OPTM-Chapter 45 Swings

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Queen Rosa is here, at the critical moment when Rowen is about to be arrested.

No matter how careful you think, Rosa is still the Queen. The crowd of Nobles didn’t want to recite the “I don’t know the etiquette”, which is the foundation of their “Nobleness”, so they bend down and salute honestly.

Even Fred is no exception to this.

After the salute, Fred glanced at the fat man who was being lifted and then said to Queen Rosa: “Your Majesty, His Highness Andrew was injured by that Marine Soldier, he committed an unforgivable mistake. Please punish him severely!”

When Fred opened his mouth, the Nobles around him also shouted.

“Yes, Your Majesty, this guy is too courageous and must be punished severely!”

“For the glory of Noble! Normal punishment would not be enough to quell their anger!”

That fat man is also a King?

Surrounded by the crowd, Rowen rolled his eyes feeling slightly surprised. But thinking of what Queen had told him when she summoned him just now, he felt confident again.

He gave Queen Rosa a wink and pointed to the maid who was trying to prop herself up and knelt aside.

Rosa, as the Queen of Huadu West Island (Flower Capital), has never seen any big thinking process, but she can see Rowen’s thought at a glance. If Rowen were to act as a Marine Soldier then no one would be able to save him from punishment, not even Garp. 

There is a clear line between civilians and Noble. A Marine Soldier may be above the law, but he is no different from civilians.

But… What if he is not a Marine Soldier?

So Rosa ignored Fred and the others and turned towards the maid.

Fred suddenly had an unknown premonition in his heart and he reached out to stop her. But at this moment, Rowen took a step forward and blocked him with his broad back. Fred went to stop Queen’s hand against his back but he was unable to push Rowen at all.

“This kid…”

A faint of surprise flashed in his eyes, and then he forcefully tried to get past but a shout of lightning stopped him and forced him to take a step back.

Withdrawing his hand, Fred rubbed his fingers silently and a gloomy expression appeared on his face: “Are you that Marine rookie, Rumble-Rumble Fruit Ability user, Rowen?”

He could even investigate Garp’s secret route so how could he not find Rowen’s information, let alone after seeing the scene at the port, Garp had punched Rowen to the ground on the Port, revealing his identity. But Rowen is a member of the Marines so no matter how, as long as he is a Marine, Fred had no fear of him!

So Fred didn’t care about Rowen’s appearance at all until he was forced back by Lightning and he finally remembered this piece of information.

Regarding this question, Rowen grinned before he answered: “General Fred really knows everything, looks like the rumors of you having eyes everywhere was not exaggerating. You are right, I am the Rumble-Rumble Fruit Ability user, but…I am not a Marine rookie!”


Fred’s pupils shrunk when he heard Rowen’s answer, and he looked back at Garp who was eating a donut with greasy crumbs littering around his mouth and he immediately understood something.

That’s it!

To stop me, they became this shameless?

If the Marines do not admit that Rowen is a Marine Soldier then who can prove that he is one?

If Rowen is not a Marine Soldier then what kind of identity can make him so confident?

At this moment, Rosa walked towards the maid and with a trace of Queen’s unique indifference, she asked condescendingly: “Tell me, who hit you?”

“Your Majesty, I…cough cough…”

The maid was startled and her voice choked. She didn’t answer directly. After all, so many Nobles around her had been casting some unkind glances at her, but she raised her head and glanced at Rowen, who was opposing Fred and the maid hesitated.

If I don’t tell the truth, he will be in big trouble, right?

I don’t want to die, but I can’t hurt him!

That person was the only one who stood up to speak to the untouchables like herself, and the maid who knew that there was not much time had a kind of willingness to take the Emperor off his high horse.

At this point, the maid gritted her teeth and said, “It’s His Highness, Andrew!”

“How Bold!!”

It was Queen Rosa’s words that alerted everyone present in this tea party.

In front of Fred’s surprised gaze, Queen Rosa smiled gloomily and said angrily: “This Queen is the only one who has the right to deal with this Queen’s Maid! An outsider bullying this Queen’s maid in her own palace. Do you want to go to war against the Huadu West Island ( Flower Capital)?!!!”

Hearing this sentence, the Nobles who were still on the united front were a little confused.

What the hell?

Go to war?!

This is not a trivial thing to say and it is even more serious when coming from the mouth of the Queen of the Huadu West Island (Flower Capital)!

