OPTM-Chapter 44 Trouble? Part 2

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The fat man took a sip and found that the temperature of the tea was just right. He made a noise from his nostrils and glanced at the servant.

“It is a blessing for me to be complemented by Your Highness. Is Your Highness hungry? These Huadu West Island (Flower Capital) specialty snacks taste very good.”

“Very good, give them to me.”

On the other hand, the fat man was feeling very comfortable drinking tea and snacks and no one asked him about the beating he had given out. 

Because of the Nobles present, this kind of thing is sparse and common, they are qualified to look down on the fat man, but the fat man is still Noble, what else can be done after the fight for a common person?

On the other hand, the maid was beaten out of the air and seeing that she would not be living for long, no one had bothered. Even the guards around the garden dare not come to help, because if the fat man is offended, no one will intercede for them.

“Garp will…”

The expression on Trane’s face was extremely ugly. He knew that if she was not treated, the maid would be dead. Now the guards are afraid of the Noble and dare not to help, aren’t they the Marines would help?

The reason why the fat guy beat someone when they arrived, in plain terms, was to give them a slap in the face, telling them that they were supporting Fred!

The cause was in the Marine, and the maid just suffered a disaster.

Garp’s face was filled with anger and helplessness. If it wasn’t Huadu West Island (Flower Capital), then the fat man would have already flown out of the palace half dead with Garp’s violent temperament… And even after Garp beat the fat man! Who would dare to come forward and confront Garp’s fist?!


“Why are you being so timid to save someone. This is not like you at all, Vice-Admiral Garp.”

Suddenly, a tall figure came from the entrance of the garden. Rowen glanced at the maid who was spitting blood, and said lightly: “It’s just a stupid pig, what are you hesitating?”

The expression on Garp’s face became very different in an instant, the color on his face turned from red, blue, white, and black, and he couldn’t help but want to punch him.

Trane was also blushing in suffocation, with a complicated expression on his face.

But Rowen didn’t notice the look in his eyes at the moment, because the words just spread far away in this quiet garden, and the fat man who had just given out the beating to the maid had heard him clearly. He turned his head in an instant and yelled, “Who is it? Which bastard dares to scold me?”


Rowen sneered and walked out from behind Garp. When passing by Garp, Garp asked quietly, “Are you sure?!”

Rowen answered his question with a relieved and easy-going expression on his face, he took a few steps forward and rubbed his ears: “Who is the bastard yelling out at a time like this?”

“This bastard is scolding you…”

The fat man replied smoothly, and then immediately woke up and realized what he had said and his face flushed red: “You bastard! You even dare to fool me?”

“No, I’m just playing with a monkey…” Rowen said sincerely.

If you admit that you are a monkey, you will suffer a dumb loss and even if you don’t admit it, the fat man being a monkey is implied.


Being insulted like this, the fat man calmed down instead of getting angry. 

He first looked at Rowen’s appearance and made sure that he did not have this Noble in his memory, then distinguished the other person’s clothing, and immediately sneered: “A Valueless Soldier of Marines, a worthless person like you dared to stand up to me and even curse me? Do you even know who I am?! “

“I do not know……”

Rowen shook his head decisively. Seeing this scene, the fat man snorted proudly in his nostrils. He just wanted to show Rowen the name of his family, but suddenly he heard Rowen asking, “Then do you know who I am?”


The fat man hesitated. He glanced at Rowen and his eyes got a little dazed.

“I do not know……”


In the next moment, a figure flashed by, causing a gust of wind to blow. When everyone’s eyes recapture Rowen’s position, he has already come in front of the fat man. Rowen raised his hand and pulled it forward under the horrifying gaze of a group of Nobles around him.


A ball of meat suddenly took off on the spot and it flew seven or eight meters away and hit the rockery in the corner of the garden. When he fell from the rockery, he didn’t die, but half of his life was almost gone.

“You don’t even know who I am, you should just die!”

Rowen uttered a speechless sentence, an understatement that seemed to fan a fly.

Everyone was stunned by Rowen’s daring behavior. They didn’t expect that someone would dare to be wild in the palace! Not to mention that the Nobles gathered here to have a high status, how dare he do something like this?!

Even Garp was stunned by this scene. He found that he still underestimated the violent behavior of Rowen. A Noble who is also an Allied Kingdom Member might still be from a Royal Family. He didn’t have to bend his knees, but that doesn’t mean he can beat them up however he likes!

But thinking about the look Rowen had just passed over to him, he sat down in peace and he even told Trane to watch the drama.

Rowen is smart, and Garp doesn’t believe he doesn’t know what he is doing.

Since he dared to do this, he must be sure of it.

“You… how dare you?!”

“Guard! Where did the guards die? Someone committed an attack!!”

The startled Nobles quickly calmed down after panicking, but they were just yelling out. They have never thought that someone would dare to do anything to an Allied Kingdom Member as they would be dead!

Soon, a group of guards poured in from all directions under Fred’s leadership.

If nothing happens, the Queen will hand over the throne to him at the birthday banquet the day after tomorrow. This trick of the exchange of the palace guards, it would be impossible for the rebel genius Fred to ignore it.

He hid in the dark at first, after all, he still maintains the identity of Huadu West Island (Flower Capital) General and is not qualified to participate in this Nobles tea party. At the same time, he also wanted to take a good look at what Garp and others would do.

But unexpectedly, Rowen dared to attack in public!

Fred was overjoyed. After a while, he immediately led people into the garden and surrounded Rowen with the clash of swords, and shouted angrily: “How dare you hurt someone in the palace, kneel down and quietly get captured or you will be killed on the spot!”


Suddenly, a lazy tone sounded in everyone’s ears. Fred is very familiar with this voice, he has heard it loudly since he was a child.

“Your Majesty the Queen!”

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