OPTM-Chapter 56 Devil? Part 1

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Rowen shrugged apologetically to Rosa and was preparing to board the ship. Suddenly, Fred took a step forward and stopped him: “You said that you would answer my questions when I inherit the throne.”

“Hmm?” Rosa raised her eyebrows when she heard that.

“Um… I did say that!”

Rowen suddenly realized as he stretched out his green leaf uniform, revealing the short and thin dress of Marine Soldier underneath, and then grinned and said with a smile: “In terms of procedures, I’m just a civilian.”

“Procedurally speaking” means that Rowen had never officially joined the Marines!!!

Everything they previously thought and took for granted was just a one-sided assumption!

Fred…Oh no, Fred King stared at all this in a daze. After three seconds, he realized something and he could only shake his head and smile.

“You will be a good General! Rowen…”

“Thanks to your good words!”

Rowen touched his nose and then saluted solemnly.

“So …… gentlemen, I’ll take my leave!”

“I wish you a good trip!”

“Set sail!!!”

With a loud and clear trumpet, the Dog Head Battleship slowly sailed away from the port and quickly disappeared on the horizon with the help of the monsoon wind brought by the warm current. 

Looking at the Huadu West Island (Flower Capital) which gradually turned into a line in the distance, Rowen had a premonition in his heart that they would definitely meet again. After all……


On the deck, Garp rubbed his nose, and suddenly sat up suspiciously: “There must be someone who is thinking about tricking me!!!”

One month later, Marine Headquarters.

No matter how much time has passed, Marineford has not changed. It is like the Divine Artifact left behind by some higher power. It has stood tall and solemn for hundreds of years,  suppressing the tidal wave of the times.

Today, at the top of Headquarters Fortress, Sengoku sits in his office, reading the documents in his hand.

After a long time, he put the information down and said to Tsuru, “The interrogation is in your hands, Tsuru, make sure to dig out every piece of information! If possible, get the true identity of their boss behind the scenes as well!”

“Understood!” Tsuru will take the mission seriously and she nodding to indicate that she has understood the command.

Her Wash-Wash Fruit can not only be used as an offensive tool but can also work on the Metaphysical level of “Mind”, washing away a person’s “Evil” and leaving the purest “Goodness” behind. 

The “Goodness” is left behind. But after all, it is the power to control someone’s mind, this ability can not be used on the soldiers, and it can not be widely known, so as not to cause panic.

But if their target is a criminal then there is little need for restraint ……

The Baroque Work agency is not only threatening the Grand Line, but also the Four Seas. It can be said that except for New World, there are traces of their existence everywhere! If they can kill them all then the benefits Marines would gain would be massive.

It has been half a month since Das Bonez awakened, and Trane was in charge of his interrogation. But as the former member who was trusted by Crocodile, there is no doubt that he will not say anything. So Garp didn’t say anything and left him alone.

They are not Professional Interrogators, so what could they even do?

“Well, there is also the little girl who calls herself Miss. Goldenweek…”

Sengoku rubbed his temples with a headache: “Can I leave that to you too, Tsuru?”

The girl named Goldenweek has now been determined to be a non-Devil Fruit Ability user but she has a strange talent.

She is able to control a person’s emotions by blending out colors that are psychologically suggestive to people and animals. If there was no such ability then Sengoku wouldn’t have said anything. 

He would have just thrown her in jail, confirm that there is no problem, and then throw her into the Headquarters Military Academy for several years of Justice education to correct her views.

But with this ability, Goldenweek’s education problem has become urgent!

Only Tsuru, the Wash-Wash Fruit Ability user, can bring back her paranoid views that she acquired with the Hitmen. However, in this way, Sengoku has some kind of guilty conscience of being an unscrupulous boss who is squeezing the labor of his employees.

In response, Tsuru raised her head and glanced at Sengoku with a deep look: “Fine! Leave the child to me for now!”

Sengoku breathed a sigh of relief.

Some people may ask, why is the treatment of Goldenweek so different?

No no no!

It’s all the same.

If Goldenweek is later found to be a Murderous Phycopath or if she has done something unconscionable then the procedure will be like this: Sengoku would put her in prison, and after determining that there is a problem …… he will either put in Impel Down or have her secretly executed!

There is no human rights in this world, and the Elderly and Children are treated equally.

If someone has done evil then he must bear the corresponding price!

As the leader of Marine Headquarters, Sengoku’s ruthlessness is especially evident in his enemies!

After discussing business matters, Sengoku picked up a piece of information and spoke with a strange look in his eyes: “It’s been less than a month and he had been officially enlisted in the recruit list that is going to the Hell Island, Rowen is setting a record, isn’t he?”


Tsuru took the information suspiciously and glanced at it, and suddenly smiled kindly: “So that’s it, Zephyr couldn’t help it?”

That is a form for Rowen to apply for special training in Hell Island, signed and submitted by Zephyr, saying that Rowen has reached a bottleneck, and the training in the Recruit Camp is not suitable for him, and he needs more pressure to progress.

Clearly organized and logical, both of them could see that Zephyr was really out of ideas!

Rowen is growing too fast!

It’s inhumanly fast!

His perseverance and talent are so evident at Camp that it’s scary!

For example, how tough are the target workout sessions at Recruit Camp?

Anyone who does all the exercises would be too tired to even breathe, and it is inevitable that they will have a mentality to take a rest.

But Rowen’s daily workouts do not require anyone to remind him, he not only maintains the quality and quantity but he even squeezes his potential in training! Zephyr made him punch a thousand times, he punches two thousand times! Zephyr asked him to attack three hundred times, he did it six hundred times!

Every time he gets tired, his capillaries were on the verge of bursting out and bleeding, and his face looked like a wicked ghost, but he still gets up every time and does even more exercise!

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