OPTM-Chapter 29 Terrifying Part 1

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Suddenly, a figure slowly walked up the platform. He has fluffy black hair, he was tall and long, and he was wearing a white little mandarin jacket and a blue shirt, a suit jacket languidly draped over his shoulders, and a breath of “laziness” exudes under his body.


Hearing the sound, Garp looked back and smiled: “Kuzan, you came back so soon?”

That’s right!

The one who came was one of Marine Headquarters’ strongest combat power, Kuzan, code-named “Aokiji”, who went to sea to perform the mission that can only be done by an Admiral.

“Yeah, I thought it would be a lot of trouble, but I didn’t think about it… Uh!”

Halfway through the conversation, Aokiji stretched out and rubbed the back of his head with one hand. Then rubbing his eyes, he said to Sengoku, “You think too much, Fleet Admiral.”

“Not having big trouble is a good thing! This world needs peace!”

Sengoku replied calmly before he paused and added: “I will read the report immediately after watching the game. You are not going to be lazy all day long, understand?”

“Hoo, I see…”

Aokiji shrugged as he was not surprised at that. That tired and lazy look really has no resemblance to the majesty of a Marine Admiral.

With the characteristics of the three Admiral, it’s no wonder Sengoku doesn’t care about Rowen’s character… By contrast, he is the most normal guy!

After greeting Garp and the others, he came to the seat belonging to Admiral and sat down… looking as if he was paralyzed. Kizaru, who was next to him, leaned in and pursed his mouth wryly and smiled: “Oh, Kuzan, seeing you are so tired, do you want to bet on something before your next mission?”

“Huh? Ok…but what’s the bet?” Turning over, Aokiji replied lazily.

“Bet on how long that kid can hold on…”

Kizaru pointed at the quietest high platform in the middle of the venue with his chin while having a teasing look on his face: “Sakazuki said he can only hold on for half an hour. I said one hour. How long do you think he can hold on?”


After looking at the high platform, the originally lazy sight became bright. Aokiji rubbed his chin and said in amazement, “His opponent turned out to be Commodore Shuzo? Is this kid that strong?”

Aokiji has been out of the Headquarters for a few months without knowing anything about what happened in Headquarters. It’s no wonder that he will feel strange after seeing who Rowen’s opponent is.

After all, in the year-end test, instead of arranging a fight with the Recruits, he chose to let the Instructor field confrontation. The situation of there being a total of 29 High Platforms, in his memory, has only happened twice!

The first time he heard…

Garp and Zephyr robbed the high platform in the year-end evaluation that year, and they fought valiantly. Sengoku sat alone in the trio. In the face of the perverted power of the Big Buddha Fruit, not one Recruit during the same period was his opponent, not even Tsuru. 

After careful consideration, the Fleet Admiral of that time had asked the Recruit Instructor to arrange for an Instructor to fight against Sengoku, insisting on two hours to advance directly, which was a precedent.

The second time, he witnessed it. It was in their group that he and Sakazuki were divided into a group in advance, Borsalino was in the bye, and Zephyr arranged for Shuzo to fight Kizaru.

There is no need to mention the success of these people!

All of these people were at the pinnacles!

But for decades thereafter, there was no third example…

Because the overall strength of the Recruits later was not like those in the past, in the Headquarters Recruit Camp where countless talents and countless strong men can find their opponents, there is no absolute Overlord rule!

One can imagine how difficult and glorious it is to be invincible and for them to have no opponent unable in the same Class! The value and significance behind it are huge!!

Unexpectedly, he just came here to observe the ceremony on a routine basis, but when he saw such a scene, Aokiji was immediately shocked.

“Is he someone special? Why haven’t I seen him before…”

“Come, let me tell you…”


After listening to the whole story, Aokiji’s eyes darkened, and he looked at Rowen seriously.

“Is that so, Rumble-Rumble Fruit?”

The power of Thunder.

New World, Thunder God Island, Aokiji is very familiar with it. Before the Hell Island was developed, it was a training place for the best Marine Recruit. The island was covered by dark clouds and thunder danced wildly upon it. 

It was not raindrops that poured down from the sky, but the terrible purple and black thunder! In front of the vastness of the sky, anyone will have a sense of how small and powerless they are. Even with the ability to destroy the Thunder God Island now, that inviolable majesty has always been engraved on Aokiji’s heart.


Aokiji’s mouth curled up as he thought about it, and said: “You have selected the most likely time. Two hours is no different from winning, then I…”

Before he finished speaking, Kizaru widened his eyes: “Hey, you aren’t going to bet on him to win?”

“No, I also bet for an hour…”

Smacking his lips, Aokiji’s face showed a weird smile on it: “Admiral Akainu, you have to be prepared for two missions in a row!”

“Huh! That is Extremely Ridiculous!”

Akainu snorted coldly and lowered his gaze with his arms around his chest.

Regarding this, the two looked at each other and didn’t care. Akainu has this character, it would be a fantasy in fighting with him.

And… Win?

How is this possible?!

Even Sengoku, who was strong back then, failed to hold on in front of the Instructor for two hours.

But it is worth mentioning that the only exception appeared later, Kizaru…

He relied on the Glint-Glint Fruit’s world-beating movement speed and continuously dodged and he found an opportunity to delay for two hours.

Then he told Zephyr with his slow speech rate and wretched expression that remained unchanged for years, that even if he was not good at physical skills, he could stand on top of the world just by relying on his Devil Fruit power alone.

He enraged Zephyr half to death!

But that had happened Twenty Years Ago!

Today, Shuzo is quite different. He has had a unique set of experience in dealing with these guys with amazing moving speed. How can he suffer a second loss?

And Kizaru did this but it was a year after he joined the Marines and after Thunder God Island’s additional training, his Doriki value was worth 1,500, so he was able to survive Shuzo’s onslaught.

How long has Rowen joined the Marines?

It’s just been two and a half months!

His Doriki Value is worth more than 700!

It’s half of what Kizaru had at that time!


The high platform of the venue is still made of wood and does not conduct electricity!

In a small area, he had no advantage in fighting against Shuzo, who is several times more powerful than his standard Marine physical skill. Now even the environment is restrained for Rowen, and there is no room to make use of it. What Rowen should consider is indeed the question of how long he can last.

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