As said before, Huadu West Island (Flower Capital) has a land area that is not smaller than Alabasta, and there is no Sand Crocodile to stand against the Royal Family. 

Their national strength is famous throughout the Grand Line! Otherwise…it would have been impossible to make so many Allied Kingdom Members of the World Government jealous and come to support Fred.

Although Andrew is also an Allied Kingdom Member, his territory is small and his forces are barren. Not to mention Huadu West Island (Flower Capital), most of Noble’s private soldiers present can easily destroy him, and it is also the reason why this Fat Lord was looked down upon.

Therefore, he is destined to lose this war against Huadu West Island (Flower Capital)!

Fred was also blinded with surprise at this moment, because if they really went to war then he along with his division who are famous in this country wouldn’t be able to escape from this responsibility.

Regardless of the status of Huadu West Island (Flower Capital) and Andrew’s State in this Sea, Andrew, as a guest, bullied the host’s maid in the host’s palace, and that could be viewed as him considering that the other party was weak. 

Queen Rosa has plenty of reasons to fight against him and his small country. And Fred, as the General of the Soldiers and Horses, once Queen declares war, he must take the lead.

In this way, he does not know when he will be pushed to the throne!

Kneeling on one knee immediately, he began to dissuade her: “Your Majesty! The war between the two countries for such a reason would be too bad, many would become involved, and hundreds of people would lose their families. Please think twice about this decision, Your Majesty!”

The Nobles around were silent at the moment, for fear that they would give Rosa a chance to have ordered an attack against them.

No country alone can compete against Huadu West Island (Flower Capital). In the end, if the Queen’s orders were then General Fred must also obey her instructions. He would first need to complete the war and destroy Andrew’s country named Reese before he can secure the throne for himself.

At this moment, Fred hated Rowen to death, and he also hated Andrew.

If it were not for these two people, there would be no change in today’s tea talks, and his throne would be secure!

Now, he must ask the Queen to look at the cruel side of the war and to take back this sentence. After all, he is her own relative, and Fred is very clear about Rosa’s nature of loving people like a child.

“Well, it makes sense. It’s not worth it to waste the people and money for such a waste…”

Under Fred’s nervous gaze, Rosa said something that made everyone breathe a sigh of relief. Then she raised her hand and pointed at Andrew: “Throw this fat pig out of my sight! If he dares to say anything then let him and his people prepare for the extinction of their country!”

Those old and muddy eyes were full of majesty at the moment and no Noble dared to look at her. Even Fred, in front of her majesty, dared not refuse even if his face was as black as ink.

This is the tolerance that a big King should have!


The difference between her and King Cobra of Alabasta is like the one in the sky and one on the ground with King Cobra being the indecisive King who is good at doing bad things!

With such a loving and domineering King guardian, the prosperity of Huadu West Island (Flower Capital) is not a fluke!

Rowen’s eyes were full of attention from behind, and suddenly he understood why the careless Garp had fallen in love with Queen Rosa before. 

Although the reason for the relationship between the two of them was still mysterious as Rowen would be on the receiving end of the “Fist of Love” if he asked, but as long as they are intent, even blind people would be able to see it!

At this moment, he saw Rosa beckoning to him and he sprinted past Fred who was still kneeling on the ground, and came in front of Queen Rosa.

“Your Majesty!”

Noting Rowen, Fred’s eyes flashed with a sudden thought.

Wait, didn’t I come here to teach this brat a lesson?

Now, even though Andrew has been thrown out, the current situation is still there, Rowen had dared to do something against a Noble, which is also a big deal!

He immediately lowered his head and said straightforwardly: “Your Majesty, although His Highness Andrew was at fault first, this person is just a civilian. It is also a big mistake for a mere Civilian to act against a Noble. Please punish him severely, Your Majesty!”

These Nobles are all here to support him, and he must show enough attitude for that to remain the same.

However, Rosa ignored him again, and said to Rowen, “Chief Imperial Guard Rowen, you did a great job. If anyone else dares to offend this Queen’s majesty in this palace, I allow you to do as you see fit! If anything happens then this Queen will bear it!”

You will bear it?

You are on the verge of losing your throne, what will you bear?!

In the end, it’s not that I’m in the wrong!!


Rowen… Chief Imperial Guard?

Fred paused and raised his head incredibly and he looked at Garp.

In order to stop me, you Marine, you made such a big deal!!

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