OPTM-Chapter 51 Miss Goldenweek

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Soon, there was no one who put up any resistance in the camp.

After Das Bonez was defeated by the swordsman, and a few dishonest prisoners were killed by the Thunder Demon, the remaining pirates were quite obedient. Trane, who was in a bad mood, ordered his Soldiers to count the battle damages and results. 

After thinking about it, a soldier walked up to Rowen and saluted: “Mr. Rowen, we found a little girl in this camp. She should be one of the residents of Huadu West Island (Flower Capital).”

This kind of trivial matter can be reported to Rowen as he is the Chief Imperial Guard of the Huadu West Island (Flower Capital) palace. They don’t need to trouble Trane. Not to mention that the latter is in a bad mood now…

Rowen didn’t care, and waved his hand: “Take her back and then ask the people who have lost a child and tell them to come and claim her.”


As the soldier walked away, Rowen paused in place for three seconds, and a thought suddenly appeared to him and he appeared in front of the Soldier in an instant.

“Wait a moment? Did you say a little girl? What does she look like?”

The soldier was startled. It was not a good experience that a figure suddenly appeared in front of someone and he almost drew his sword and attacked. 

However, he immediately recognized Rowen in his unique uniform and replied after a sigh of relief: “She is an ordinary little girl with a drawing board. She said that she was caught by them accidentally when she came out to paint.”

Ordinary girl…No, no, no, that’s a high-level cadre from Baroque Work Agency who was also Mr.3’s partner, Miss. Goldenweek!

Rowen glanced at him rather speechlessly, and then said: “Be careful with her! She is also a member of the Baroque Work Agency! Confiscated her drawing board and escorted her back for questioning.”


A little girl is also a member of the Baroque Works. Are you serious right now… Wait a minute, it could indeed be very possible!

What was a girl doing so deep in the mountains? Why did she come here?

How did she get caught by the Baroque Work agency and if that is true then why did they give her delicious food and drink. The Soldier didn’t see any abuse on her. Would there be such a coincidence?

That said, it is indeed suspicious!

The soldier immediately shook his head and saluted while saying: “Yes!”

At this moment, Trane walked over looking for him and asked, “What happened?”

“Rear Admiral Trane…”

Such and such, such and such.

After listening to the explanation, Trane looked in with a suspicious look on his face and said: “You can’t make a mistake like that. The guys in the Baroque Work are extremely wicked, how can they accept little girls?”

Looking at Das Bonez, the famous Bounty Hunter of West Blue, nicknamed “Hitmen”, recruiting little girls is not their style at all!

But what Trane momentarily forgot was that there were something called “Devil Fruits” in the world. After he questioned it, before Rowen could explain, a collision of swords sounded.

At the same time, a soldier was shouting.

“Are you crazy, White? I’m Kate!!”

“Be careful! Subdue him together!”

Trane and Rowen looked back and saw that the soldier who had just reported the news raised his sword and slashed at his companion with a grim look on his face. Due to the lack of defense and the close distance, the soldier named Kate was immediately injured. Fortunately, the Elites present were not ordinary people. 

The injury was not serious and Kate quickly pulled away from his opponent, and then the others took out their blades and fought with each other.

At the same time, a small figure carrying a drawing board was quietly running towards the depths of the jungle.

In response, Rowen raised an eyebrow at Trane.

“What do you think is the chance of our soldiers betraying us?”

The expression on Trane’s face turned black as he shouted: “Shut up! Go and catch her, I’ll stop them!”

Then he drew his blade and rushed towards the Soldiers…

“Yes Yes……”

A bolt of lightning flashed, and Rowen’s figure disappeared in place.

“Soldier, do you know what you are doing?!”

Trane did not attack the soldier named White in the first place. Just as Rowen said, how likely is the scenario of his soldier betray him? And why would he betray them on the eve of the reward after the big victory while being surrounded?

So it is very likely that the little girl did something to control him.

With such an unthinkable thing, Trane first suspected that the little girl is a Devil Fruit Ability User. He needs to collect intelligence to improve his information on Devil Fruits. Anyway, only ordinary soldiers were controlled, and their combat effectiveness was limited, so Trane was not in a hurry.

“Sorry Senior Officials! But I couldn’t control myself!”

The soldier named White is still very sane, but he said: “I don’t know why but I suddenly find it interesting to betray my brothers, especially Kate. He is my Big Brother, and I feel even better while betraying him!”

Kate, who was slashed, almost suffered a brain hemorrhage as he listened to this, and stood up to beat him. Fortunately, he was held back by the soldiers.

Trane’s eyelids twitched, but he was relieved.

It sounds like a certain aspect of a person’s emotions are infinitely amplified, causing the body to lose control. Instead of using Wires to control the soldier’s body like a certain Shichibukai…

That being the case… It’s OK to stun him!

Thinking of this, Trane no longer kept his hand, and when the opponent hacked down, he walked around behind the opponent and raised the hilt of his sword.

With a “Bang”, the area became quiet…

Then Trane looked at his side and he saw Rowen standing with a little girl who had passed out. At his speed, wanting to catch Goldenweek is not worth mentioning. When Trane looked over, he pointed to a cloud of smoky debris, which looked like a drawing board and paintbrush.

“It should be the paint on his back that affected his mood. Just now this little girl wanted to apply paint to me, but I burned it down…”

Seeing that Trane is looking at him, Rowen pointed to a large pool of paint marks on the back of the soldier’s shirt. It was a cloud of black paint, and Trane wouldn’t have noticed it without being reminded.

“So that’s it, paint?”

Trane thought for a while and made a sharp cut. With a crisp sound of “Chii”, the shirt with paint was cut off and thrown aside. Then Trane ordered: “Wake him up and see what’s going on.”

“Don’t move, just let me do it!”

Kate, who simply bandaged the wound, approached his brother with a sneer as a group of people watched.

Not long after, they heard a scream.

“Ah!!! Why are you beating me up?!”

“Ouch! Big Brother, I am sorry, I really didn’t mean it!”

“It wasn’t on purpose! I’m pretty normal now!”

“Ah! Why are you still beating me? I will fight back if you don’t stop!”

“Help…Help Senior Officials!!”

Seeing the scene of the two brothers “loving each other”, Trane breathed out a sigh of relief. But he suddenly shuddered and asked, “You mean, she just wanted to put paint on you?”

As soon as these words came out, the whole jungle became quiet in an instant.

It can be seen how strong this ability is by seeing that a brother attacked his own brother, if the person being controlled is Rowen…


Everyone was shocked, and Trane roared even more: “Who has the lowest Doriki score in this test? Come over and arrest her!!”

After a while, a little soldier blushed and arrested Goldenweek with great responsibility!

No one could have thought that the person who would cause most trouble with this mission was not Mr. 1, who claimed to have never been cut by a swordsman, nor Mr. 3, who made Wax giants to drive soldiers everywhere, but Goldenweek, a young girl who has no combat power but can control emotions.

Just imagine, in case the people controlled were Rowen and Trane…

She could have even wiped out this team of Marine Elites!!!

Seeing that Goldenweek was confirmed to be in a seastone handcuffs, Trane was relieved and said: “Come with me, Rowen.”

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