so apart from Core Members such as Sengoku, no one knows that Rowen has always been trained as a “Civilian” in Marine and he only ‘officially’ joined the Marine a month ago. 

But what they do know is that Rowen had only been in the Marines for Six Months and it is no one is allowed to go to Hell Island before getting trained for atleast One full year!


“That kid was too strong! Fleet Admiral had to make an exception and let him get out early…”

Momonga knew who he was talking about, and in fact, when he got the list, his first reaction was also like this. But thinking about it, this should be right.

Marine strictly ordered Recruits who have been trained for less than a year to not go to Hell Island. The main reason for that is that they are worried about the Recruits getting hurt or worse, getting killed due to their meager strength. After all, it is still a question of strength!

But this is not a problem for Rowen at all!

As long as he doesn’t go and provoke certain Monsters in the core area of ​​the Hell Island, he would be able to protect himself with his current strength!

Not to mention that he is still a Logia User!

Even though most of the Monsters are strong, they have no means to restrain his Elementalization.

With his perverted self-healing ability and the absolute speed and explosive power of Rumble-Rumble Fruit, and his shockingly strong body… all these conditions are combined together have made it possible that it would require a lot of effort to kill Rowen.

Hearing this sentence, Onigumo also remembered the “2700” Doriki Score that Rowen had gotten in the Year-End Evaluation… This is a number that completely exceeds the minimum standard for survival in the Hell Island! So he nodded and sighed: “Logia Users, are they all Monsters?”

This was true for the current three Admiral, and for Rowen, I am afraid it will be the same…

“No, Rowen is special…”

Momonga shook his head but he did not argue.

As a veteran of Marine Headquarters second only to Garp and Sengoku, he has witnessed how the three Admirals became legends step by step but compared with the current Rowen, Momonga believes that the Admirals had shortcomings…

At least on the physical talent side, Rowen can throw the three Admiral away by miles!

Rowen had learned Kami-e (Paper Drawing) in half a month. This interesting incident on the Garp ship has made all insiders regard Rowen as a Demon!

After a long inspection, the Battleship was able to set sail.


With a shrill honk, the War Behemoth slowly sailed away from the Marine Headquarters.

On the deck, there were 36 Recruits in the same period, including Rowen, and they were all Elite Recruits who met the minimum requirements to go to the Hell Island.

In the beginning, everyone was excited when they thought of being qualified to become a Marine officer as long as they survived in the Hell Island for more than three months. But when Onigumo returned with the previous Recruits, this excitement was gradually replaced by anxiety and fear.

The reason is that a batch of 21 Recruits went to Hell Island, and only 17 returned alive!

The mortality rate is close to 20%!

And these seventeen people are also all wounded, emaciated, and looked even worse than beggars! And three of these seventeen people are disabled, five people are seriously injured and even if they get well, there is no “Bright” future for them!

“Senior Official!”

Looking at Momonga, who was standing in front of the deck and looking at Marine Headquarters, one of the Recruits boldly said, “Hell Island…what kind of place is that?”

Before this, everyone was ordered not to tell the recruit any information about Hell Island. So the Hell Island, which was treated by the Recruits as the last hurdle of the shortcut to becoming an Official Marine, was nothing to be afraid of, even if it was hard and tiring, they would still pass as they had trained in the Headquarters, right?

But when they really saw the tragic situation of the Recruits before them who had returned from the Hell Island, their non-worried hearts were gradually infested by fear, and the few timid people began to regret that they had signed the consent form to go to the Hell Island.

Hearing the Recruit’s question, Momonga took his eyes off the Marine Headquarter and glanced at them.

“Do you know… Of the 17 people who came back, only 9 passed?”

Instead of answering the question, he asked a seemingly unrelated question.

In response, the Recruits shook their heads.

Due to the news blockade, even the wealthy and carrier families in the Marines dare not disclose the news to their children without authorization. They just warned them time and time again that the Hell Island is very dangerous, so they should be prepared.

“This is the only help that Headquarters can offer you ……”

Momonga’s gaze was as cold as a knife as he swept his eyes over the group of restless Recruits: “If you think you won’t survive then you can seek refuge in Battleship garrison.”

The help provided by the Marine is this, it’s not that they couldn’t ask for support at the cost of failure if their life is in danger, but that they can return to Battleship for protection from Momonga if they think that they won’t survive!

The meaning of this is not simply the difference in strength when in danger!

It also means that the Hell Island is a purgatory on earth where even the Geniuses would bow down their heads!

None of the Recruits present here were idiots. As soon as these words came out, everyone’s expressions suddenly tightened.

Hell Island, is it that terrifying?!

Even Rowen is no exception…

But unlike the others who were scared, Rowen was thinking, if it was that dangerous then how many ‘sandbags’ he could find suitable for practice ah!

As for danger and death, why the hell would he care about that?

What’s the problem in that? Death would eventually come for everyone. So why fear something that is definitely going to happen someday. 

Growing stronger is his only goal!

If he died there, it means he was just a simple man who was meant to only reach this level…

Momonga’s words don’t seem to have much relevance, but in reality, they are another way of answering that Recruit’s question.

What is the Hell Island?

It’s Hell!!!


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