OPTM-Chapter 265 Super Electromagnetic… Sword?

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At this moment, the onlookers were at a loss for words to describe the shock within their hearts. They had imagined scenes where Rowen was fiercely struck down by Jack, scenes where the two were evenly matched, and even scenes where the enraged Marines swarmed in.

But no one had expected the reality to be so one-sided!

Facing “Undying Vice Admiral” Rowen, a member of the Hundred Beasts Pirates, one of the Three Great Disasters known as “Jack the Drought”, could only passively endure the beating!

The lightning, reaching its extreme speed and possessing incredible killing power and explosiveness, was, under Rowen’s terrifying combat awareness, something that Jack couldn’t defend against!

Many had thought that Jack would be able to dodge the Spear of Meteors · Gungnir that Rowen had conjured. However, he foolishly charged straight into it…

Rowen’s calculations were flawless!

It was as if Jack were a puppet on strings, being manipulated by Rowen.

This all just reiterated Rowen’s earlier words…

“I’ll kill you; it’s just a matter of time!”

The threat posed by the Spear of Meteors · Gungnir left most of those present in despair. They knew that they wouldn’t stand a chance, not even for a single second!

On [The Red Force], Shanks stood on one foot, leaning against the ship’s railings, his brow slightly furrowed.

“What has this kid been eating to grow this strong?!”

The last time they met, Rowen had only felt like a crazed guard dog, intimidating but not a concern. He believed in Garp’s judgment but hadn’t taken Rowen’s strength seriously.

However, just over a year had passed, and Rowen had already undergone a transformation!

He had shed his skin to become a dragon!

Roaring through the rivers and seas, dominating all!

When had that dragon taken form?

Shanks estimated that the time for that transformation wasn’t far off.

At this moment, a dark figure suddenly shot out of the Thunderlight. Jack’s skin had been burnt black by the Thunderlight, and his face looked ghastly, but he charged at Rowen once more.

“Die, you asshole!”

Gungnir had left only a bowl-sized depression on his abdomen, which was then blocked by a thick layer of muscle, preventing it from being a fatal wound. However, his entire body had been roasted by the lightning, leaving no part untouched, including sensitive areas like his eyes and groin. The pain he felt was far worse than mere physical injuries!

Jack’s eyes were now bloodshot, either from ruptured blood vessels due to anger or from the lightning’s impact. His nostrils expelled black and white smoke, and his muscles swelled like engines about to explode, boosting his strength once again!

With a punch, the force compressed the earth, and though Jack had yet to reach Rowen, the ground beneath him was already starting to crumble!

“You idiot!”

Facing Jack’s frenzied punches, Rowen’s expression remained indifferent. Just a moment before Jack was about to make contact with him, a sudden brilliance descended from the sky!


A clear sword ring echoed as if a meteor had fallen from the heavens. Jack’s eyes widened abruptly, and in the next instant, he felt a chilling sensation in his chest.


The tremendous, monstrous power retreated like a tide, and Jack collapsed weakly. But at this moment, Rowen took a step back, his right fist clenched.

Overload: Thunderlight Fist!


A precise Thunderlight Fist struck Jack’s chin, and with a crisp “ka-cha,” his lower jaw twisted irregularly. He was sent flying at an even faster speed than when he had arrived.

All of this may sound slow, but it happened in a mere second.

From Jack leaping out of the Thunderlight to being sent flying, most people couldn’t comprehend what had just occurred!

Only a handful of individuals stared wide-eyed at the sky, knowing without a doubt…

That was the Super Electromagnetic Cannon!

Akainu took a sharp breath, suddenly recalling that Rowen had used the same move against Lirisk before. However, at that time, its power and speed were nowhere near as formidable as now, to the point that Lirisk had easily dodged it and hadn’t been pierced through the heart!

“So, he was holding back? This guy…”

Akainu looked at the figure standing proudly amidst the explosion and couldn’t help but break into a faint smile.

“Well done, Rowen!”

At the same time, Lirisk, who had been watching the battle via Den Den Mushi from Mary Geoise, suddenly clenched his fist. His face alternated between shades of blue and purple, and finally, with a loud “bang,” he shattered a glass.

“This asshole!”

“Do you think so little of me?!”

“Wait! Just wait for me!!”

The Celestial Dragon were furious, and the slaves trembled in fear.

Zero wiped a cold sweat secretly, his heart filled with indescribable shock.

