OPTM-Chapter 241 Worldwide Commotion! Part 2

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Converted to Doriki, Luffy’s physical quality would certainly far exceed that of an average person. The strength that vanished the moment he touched Seastone was many times stronger than the strength retained in his body!

This immense gap left the typically carefree guy utterly clueless, causing him to collapse on the ground.

Ace had been out at sea for many years and was more mature than Luffy. He was somewhat mentally prepared for Seastone’s restraint. Therefore, he didn’t show an overly pitiful appearance but was just weak and unable to resist the effects of Seastone.

Moreover, Seastone didn’t just weaken strength; it also affected various bodily functions, such as heartbeat intensity, digestive functions, and blood oxygenation.

It turned Devil Fruit Ability users into complete invalids!

If a person with poor health suddenly came into contact with it, dropping dead on the spot wasn’t entirely out of the question!

But then again, this brought up a question.

Regardless of how much it restrained, a Devil Fruit Ability user’s inherent strength wouldn’t disappear. It was just a temporary decrease in cell activity and a capped upper limit. It was similar to a normal person getting a severe cold— feeling weak and knocked over by the wind— but what they already had wouldn’t change.

So, turning things around, wasn’t this also a kind of burden on the body’s creator?

Just like the weighted clothing and gravity training rooms in the Dragon Ball series.

If someone like Rowen were to train while strapping Seastone on their body, would he gain stronger power after recovery or unearth more hidden potential in his body?

With a body that had already been pushed to its limits, it was impossible not to gain any feedback.

Would he collapse, or would he grow stronger?

If it was damaging, Rowen wasn’t afraid of dying.

But if it was beneficial, Rowen would hit the jackpot!

Currently, Rowen didn’t know the specific answer, but he was certain that this continuous and arduous training was effective. Although every contact with Seastone reverted him to his original state, the constraints on his body’s bottleneck were slowly increasing his limits.

It was just really uncomfortable…

Exercising while wearing Seastone was a concept only someone like Rowen, who dared to engage in various self-destructive exercises, would come up with.

Thud, Thud!

At this moment, the training room’s door was knocked. Rowen’s face turned red, his gums were bleeding from biting them too hard as he suddenly exerted his heavily burdened arm, pushing it upwards.

“Two thousand!”


Seastone crashed onto the ground, emitting a heavy impact sound.

In an instant, Rowen’s strength returned to his body and he breathed out a sigh of relief before he skillfully propped himself up from the ground and wiped the sweat off his body with a towel.

“Come in…”


Dante entered through the door. His gaze paused for a moment on the Seastone, leaving behind two damp footprints. His fists involuntarily clenched. Then, he looked at Rowen, who was drinking water from a bottle, and reported, “Vice Admiral Rowen, I believe the news you were waiting for has arrived!”


“Shocking News! New Shichibukai Slain!”

“Fujitora Issho, Human or Ghost?!”

Two of the world’s most authoritative newspapers were placed in front of Rowen, the sensational headlines catching his attention.

One was the *World News* operated by “Big News” Morgans, widely circulated through Sea thanks to the news-coo. The other was an article published by the official mouthpiece of the World Government, the *New Times*.

Both newspapers simultaneously carried a shocking piece of news.

Just a week ago, the newly inducted Shichibukai, Edward Weevil, who had recently joined the World Government after Marine had spread the news throughout the Sea, had been killed by an unknown strong individual who identified himself as “Fujitora Issho.” The body of the slain Shichibukai was then delivered to Marine Headquarters!!

In a world that doesn’t revolve around a single person, during the time Rowen was deeply engrossed in his training, Edward Weevil, with all eyes on him, signed the Shichibukai treaty with Marine Headquarters’ Vice Admiral Momonga, formally joining the World Government.

The news caused a tremendous uproar in the world!

And the entire Sea was shaken!

After all, the enmity between former Admiral “Black Arm” Zephyr and Edward Weevil wasn’t a well-kept secret. For anyone who wanted to investigate them, it was easy to find out.

Everyone thought that the Marines have gone mad!

Inviting Edward Weevil to join the Shichibukai was undoubtedly rubbing salt in Zephyr’s wounds. Moreover, Rowen, the Marine Super Rookie, the youngest Headquarter Vice Admiral is known to be as close to Zephyr as family, so he wouldn’t allow such a thing to happen!

Blocking Marine’s past and future by inviting an enemy, was it worth it?

The pirates were eagerly waiting for the amusing spectacle within the Marine’s nest. Shuzo, Ain, and even Zephyr’s disciples who were unaware of the situation, like Yamakaji and Dalmatian, collectively rushed to Sengoku’s office after the news spread, demanding the order be revoked and appealing to the Five Elder Stars (Gorōsei). However, Sengoku suppressed their requests.

Soon after, the grand Marine Headquarters fell into chaos.

With Rowen’s intervention, the Marines were no longer the same as before. They had the capability to replace the Shichibukai, but they were hesitant to act and disrupt the stability of the situation.

If it were only that, almost everyone would support Sengoku’s decision. Sacrificing individual interests for the greater good was not new for Marine’s sense of justice.

However, inviting Edward Weevil not only denied Rowen and Zephyr but also negated the efforts of all the officers and soldiers who contributed to this. The iron-fisted approach that had just slightly calmed down was now rejuvenated.

Although the senior officials of various branches didn’t voice their opinions, they held resentment toward Sengoku. If it wasn’t for Sengoku’s strict orders and Garp’s “Marine Hero” status, his orders as Fleet Admiral probably wouldn’t have left Marineford.

But all of this wasn’t important. Blocking was less effective than clearing away. The cracks were just concealed, not eradicated. The current calmness was because everyone was waiting.

They were waiting for Zephyr’s stance!

They were waiting… for that unkillable monster’s attitude!

And then!

They received the news of Edward Weevil’s slaying, his body laid out before Ox Bell.

In an instant, the world was shocked!!!

(End of this chapter)

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