OPTM-Chapter 38 Sold

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Over the years, Marine has not produced a new Monster within their ranks. The fault is quite serious. Not only is Sengoku anxious, but Zephyr is also feeling very uncomfortable. 

They were feeling very optimistic about Smoker in the past but his strength did not do justice to the Logia’s name, which disappointed the Marine executives.

But, it’s good now!

Even if there is no real Monster, with the Device developed by Vegapunk, Marine’s strength can also get explosive growth! In the past, many things that could not be done due to the issue of military strength will now be completed as they will have enough capital to do their work.

The future, Zephyr is looking forward to it!


On this basis, they also have a real Monster!

Rumble-Rumble Fruit Ability User, Rowen!

Not only the strength, but they also have a peak combat effectiveness power in the future!

Rowen was also filled with joy at this time, silently deliberating which Rokushiki technique he should choose.

Soru and Tekkai (Iron Body) are both very practical skills. Needless to say, the former, as Zephyr taught, at the speed of his Thunder-Lighting Human, using Soru in short-range confrontations is faster and less laborious. 

The latter technique of accelerating blood flow and making the body hard as steel is not only a great defense, but it can also be cooperated with Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Method to form a stronger exercise effect.

“Rankyaku (Tempest Kick)? No, the cutting ability can also be achieved by lightning. The settings will overlap and it would likely become useless. The lethality of Shigan (Finger Gun) is behind lightning, so I don’t care about it for the time being… As for Geppō (Moonwalk)… after elementalization, my body can basically keep floating eternally but it is also a good choice. But there is also Kami-e (Paper Drawing)… Something that can make the user tough and flexible…”

Walking on the trail, the two of them were thinking one by one and the other was talking, the moonlight stretched their figures, and it seemed so harmonious.

But their thoughts were not at one frequency at all!

It wasn’t until they were about to step into the Recruit Camp that the figures in front of them made them stop. Rowen glanced at the figure in front of him and he suddenly felt a phantom pain in his head, he took a half step back subconsciously and said: “Vice-Admiral Garp?!”

“Uh… don’t back down!”

Zephyr gave Rowen a fierce look, then frowned and asked, “Is it time?”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

Rowen looked dazed, not knowing what they were talking about. In response, Garp glanced at him, grinning, showing his mouth full of white teeth, he looked like a beast who chooses to eat his prey: “You kid, go back to sleep, adults are talking here and children have no need to interrupt them!”

“Yeah! Of course!”

Rowen curled his lips uncomfortably, but he also knew that Marines are not pirates, not only they depend on strength, but also on status. Rowen doesn’t have enough status now, and he doesn’t have the right to know many things. 

He suddenly turned into thunder and lightning, leaving a bright spot in the night, and disappeared at the end of the road in the blink of an eye.

After Rowen left, Zephyr looked at Garp seriously and said, “Is Fleet Admiral really so worried about Rowen?”

“Well! Thus was bound to happen eventually!”

Garp sighed and shrugged self-deprecatingly: “You also know about Dragon, don’t you?”

Seeing Zephyr frown, knowing that he was very dissatisfied with it, Garp sighed and said, “Don’t be so nervous Zephyr. It’s just a small test mission! Are you still not sure about Rowen’s character? Have some confidence in him.

“Huh… maybe!”

Thinking of what happened at Scientific Force Base today, Zephyr pulled his collar and looked forward with a strange look on his face.

To be honest, he is not sure now whether it is a good thing to make Rowen a Marine.

In the early morning of the next morning, just as it was getting dark, Rowen rushed to Zephyr’s office enthusiastically, ready to ask him for his reward. He spent one night thinking about which Rokushiki to choose, for fear that it would be considered a quit if he was too late.

Thump thump thump!

“Come in!”

Receiving a response, Rowen opened the door and said excitedly: “Teacher Zephyr, I’m coming to you for… Uh… Vice-Admiral General?”

In the office, besides Zephyr, there is Garp who appeared last night. At this time, the two of them had a solemn look on their faces, causing Rowen to lower the volume involuntarily.

“Did something happen?”

“Oh, it’s Rowen!”

