OPTM-Chapter 243 Opposition

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However, it was impossible to discern any seriousness from Kizaru’s tone!

Rowen looked even more bewildered when he heard Kizaru’s words.

“What is Admiral Kizaru talking about?”

Suddenly, it dawned on him!

“Oh? You aren’t referring to Fujitora Issho, are you? Come on, do you think I can control someone like that?!”


Kizaru was caught off guard.

Indeed, although they hadn’t officially clashed, the other party was undoubtedly a peak powerhouse not weaker than any of the three Admirals! Putting himself in their shoes, if they were free-spirited outsiders, would they accept Rowen’s commands?

Why should they?!

If there’s a grudge, it’s settled right away. At their level, overnight grievances don’t exist.

Moreover, more importantly, Issho acted against Edward Weevil after the Marines announced the new Shichibukai. There’s simply no evidence to accuse Rowen of leaking information in advance, proving any connection between them.

However, Kizaru wouldn’t give up that easily. He sat down and said with a meaningful look, “But what about you leaving the base despite the travel restrictions half a month ago?”

The only downside of Supercharged Travel was that it was too noisy and noticible!

Zipper Thunder was known as the zipper hanging in the sky, which could be seen from that analogy.

Half a month ago, Rowen’s departure was clearly known by Sengoku through the sighting of Zipper Thunder, but he chose to turn a blind eye. After all, Rowen being investigated was just a formality!

Didn’t it turn out that even though he was supposed to be investigated, it was actually Colonel Shepherd who faced the consequences?!

But now, with such a major incident occurring, this would become compelling evidence!

Bang Rumble!!

At this moment, a muffled thunderclap sounded.

Kizaru suddenly turned to look out the window. In the sky, the silver-white, dazzling Zipper Thunder gradually disappeared into the distance.

He turned back in astonishment, reaching out and grabbing Rowen’s shoulder.

“This… how is this possible!”

At his level of power, he would never make a mistake. The person before his eyes was undoubtedly the real deal!

But if that was the case, then what about the one in the sky?! Is there perhaps a second Goro Goro no Mi (Thunder Thunder Fruit) ability user?

Suddenly, Kizaru thought of a possibility and muttered a few words.

“Thunder Clone!!”

Kizaru hadn’t personally witnessed Rowen’s Thunder-Lightning Clone, but on Sabaody Archipelago, the Thunder-Lightning clone had appeared in front of so many people when chasing the pirate who attacked Saint Mjosgard so it was no longer a secret.

Unlike Doflamingo’s Black Knight – Shadow Knight String made of countless white threads, the Thunder-Lightning clone was simply a mass of lightning combined together. It was an extension of Rowen’s lightning manipulation, so the differences were apparent at a glance…


Black Knight – Shadow Knight String and Doflamingo, one was a string, and the other was a person.

Thunder-Lightning clone and Rowen, both were lightning!!

Thunder-Lightning Human Rowen’s abilities were also achievable by the Thunder-Lightning clone! Including Supercharged Travel!!

“Half a month ago? Oh, I remember now!”

After pondering for a moment, Rowen suddenly realized, “Oh, that was for the security of the base! So, I had my clone patrol the Sea instead of me. If we encountered a pirate ship trying to sneak through, it would be dealt with on the spot… If Admiral Kizaru is talking about Zipper Thunder, it might have been caused by him.”

Because the Thunder-Lightning clone could also maintain the fast movement of Supercharged Travel, the reports of the sightings half a month ago could only prove that Supercharged Travel had been used in the G-10 Marine Branch on that night. But it couldn’t confirm whether it was the original Rowen or the clone.


A fist the size of a sandbag slammed down heavily, creating a basin-sized circular pit on the table as Kizaru’s eyes flickered with a dangerous glint, and his usually slow tone carried a hint of coldness.

“Vice Admiral Rowen, do you take us for fools?”

Rowen stared fearlessly back at him, his expression gradually turning cold.

“Oh? Admiral Kizaru, do you think I’m easy to scare?!”

Bang Rumble!!!

Countless hundred-meter-thick heaven-alarming thunderbolts struck the distant sea surface, casting a dark hue across the sky! A terrifying aura spread out from the office Rowen and Kizaru were in, causing a sudden drop in temperature over the summer island of G-10!

“To add to one’s crimes, how difficult is it to find excuses?”

“Is this your decision?! Distorting facts, or attempting to extract a confession under duress?”

In terms of pure confrontation and atmosphere, with a simple movement of his finger, Goro Goro no Mi’s power could easily suppress that of the Glint-Glint Fruit.

Rowen crossed his hands under his chin, while outside the window, a stormy downpour resembling the world’s Doomsday raged. The atmosphere was incredibly tense, and a battle was on the brink!

Two cold gazes collided in mid-air, Haki entwine intertwined, and in an instant, shattered the walls.

The massive G-10 branch fell eerily silent, making it look akin to a haunted place, with only the continuous rumbling of thunder. All the Marine soldiers were utterly terrified, raising their heads to gaze at the top of the fortress. They had no idea what had happened to provoke such anger from Rowen!

Moments later…

“Vice Admiral Rowen, you have quite the nerve!” Kizaru’s lips curled in a smile that didn’t reach his eyes, and his gaze flickered with sharpness.

“Admiral Kizaru, you flatter me!”

“But if you want to accuse me, please present real evidence and not just your theories!”


“Well, you have a point…”

Suddenly, the overwhelming pressure vanished instantly. Kizaru withdrew his fist from the table, adjusted his cuff, and resumed his usual calm demeanor.

“However, the specifics will be decided by the Fleet Admiral. My mission is simply to take you… oh, no! To accompany you back and face the Fleet Admiral in person.”

Rowen, too, decided to rein his aura in. The thunder and dark clouds disappeared, and the sky cleared up once more.

“I will stand tall and sit straight! To prove my innocence, the Fleet Admiral can certainly arrange for another investigation of me!” Speaking up to this point, Rowen’s lips curled up as he spoke, “I think Admiral Kizaru would make an excellent choice as an investigator…”

Kizaru: “…”

This little devil… he’s implying something else, isn’t he?!

Do you think I don’t know that Colonel Shepherd has been sent to bridge the gap?!
Seeing the sky clear up, in a room at the rear of the G-10 fortress that appeared normal on the outside but was completely constructed from Seastone on the inside, Dante sighed in relief and removed his finger from a suspicious red button.

(End of this chapter)

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