OPTM-Chapter 33 Victory

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The referee who had slipped away an hour ago ran over, he glanced at the positions of both sides and raised the flag to declare the winner. Upon hearing this result, the stands fell into deathly silence for a while.


“No way????”

“Commodore Shuzo lost?!”

“This is shady! This must be wrong!”

“How is this possible?! He…”

“Cough cough, stay calm, everyone…”

At the top of the stands, Sengoku, who had been sitting for a day, stood up and golden light with dazzling brilliance began to shine out from his body. He coughed lightly and attracted everyone’s attention, and then explained: “There are only two bases for determining the Victor on the high platform… 

…One, one party loses combat effectiveness or concedes defeat; Second, whoever steps out of the high platform area is unconditionally determined to have lost.”

“Although Rowen and Shuzo rushed out of the high platform area, Shuzo was the one who did it first, so Rowen wins this battle!”

Hearing Sengoku’s words, the audience just remembered that the current confrontation testing does have these two rules. 

Now that Sengoku has spoken up, the few people who had been shouting suddenly blushed and bowed their heads in shame. However, they quickly woke up and cast their scorching eyes on the young man who slowly rose from the pit under the high platform.

Since Fleet Admiral Sengoku had spoken about the outcome, doesn’t it mean?

He did it!

A Recruit fought against an Instructor!

Rowen defeated Shuzo!!

“Rowen… Rowen!”



In an instant, the cheers gathered into an ocean and flooded the square! People threw out all the things they can discard into the sky, cheering for this victory that will be recorded in history and the name of the super rookie of Marine Headquarters!

Under the high stage, Rowen opened his eyes, with an excited smile on his tired face, and gestured to the cheering audience!

At this moment, even if there are 28 other high platforms in battle, no one can take away his glory!

At the beginning of 1515, Sea Calendar, the first place in the Marine Headquarters Recruit Camp, was unconditionally given to Rowen.

His Attack Doriki is worth 2700! Ranked first!

Body Doriki is worth 700! Ranked first!

During the confrontation training, he defeated Commodore Shuzo, Ranked first!

With such a perfect record, his name in the first place is well-deserved, and no one in the Recruit Camp can say anything.

When holding up the Glory Medal, which represents the championship, Rowen felt a little unreal…From a human being on earth without any power to the first place in a group of Monsters, in just three months, this exceeded his Imagination.

Hmm… But when he saw Shuzo behind Zephyr holding the second, Rowen smiled… This is very real!

The way he won was difficult…Since he cannot defeat his opponent head-on, he caused Shuzo to rush out of the high platform first.

But his opponent can use Marine Rokushiki and his proficiency in Geppō (Moonwalk) is amazing. Even if they accidentally break through the high platform and fall off, Shuzo could have used Geppō (Moonwalk) to turn back, so the method of directly destroying the entire high platform would have not worked.

So Rowen deliberately angered Shuzo, and under the enemy’s fierce attack, it was like a weasel stealing a chicken, he cautiously roasted the scorched and smoked area of ​​the corner of the high platform that had been hit by thunder and lightning into ashes that shattered with one touch. 

Then he waited for an opportunity when Shuzo could not use Geppō (Moonwalk) to return and performed the last plan of his plan.

The direction of Shuzo’s head’s movement was at forty-five degrees angle, plus the inertia brought by the falling from the Thunderlight Punch, and Shuzo’s grabbing his hand on his body in order to avoid his Elementalization escape, causing his center of gravity to go beyond his control…

The combination of the three conditions prevented Shuzo from turning around and using Geppō (Moonwalk) for returning.

When the two fell to the ground, the distance had already exceeded the edge of the high platform, and the fruits of victory were naturally taken by him!

So at this moment, his smile seemed to say to Shuzo: ‘I am getting itchy and want to be beaten!’

Shuzo replied with a fierce look: ‘Don’t leave after school!’

“Rowen, Christine…”

After giving the top three medals one by one, Zephyr noticed that the two of them were facing each other, and the corners of his mouths twitched, he lowered his voice and shouted.

“Be quiet you two! Don’t you dare to embarrass me here. I will tear apart you two if you don’t stop!”


Upon hearing this, the two of them suddenly became kind and cheerful, and finally shook hands in a friendly manner… but the grip of their hands was a bit strong, and their hands turned blue and white after releasing the hands.

Finally, Sengoku gave a speech, advocating Marine Justice, announcing that the year-end evaluation of this Recruiting Camp was successfully concluded!

It was night, with dark clouds in the sky, the stars were buried by thick clouds, and the sea was dim and quiet. The patrol soldiers walked on the quiet Headquarters road, except for the sound of their footsteps, no more noise could be heard.

At the Marine Headquarters Scientific Force Base Station, Kizaru’s room was faintly lit. He was wearing pajamas, with sleepy eyes, and complained to Den Den Mushi: “Mr. Vegapunk, North Blue Base and Headquarters have a time difference, can you think about what time it is now?”

“Sorry, I was just so excited…”

The Den Den Mushi imitates a plain male face, the main feature is the unnatural bulge of the left eye, which looks like a machine. With a faint apology, Vegapunk continued: “Then… in a nutshell, the device has already been commissioned, and you can send a ship to collect the first batch of 300.”

“Oh? So fast?”

Kizaru let out a surprise, and sighed, “As expected of you, Vegapunk.”

The speed at which Rowen is growing stronger is amazing, and many people have studied its internal reasons, including Vegapunk.

In the end, they unanimously came to the answer…

In addition to Rowen’s talent, most people will think that it is the help brought by the Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Method!

No matter how harsh the practice of ordinary people is, there are many parts that cannot be taken care of, such as using fewer muscles, fragile internal organs, etc., And there are not many training methods as comprehensive as the Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Method.

Therefore, imitating the Thunder-Lightning Stimulation Method to provide the same exercise effect for ordinary people who are not Rumble-Rumble Fruit Ability users has become a topic worthy of study. 

Although Zephyr submitted the data, it takes great effort to figure out the control of its current intensity, the determination of the release position, the deduction of the final effect, and many other things. Kizaru had thought that even if it was Vegapunk, he would not be able to do it in a short time, but Vegapunk went against his expectations…

Within a month, there was a mass production result!

“But it’s just the First-Generation machine. Although the effect is there, the limit is also very large. It is best not to use it under 500 Doriki, and it will have no effect if it is higher than 2000 Doriki.”

A well-trained soldier has a Doriki value of 10, and a person with more than 500 Doriki value can be regarded as a Super Soldier back on the earth, which is also the limit that ordinary people can reach. In other words, if you want to use this device, you must cross the limits of the human body before you can exercise with the Device!

This seems a bit tasteless…

Vegapunk has no humility or regret, but as a Scientific Researcher, he is explaining the fact: “The Device still has a lot of room for improvement. If you have time, it is best to let Rowen come over here… Well, you can tell him that I can let him grow stronger with this, I believe he will definitely be interested.”

“Well, I will talk to the Fleet Admiral…”

Kizaru thought about it and added: “But you shouldn’t have too much hope. Fleet Admiral won’t let Rowen out of the Headquarters this year.”

“Huh? Why is it a year?”

“Don’t worry about that… By the way, Gorōsei (Five Elder Stars) is asking about the progress of Pacifista again today.” Kizaru bypassed the topic and reminded in a slow tone: “That is what they value very much. I can’t take care of the subject in an accident!”

“Don’t worry, soon…you would be able to see the results by yourself.”

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