OPTM-Chapter 56 Devil? Part 2

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They have heard of the phrase “Practice Desperately”, I’m sorry but Rowen is really killing himself in his training! Without the help of his recovery ability, Rowen would have died of exhaustion early under this type of squeezing exercise!

Rowen would force himself to do this for just ordinary exercise, what kind of terrible will he has?

In this way, Zephyr can only teach Marine Rokushiki and various different combat skills to Rowen, which take time to accumulate and explore. As for Haki, that needs to comprehend for years and Zephyr would not dare to teach them to Rowen without Military Merits.

Then came the interesting part…

Rowen’s talent in physical skills has been unanimously recognized by Marine Senior management. Garp had taught him Kami-e (Paper Drawing), and he had learned it within half a month.

In the past, Zephyr was distressed for his disciple that he wouldn’t be able to teach him much. Now Zephyr is worrying that Rowen is too enchanting. Apart from Haki, which is not allowed to be taught, and the remaining three Rokushiki techniques, there is nothing he could teach Rowen.

The answer is none!

So he thought of a way to throw Rowen to the Hell Island.

Only after three months in the Hell Island, Rowen would be able to pass the Camp with excellent grades and he would be able to learn the fourth Rokushiki Technique. Then he will leave the Recruit Camp as a full officer and go to sea. 

At that time, Rowen would have all the time and opportunity to obtain Military Merits and then he would be able to teach Rowen all his skills.

“Well, my old friend is begging me, I can make an exception!”

Sengoku can imagine how much has changed since Rowen’s return, otherwise, Zephyr would have not submitted the application immediately. Although Headquarters Recruits can’t go to Hell Island before training for less than a year, there are some exceptions.

Not to mention that Rowen, himself, is not a guy who follows the rules.

Recruit Camp Building, Underground Training Room.

Rowen’s suspicions came true. On the first day he left Headquarters two months ago, he joked to Zephyr that Shuzo needs to go out to the sea to train, the result, Shuzo really official reinstatement and went out to sea.

Then, Rowen’s actual combat training target changed from Shuzo, who was still bullying, to retired Admiral Zephyr!

This is sour!!!


With a depressed crack, the training room began to flash with a red light. That is the training room warning system which would begin to alarm after the outer body wall suffered extensive damage. 

Zephyr wasn’t worried though, as he was sure it wasn’t an enemy invasion that had damaged the walls, after all, it was Rowen who was now plastered on the walls.

“Huh? I’m surprised you didn’t dodge?”

Zephyr kept his leg sweeping posture while looking at Rowen’s stitching past the spider-shaped pit, feeling a little strange.

I haven’t even made an effort, and you’re already down?

Are you kidding me?

“Cough…… Cough…… Cough……”

Hearing these words, the drowsy Rowen’s mouth twitched endlessly.

F*ck you for saying that he didn’t dodge!

Do you even know how fast your kick is?

I bet even that Old Asshole Garp may not be able to dodge this kick perfectly!!

And you also used Armament Haki in that kick!!

After taking a few deep breaths, Rowen moved his limbs and tried to pull himself out of the gap. The movement involved the broken bones, so he squeezed his eyebrows in pain. After some time, he suddenly felt himself losing support, and his whole body fell through the wall.


Continuing to suck in cold air, Rowen said to Zephyr like a salted fish: “Thank You for today’s training, Teacher, let me recuperate ……”

There is no way in hell he can continue to take those kicks!

Even considering his amazing self-healing power, he would still be killed by Zephyr if he continues to fight!!

Zephyr put his hand under his chin at Rowen’s request.

To be honest, although Rowen’s strength is not obvious yet, his strong resistance to beating is absolutely first-rate! In the past few days, he even liked the feeling of beating Rowen… 

Just imagine that a punching bag that can be recovered within a day and it can even be strengthened. Zephyr has no reason not to like it!

But after all, Rowen is too far behind him in terms of strength. At this time, his body is getting more and more injured. It’s time to stop.

“So be it! That’s it for today, we’ll continue tomorrow.”

Zephyr said a line to relax Rowen, and then added in a serious voice: “Hurry Up and grow stronger, my Disciple!”

In this way, I can go all out in my fight.

“Speaking of which Rowen, what exactly did Rosa promise you?”

The time is a few days later, the location is Headquarters Recruit Camp Hospital, the speaker is Garp.

After throwing the criminals into jail, Garp didn’t care about the rest of the procedures… Actually, he didn’t bother to care about it. After all, Fleet Admiral will take care of everything.

But to everyone’s disappointment, Das Bonez really didn’t know about the treasure that Baroque Works wanted to find and the people behind the Baroque Works. Tsuru had used her fruit power several times before finally confirming that the other party did not tell a lie.

The people in Baroque Work Agency wouldn’t even dare to say that they knew each other, let alone know the boss, Sand Crocodile behind the scenes. Rowen had predicted this situation, so it’s not surprising to hear Garp talk about it.

But about Rosa’s promise…

“For the time being, allow me to keep that a secret…… anyway, it will not be something that will endanger Marine ……”


Garp rubbed his chin and suddenly raised his eyebrows: “You kid, don’t let me know that you have taken this opportunity to blackmail Rosa in exchange for treasure, otherwise I won’t spare you!”

Rowen’s mouth twitched and he rolled his eyes to ignore him.

A place like a hospital is the most meaningless thing to a person like Rowen. He can completely heal his injuries by relying on his special physique. The diagnosis results are the same with or without a doctor. 

However, the hospital provides a variety of painkillers and a carefully formulated nutrition solution, which can make him feel better and speed up his recovery, so every time he fights with Zephyr during this period, Rowen will come to the hospital to lie down for a long time.

Rowen can also see that Zephyr really has nothing to teach him at this stage. He can only use repeated beatings (no mistake) to allow him to thoroughly integrate the teachings he has received into actual combat.

“Speaking of which, why isn’t Rear Admiral Trane with you?”

As a staunch member of the “Garp faction”, Trane even goes with Garp on weekdays. Garp is here to inform him about the follow-up of the interrogation which not a secret that Trane couldn’t here so where is he?

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