“Over-The-Horizon Strike! It’s another Over-The-Horizon Strike! And it’s an Over-The-Horizon Strike that can penetrate most objects! Except for Logia Ability users, how many can withstand Rowen’s move?”

One sword through the heart, one punch sending him flying, and Jack the Drought, one of the Three Disasters, fell to the ground like this, completely silent. The battlefield fell quiet for a moment. Even Whitebeard paused in his drinking, his eyes flickering.


The meteor struck the ground, causing the earth to shake. The Super Electromagnetic Cannon, unlike the previous exchanges, sent waves crashing hundreds of meters high into the sea, spreading in all directions.

In thought, Whitebeard slammed his naginata into the ground, creating a circular wave that stopped the advancing waves in their tracks, sending them rolling backward. It seemed like G-5’s base would be submerged.

But they didn’t get the chance. Almost in an instant, Whitebeard coldly snorted, and a transparent, spherical light suddenly appeared on his fist. An endless shockwave radiated in all directions.

Cracks like glass spread across the earth, the sky, and the ocean. After a resounding bang, there was nothing left except a sea of white mist. The waves were gone.


Sensing this horrifying scene, Rowen turned his gaze away, locking eyes with Whitebeard’s sharp and eagle-like gaze. Within that seemingly aged body lay a terrifying power capable of destroying the world!

The World’s Strongest!

As expected, his reputation was well-deserved.

“Someday, someday…”

As if speaking to himself, Rowen muttered quietly. He then took a step forward and walked towards the fallen Jack.


Hua La La…!

By harnessing the power of the thunder and connecting it with the Thunder Gem, the Thunder Cloud Sword emitted a pleasant buzzing sound. It pierced through the layers of rock and shot out from the ground, then gently floated back into Rowen’s scabbard around his waist.

Using the principles of the Super Electromagnetic Cannon to launch the sword had immense power, but it also had drawbacks. After just one use, the Thunder Cloud Sword was close to breaking apart and couldn’t withstand more of the thunder’s force.

At this point, the Thunder Cloud Sword had become fragile and explosive, having no difference from an ordinary weapon for a short time, until the Thunder Gem absorbed all the electrical currents and restored the balance.

Step by step, Rowen walked toward Jack. His leather shoes made crisp tapping sounds on the ground with every step, each landing on Jack’s struggling heart. Through the dust and smoke, Rowen appeared as a menacing figure, cloaked in a black robe with a scythe in hand, grinning menacingly.


With his chest pierced by the Thunder Cloud Sword, even a Zoan Ability user like Jack found it difficult. He looked like a bug, face and feet on the ground, trying to crawl up. However, the pounding of his heart and the excruciating pain in his chest made him lose the strength he had just gathered, and he collapsed back to the ground with a thud.

Pā Dā!

The sound of footsteps approached him, and Jack lifted his head, looking at Rowen with a resentful gaze.



Before he could speak, a massive foot came down with a sharp whistle, landing squarely on the back of his head.

Boom, Boom, Boom!

Broken bones scattered, and blood sprayed. A violent and bloody scene unfolded on the battlefield. The mighty “Jack the Drought” was being trampled by Rowen like a rag, and every time he raised his head in defiance, Rowen would stomp him down with even greater force, burying his face into the ground.

Rowen continued to stomp, his expression calm, as he said, “You’re not Kaido. Where did you find the confidence to face me with just Half Beastify form?”

“Fighting against an opponent who is careless and underestimating the opponent is simply uninteresting.”

Jack stubbornly raised his head and uttered a word.





“…Underestimate me!!!”


The ground was forcefully trampled, creating a waterfall-like crater. Rowen withdrew his foot and looked down at Jack, who had roared three times in anger. A hint of a contemptuous smile appeared on Rowen’s lips.

“Do you remember this?”


A small, black glass bead appeared in Rowen’s palm. Blue arcs of electricity danced around it, creating a beautiful yet destructive aura.


Rowen released the bead, and it fell lightly downward. As Jack stared at it, his eyes widened, and a glimmer of fear finally appeared on his face.

At that very moment, with lightning speed, Rowen reached out and pried Jack’s mouth open. The obsidian sphere plummeted into his throat, and with a firm grasp on Jack’s upper and lower jaws, Rowen delivered a devastating punch to his abdomen.

“Gū lū”…

“Sayanora, Jack!”

Sensing the impending explosion of destruction within his belly, Jack’s eyes widened abruptly, emitting a pitiful, “Wu! Wu!” of agony.

(End of this chapter)

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