OPTM-Chapter 30 Fearfulness

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From the stand, Zephyr smirked in a good mood. He also failed to capture Rowen’s movement, but he was able to understand what this ability was. In order to teach Rowen, the intelligence of the previous Rumble-Rumble Fruit Ability User was given to Rowen, and he could naturally see it. 

He thought that Rowen would be able to do something with that information given enough time, but he would have never thought that Rowen would use a new ability in front of Shuzo.

“This little asshole, he even hid this from me!”

Zephyr swears a little but the smile on his face can be seen by everyone.

On the stands, Kizaru and others also discovered the weirdness of Rowen’s movement through their Observation Haki. Without detailed intelligence about the Rumble-Rumble Fruit, they did not know what this move was. 

But that weird way of moving should be suitable if it is placed in battle, especially if you drag down the enemy and win the battle!

“In the days to come, you will be quite busy,  Admiral Akainu…”

“Huh! The outcome is undecided, wait and see!”

“Well, let’s wait and see then…”

Shuzo deserves to be a combat faction member and the Elite of Headquarters. Although he doesn’t understand how Rowen did it, he clearly understands the key points of this battle.

That is to beat Rowen!

So he only hesitated for less than 0.3 seconds before he took a step forward, stopped his momentum, and at the same time, he turned around and twisted, pulling his feet out like a whip!

Rankyaku (Tempest Kick)!


This foot vigorously sinks, whimpering the air, and a cutting aura is faintly visible on the edge of the foot!

But just before Shozo could stand firm, Rowen was ready to attack.

“You are quite careful to stand steady with one foot off the ground, Commodore Shuzo…but you didn’t pay any attention to your back?”


Turning his head, Shuzo only saw the sky filled with Thunderlight and the current was surging!

30 Million Volt·Thunder Drill!

Turning thunder into an animal form is really cool, but that only waste thunder and lightning and require precise control, which is not what Rowen likes. He likes to be simple, rude, and powerful!

Condensing thunder and lightning into a drill reduces the attack contact area while strengthening the power, it is more suitable for surprise attacks. At the same time, the rotating lightning torrent will agitate the electromagnetic field more violently, and its power cannot be underestimated!

At this distance, the spiral pattern of the drill formed by thunder and lightning is clearly visible, and an invisible thrust suddenly pushed it from behind, making Shuzo unable to stop from leaning back.

It was an electromagnetic pulse, the chain reaction of Rowen’s release of lightning. The thunder and lightning attack from Rumble-Rumble Fruit is not just related to thunder. 

The conditions allowed in the physical world exist together, such as the destructive chaotic currents and indiscriminate surges that envelop the entire high platform at this moment.

The Thunder Drill and Surge are in no particular order but they hit Shuzo’s leg, and then the Drill suddenly exploded!

Bang… Bang Rumbling!!!

The muffled thunder resounded across the sky, shocking the audience who had covered their ears. The other high platforms were affected by the explosion one after another, and the battle upon them came to a standstill.

In the stands, Kizaru slightly squinted his eyes as he observed the area with his Observation Haki, and said regretfully: “His idea was good, and the opportunity was also grasped well, but it is a pity…”

“Yes, he missed his only chance…”

Aokiji touched his face with his hand and glanced at the high platform.

After suffering a loss, Shuzo will not make a second mistake, Rowen was a bit naive this time.

In other words, his definition of “Powerful” is still unclear.

The chaotic and violent currents swelled, causing Rowen to squint his eyes and step back. Then he scattered the radio waves into space in all directions, ready to use Blink at any time, waiting patiently for the result.

It stands to reason that even Shuzo couldn’t maintain his balance if he suffered such a heavy blow while standing on one leg.

After encountering an attack before, Rowen deliberately backed away after avoiding it and landed on the edge of the high platform. Sure enough, Shuzo attacked immediately and was distracted by his own Blink. 

At this time, using Thunder Drill to attack Shuzo’s leg which was the support point to make him lose his balance… the plan was processed one step at a time and it was all within Rowen’s calculations, logically speaking, falling is Shuzo’s only result.

It doesn’t matter even if he can get back on the edge of the high platform, as long as the translation distance exceeds the edge of the high platform, he will not be the loser.


Aokiji was right.

“I have to say, good job Rowen!”

Suddenly, a low voice came from the edge of the high platform surrounded by Thunderlight. Rowen was taken aback, and he subconsciously took a half step back. At this moment, a big dark hand waved forward, and at the same time the thunder and lightning were slapped away, it also revealed the figure behind the hand.

Shuzo slowly walked out of the smoke, and the edge of the high platform behind him was charred. But the wooden block is intact at the place where Shuzo stood before, but there was a footprint on it… One is only two centimeters deep, without allowing the entire board to penetrate, or even leaving any traces of cracks!

At that moment, Shuzo stepped on and he twisted to sweep the inertia, forcibly relying on the barrier brought by the plank to block Rowen’s meticulously planned victory! That strength is not more than a point, and while completely offsetting the impact, it didn’t hurt the board at all!

It is conceivable that if the plank has broken, Rowen was bound to make up for the attack by using another. Even if Shuzo used Geppō (Moonwalk) at that time, he could not guarantee that he would not go beyond the edge of the high platform.


After seeing Shuzo’s skill in ensuring that he would not fall, Rowen took a deep breath and sighed with sincerity.

“You are a true Monster! Is this the power of Rokushiki?”

Or…did he use Life Return (Seimei Kikan)!!!

This terrifying control of his own body is something he can’t help but envy. Only by training the Marine Rokushiki moves to the extreme would one be able to control every trace of the body’s strength perfectly, even the hair is no exception.

This is incredible and it is also beyond understanding!

“Quite right!”

Hearing these words, Shuzo pressed the little bit of panic in his heart and he smiled slightly: “Marine Rokushiki, they are not just simple attacking moves!”

Although it took a short time to fight Rowen, the feeling of being crushed by IQ a month ago left some hatred in Shuzo’s heart. This month, he has seen Rowen fierce beast-like fighting style and training perseverance. 

So he almost forgot that the most terrifying thing about Rowen is not his strength, but his insidious, cunning, strategizing control in the battle!

Rowen couldn’t envy his powerful control over his body, and Shuzo couldn’t figure out how to fight Rowen.

But the same move will not work on Shuzo twice!

This time the sneak attack failed, and there won’t be a second time!

Failure to defend against the same move will never happen again!

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