Zephyr raised his head and said, “You are here to receive the reward, right?”

After a few months, Zephyr became familiar with Rowen, seeing the undiminished excitement on his face, and knowing what he was thinking. In response, Rowen nodded blankly: “Uh…yes! I thought about it all night, and right now, I am lacking in flexibility, so I want to learn Kami-e (Paper Drawing).”

Although Kami-e (Paper Drawing) is not well-known in the original work and it is shown far less than Soru and Geppō (Moonwalk), it can be listed as one of Marine Rokushiki techniques so it is also quite powerful. It is compiled from the best of hundreds of families and naturally has its uniqueness. 

This is not only a move to strengthen perception and flexibility to avoid enemy attacks, but also the best way for a trainer to fully understand their physical condition! 

If someone wants to master the ultimate technique Life Return (Seimei Kikan), it is self-evident that they would need to control their body, and in it, Kami-e (Paper Drawing) is very important!

The only case is Rob Lu’s Kami-e (Paper Drawing) martial art, which changes the body form, reduces consumption and strength, and focuses on strengthening agility. It is the combination of Kami-e (Paper Drawing) and Life Return (Seimei Kikan), which produce such magical effects.

A man must be able to bend, stretch, he must be soft and hard as blindly tough can only break easily.

The same applies to training.

“Yeah, I got it……”

Zephyr nodded and took out a form: “Then sign here!”

Still need to sign??

The Year-end evaluation rewards didn’t require him to feel so troublesome!

Rowen picked up the form with his head full of question marks and glanced at it. This is issued by Fleet Admiral Sengoku. 

The clause lists the reasons and processes of why Rowen has the right to learn the Marine Rokushiki technique. At the bottom are the supporting documents and seals provided by Scientific Force Base, as well as the signatures of Zephyr and Kizaru. Now he is the only party who has not signed.

Why does the Marine need this process?

Rowen can’t figure it out, but since Zephyr asked him to sign that, he at the very least won’t be sold to Tenryubito as a slave, right?

Under the watchful eyes of the Zephyr and Garp, Rowen signed his name. Before putting down the pen, he suddenly found that the two old men were relieved.

Not good!

He was definitely sold!

Before Rowen could react, Garp suddenly laughed “Poof ha ha ha”: “Want to learn Kami-e (Paper Drawing)?! No problem! I will teach you well in the next month.”

Rowen: “W…T…F?”

He looked at Zephyr with a shocked look on his face, but found that Zephyr didn’t even look at him, but nodded and said: “Garp is the strongest user of Marine Rokushiki for hundreds of years! I am relieved to have him teach you. …Remember Rowen, don’t slack off in your training, you have a long way to go!”

Is there even a point here?

Look into my eyes and speak, you bastard!

You really sold me to this asshole?

Wait, that signature is tricky!

Rowen woke up instantly and reached out to grab the form. But Garp’s hands were quick, he covered them with Armament Hak and held Rowen in his hand, putting him under his control and dragging him out.

“Hahahaha! You can’t escape! Come with me, Rowen!”

Seeing Zephyr put the form inside the drawer, and the hand holding him covered with a thick Armament Haki, Rowen dissipated the thunder and clasped his fingers on the door frame. He wanted to struggle but couldn’t hold up in front of Garp’s weird power. He broke the wooden slats abruptly and was dragged out.

“This would be difficult!!!”

When Rowen disappeared from his sight, Zephyr sighed, he took out the form from his arms and kneaded it twice, a piece of paper suddenly turned into two.

The one above is indeed Rowen’s right to learn the Marine Rokushiki manual, which is probably the reward to help the Marine complete the Thunder lightning Stimulation Device in exchange for credit. 

Zephyr is responsible for teaching him and confirming the promise. And the one below is a necessary procedure for Rowen to officially join the Marine, it is a…recruit file that will take effect after two months.

“Hey! It is obvious that even Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) has acquiesced to it, why did Allied Kingdom Members jump out to make trouble? I am also doing it for your own good, Rowen.”

Sitting in the office on the top floor, Zephyr looked out at the distant port, where Garp’s dog-headed Battleship had been waiting for a long time, ready to set off.

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