OPTM-Chapter 54 Chaos 3(Part 1)

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Thousands of tons of boulders were flying all over the sky, being swept by the airflow, forming a long dragon, and heading towards Fred. Feeling the crisis coming from behind him, Fred gritted his teeth and touched his hands together.

Soot Detonate!!


A cloud of sparks shot out from his hands, and the dense smoke was quickly ignited and burned. In the next moment…


Bang Long!!!

The power of a dust explosion is enough to crack mountains and rocks, not to mention that it is coal powder produced by a Devil Fruit. The Stone Dragon attack just submerged into the Soot area, and was directly shattered by the explosion! 

The gravel that lost the airflow and churn fell from the sky, and the larger stones created a pit where they fell.

But despite the fact that he broke General Jade’s ultimate move, Fred was not happy. The distance between the two of them were too close, and the impact of the coal dust explosion sent him flying to the ground and his bones were on the verge of breaking.

“You Bastard Jade… You are a Fish-Man!!!”

No wonder this guy didn’t drown in the sea after falling into it. No wonder he was able to return to the Huadu West Island (Flower Capital) after Fred had blocked the port. It turns out that he is a Fish-Man!!

In nearly thirty years of his life, this is the first time that Fred has learned of this secret!

“No, I must escape!”

In addition to General Jade, Marine Hero Garp is also chasing after him, but even though General Jade was too scary! The main reason Fred didn’t dare to stop and fight him was Garp. He tried to prop himself up and glanced ahead.

If he remembers it correctly then he would reach the Embassy where the Nobles live if he went in this direction. Once he is there, Garp would never dare to take any action in front of a large number of Allied Kingdom Member Nobles, and if it was just General Jade then Fred would not necessarily lose!

“I want to pee, let me out!”

Kuang Dang…

An iron basin was thrown into the cage, and the soldier said angrily: “Use this to solve your problem!”

“You are abusing a child! This is not Justice!”

The blushing Miss Goldenweek was furious and she stretched out her little hand to catch someone. 

“I am just obeying my orders.”

However, the soldier had already expected it and stepped back to avoid the sneak attack, he then walked away with a blank expression on his face after speaking.

Watching the Soldier walk away, Miss Goldenweek clenched her small fists and suddenly sat back down in the cage.

That’s it!

It’s really over this time!

This group of Marines are well-trained and powerful. They don’t care about anything except for their commands. They are obviously not ordinary troops and they will not give her any chance to escape!

And even if she can leave the cage, can she really escape from the ship?

Unexpectedly, Miss Goldenweek’s body trembled and a trace of fear flashed in her eyes as she looked up at the tall figure in the front.

This figure had neatly combed black shredded hair draped in front of his forehead, and his appearance was just plain simple. But his eyes were filled with self-confidence, indifferent, and somewhat cunning, it looked as if nothing in this world would surprise him. 

This figure is two meters tall and he is wearing the unique Green Leaf-shaped uniform of Huadu West Island (Flower Capital) Guards. He is not strong, and he seems far more relaxed than the soldiers around here and looked easy to deal with but that is just an appearance.


He was the one who created a terrifying Thunder Rain that rained down upon the Baroque Works Camp!

That deafening thunder! The tragic wailing of Baroque Works subordinates! And the weird wicked incense drifting in the air!

It will be a nightmare that she will never go away from her mind!

Even the powerful Mr.3 was easily killed by this person with a single move. The strength this guy had shown is not at a level which she could even understand!

‘How will I be dealt with?’ Miss Goldenweek started to think about her future…

Am I going to jail? Or will I be put to death?

Maybe they will sell me to Noble as a slave? I heard that many Nobles are perverted.

It is not surprising that Miss Goldenweek thinks this way. After all, the philosophy that Crocodile has instilled in them so far is to annex Alabasta and build an ideal Kingdom where everyone can live a happy life. So Crocodile’s subordinates hate things like Nobles, and Goldenweek is also very familiar with their conduct.

After all, most of the Nobles in One Piece World are really shitty and they don’t have a good personality…

Bang rumble…

At this moment, there was a loud sound in the distance, echoing in the quiet night. This is not a crisp explosion, but more like the sound of a firecracker thrown at the bottom of an inverted bowl.

The team returning to the palace immediately stopped and stood on standby. Trane and Rowen walked up to the hillside and they saw the scene while taking advantage of the visual advantage brought by their strong physique.

“That location…looks like the Nobles’ Residence, right?” Rowen raised his eyebrows as the corner of his mouth twitched.

Oye Oye, will that Old Asshole really tear down the embassy?

Different countries have different national rules. Huadu West Island (Flower Capital)’s rules are that no one is allowed to stay overnight in the palace except for servants, palace guards, and those people with royal blood.

The Nobles of Allied Kingdom Member came to attend the Queen’s birthday banquet. But like Marines, they need to live outside the palace, in a manor specially built for envoys from various countries.

But from their perspective, isn’t that the place that is getting torn apart by the explosion?!

“Were they attacked by the remnants of the Baroque Works?” Trane frowned and followed: “If so many Nobles are killed then will the Marines be blamed!”

They were not to blame but they are destined to become a scapegoat!!

And if it wasn’t done by that Old Asshole, then the only possibility is the Queen…

‘Queen Rosa… Aren’t you going a little overboard in your scheme?’ Rowen added rationally in his heart as he silently frowned.

The more Trane thought about it, the more grave his expression became. He turned towards Rowen and the Soldiers and ordered: “Everyone stays in place! You need to watch the captives! If anyone except for me, Rowen, and Vice-Admiral Garp dares to approach the captives then you have my permission to kill them!!”

“Yes, Sir!!!”

After ordering the Soldiers, Trane said to Rowen: “You are fast. Go there and take a look. Tell me if there is a problem that we need to deal with.”


Rowen really can’t use the speed of lightning in actual combat, after all, it is really too fast! But in this open land, the advantages of Rumble-Rumble Fruit can be fully utilized in the aspect of Speed, far exceeding Soru and Geppō (Moonwalk).

Speaking no-nonsense, Rowen nodded and his figure flashed as he turned into an electric light, and disappeared from his original place.

Behind the Soldiers, Miss Goldenweek in the cage saw Rowen leave and her eyes lit up, thinking that she may have a chance to escape now. However, after seeing Trane standing in the center of the team with his sword in his head, the newborn hope in her heart quickly went out.

Rowen puts a lot of pressure on her, yes, but the guy in front of her is also not easy to fool and he is also quite powerful!!!

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