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“So that’s it… I thought it was a small deal, do you really want me to choose like this?”

Rowen breathed out a sigh of relief after understanding the cause and effect.

When hearing the first half of the story, Rowen thought that Garp meant to make a decision between the Marines and the World Government. Should the rules of the World Government take precedence or the order of Marines?

It is equivalent to a test.

Choosing Marines would be equivalent to Rowen being loyal to orders, and the World Government would have nothing to say. Choosing the World Government would mean that Rowen is loyal to the World Government, and Marines would become speechless.

But this seems to be a no different choice, but it is actually an official taboo!

The best way to do this is to ignore it and make no choice!

It is conceivable that no matter how he chooses, his small body cannot withstand the pressure of either side of these two behemoths, and this test will also become an obstacle to his path of growing stronger in the Marines. When he couldn’t learn in the Marines, then going out to sea as a Pirate would be his only way out.

Do officials force Civil opposition?

No, this is just a question about loyalty.

In the end, they were compensated by the Marines or the World Government in some respect, but they were stuck in a quagmire.

Regarding Rowen’s complaint, Garp gave him a complicated look without explaining too much.

This incident is indeed too much for the Marines, but the reason lies in him…

Marines have not only produced Rowen, a genius over the years, but also his son, Dragon.

Dragon rebelled against Marines a few years ago and established the Revolutionary Army, which promoted the rebellious dogma of freedom and equality under the repressive rule of the World Government, which irritated Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars). 

This pressure transferred to Marines, which also caused Fleet Admiral Sengoku a headache.

Therefore, because of Dragon’s rebellion, Sengoku’s distrust in Marine rookies increased day by day. In order to tie Rowen to death on the ship of Marine, he did not hesitate to let Rowen participate in the test of this crisis.

If it weren’t for Rowen’s Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Method which forcibly reverses the attitude of Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) and gives Sengoku more choices, things might really become what Rowen was worried about.

Is this also “Justice”?

After all, I am sorry for Rowen!

Garp sighed inwardly, then clenched his fists.

He can do nothing!

You are responsible for growing up with peace of mind, and your face is winding around, and the old man and others will clear the obstacles for you!

If someone wants to target you then they would have to go through me.

But for Rowen’s optimism, Garp still reminded: “This mission is not that simple, Rowen. Do you really know who your enemy is?”


Rowen frowned and asked, “Are there anyone else besides Fred?”

After Baroque Works completed the transaction to ambush General Jade, all that was left was to wait for Fred to take power and then collect compensation. 

From the perspective of the Emperor, Rowen can clearly say that Baroque Works now dare to intervene in the internal affairs of Huadu West Island (Flower Capital), it must be for money!

Because of Dance Powder, it’s so expensive!

The drought throughout Alabasta lasted for three full years, so the country was shaken and the rebels began to rise!

For the Dance Powder consumed during this period, the Belly needed would be enormous!

Fred must have paid a huge amount of remuneration to let the Baroque Work… or the insidious and cunning Sand Crocodile, intervene in the quagmire of Huadu West Island (Flower Capital).

So after the Marines arrived, the old asshole’s reputation in the Sea was shocked. At this time, the Baroque work was the least of his worries. 

No money and troublesome things, it may also lead to the traces of people who follow the trail to ruin the country’s great cause of stealing the country and lose the opportunity to avenge himself by defeating Whitebeard. Crocodile dares to continue to help Fred after his plan is drawn!

“Naturally there are others, and… quite a few!”

Garp spoke with a serious look on his face and explained: “Not to mention what the Baroque works are hiding in the dark. This time, Fred has joined other Allied Kingdom Members to form an alliance to put pressure on the Queen! No one can guarantee what they will do. What… we can investigate the work of Baroque Works, but for the other people, we can only rely on you!”

Rowen looked up with a dazed look on his face.


This big nephew is really talented!

Fred is a genius…at least when it comes to treason.

See what he did!

Not surprisingly, he also bought the pirates that made trouble in Huadu West Island (Flower Capital).

So first, he secretly bought pirates to create chaos on the border of the country, making Queen’s confidant General Jade have to go out to sea to suppress the pirates and he got ambushed. 

Then, relying on the intelligence network he has, he found Garp’s route and blocked him halfway without saying a word. And now he has united with other Allied Kingdom Members to form an alliance. 

Even if the Queen has any back-hands to cope with him then can she cope with pressure from a group of Kings from economic, military, political, and other aspects?

The flowers offered to Tenryubito each year are not enough to make Tenryubito condescend and support her.

Indeed, Huadu West Island (Flower Capital) does not need to pay any tribute, and there is no pressure on them in that aspect. What they need to pay every year is the best batch of flowers, the only one in the Grand Line to do so, and they have a special status.

Even with the joint pressure from various countries, the citizens can still live and work in peace for a few years.

But if a country wants to prosper, it can’t just look at how much less it spends, but how much it earns. Shipping with other countries and the clearing of pirates require a lot of money! 

If the other countries join forces to boycott Huadu West Island (Flower Capital), within ten years, the once prosperous Huadu West Island (Flower Capital) will surely become a barren land of Grand Line!

Rather than insisting on being forced to abdicate until then, Queen Rosa, who loves her people like a child, might as well give up the throne now!

One has to say, the big nephew is really ruthless!

Harming others to gain something yourself!

Feeding the hungry wolves with the flesh and blood of Huadu West Island (Flower Capital), and then betting on the Queen to be cruel!

But this is not a desperate situation…

The reason why Allied Kingdom Members are willing to form an alliance with Fred is nothing more than a matter of interest. Through the civil turmoil in Huadu West Island (Flower Capital), they rushed to get a share of the pie. If Marines can provide greater benefits to those countries, they will backhand Fred.

Naturally, this is the most unlikely situation. Where do the Marines have so many benefits to be distributed?

In addition, finding out Fred’s guilt is another way.

Because once convicted, Marines would have ample reasons to act against Fred.

The Marine’s hands-on format is not terrible, what’s terrible is that they have made a deal with criminals before!

This is not a deal with a royal family!

The Pirates are a thorn in Gorōsei’s (Five Elder Stars) side. The accusation of colluding with pirates and the Baroque work agency can hardly be carried by senior government officials!

At that time, each Allied Kingdom Member was afraid of catching fire and would definitely disassociate themselves.


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